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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
  Sunrise appoints new president
Mycom Journal reports executive vice president Kenji Uchida was promoted to president of Sunrise during a stockholder meeting on April 25. A production coordinator on Muteki Robo Trider G7, Uchida continued work at the company as producer of all the Gundam productions of the 1980's, participated on series aimed at younger viewers like SD Gundam and Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh, and more recently had a hand in Zeta Gundam: A New Translation and Code Geass. Previous president Takayuki Yoshii, who held the position since 1994, was inaugurated as chairman & CEO.
  Bandai May hobby merchandise
From the Bandai Hobby Site and their English version.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
Pics, including box art, from Hobbyist Inc:
MG Force Impulse Gundam
1/100 Over Flag
HGUC Zaku II Kai
HG Tieren Space Commander Type
BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouen Dalas
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
  Bandai steps up merchandise for foreign markets
The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun writes about Bandai's plans to strengthen their overseas business strategy with toys aimed at a grown-up audience, something they mentioned during Tamashii Nation 2008. The company's new Collectors Division, established this month, includes a foreign component and studies of an American-based market and distribution are being carried out in preparation for the sale of new merchandise in the US beginning in 2009.

This year, the Collectors Division will take part at comic book merchandise events with exhibits of Mazinger Z, Gundam, and others to gauge consumer preference. Next month will see the addition of English information to their merchandise home pages.
Monday, April 28, 2008
  Tomino Shaolin Girl cameo
Reports from various Japanese sites mention Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino makes a credited cameo "appearance" in Shaolin Girl, the Japanese-made spinoff of Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer, which ranked #2 at the Japanese box office this past weekend. Tomino is shown in a photo as the late dojo master and grandfather of the film's main character, played by Kou Shibasaki. Previously, he's had cameos as a Japanese commanding officer in the 2005 WWII/sci-fi movie Lorelei: The Witch Of The Pacific Ocean and a monk in the 2006 disaster film Japan Sinks.
  Operation Troy new trailer
The new 2-minute trailer is now available at the official site.
Saturday, April 26, 2008
  Gundam.Info Gundam Unicorn story digest #3
The last of Gundam.Info's Gundam UC summaries covers "Red Comet".
Friday, April 25, 2008
  Gunpla Expo In Nagoya
Life of Every Day
Nagoya TV (video)
  Upcoming merchandise pics
Single pics for each from Bigbe's Rakuten site:
1/100 Over Flag
GFF Metal Composite Psyco Gundam Mk-II
GFF Gundam Mk-III - Release date moved to June
  0 Gundam Get Campaign Double Chance revealed
The 0 Gundam Get Campaign page on Bandai Hobby's 00 site was updated to finally reveal the extra item 1,000 people will get in addition to the FG 0 Gundam: a FG Gundam Exia Trans-Am Mode Color version made with "light-focusing materials".
  MS IGLOO 2 site update
The site's News page says a promo video for MS IGLOO 2 will be shown at the 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show on May 17-18.
  Gundam.Info Gundam Unicorn story digest #2
The 2nd Gundam Unicorn story digest covers "Day Of The Unicorn (Part 2)".
Thursday, April 24, 2008
  Operation Troy site update
The official site for the game gets a revamp. The promo video will come on the 28th.
  GameSpot Japan Operation Troy coverage
GameSpot Japan has a new article on Gundam: Operation Troy. In addition to MS, players can also use Magella Attacks, Type 61 tanks, and military vehicles. Brand new screenshots can be seen here.
  Gundam 00 site update
The official site has pages up covering the side stories: 00P, 00F, and 00V.

The main site's MS profiles were also updated:

-Celestial Being-
GNR-001D GN Arms Type-D
Overall length: 47.4 m
Overall width: 36.2 m
Overall height: 15.3 m
Armament: Long-range beam cannon, super large GN missle pod
"A GN Armor combination of a GN Arms and the Dynames, called the Type D to distinguish it from the Exia-use version. Able to be used even without a pilot in the GN Arms thanks to the support of Haro, it can't be controlled independently after separating. Has specialized equipment for artillery combat, including a long-range beam cannon and super large GN missle pod."

SVMS-01O Over Flag
Head height: 17.9 m
Base weight: 69.7 t
"The custom unit of the Over Flags, the anti-Gundam investigation team officially established within the Union forces as a parent organization. The end of the model number carries the designation 'O (Over)'. Similar to Graham's custom SVMS-01E Custom Flag, it's equipped with a high-output flight unit and includes a number of enhancements compared to the normal Flag. But it doesn't use hazard factors like an anti-G limiter release."

SVMS-01X Union Flag Custom II (nickname "GN Flag")
Head height: 17.9 m
Base weight: 74.2 t
"A Flag equipped with a pseudo-solar furnace. Created by Billy to meet Graham's expectations. Disregarding the original design, it largely lacks unit balance in order to force the installation of a pseudo-solar furnace. To use its main armament, a beam saber, it's necessary to move the solar furnace from the back to the arm. The subthrusters on the legs have the functionality of defense rods."

AEU-09Y812/A Saachez Custom AEU Enact Custom Agrissa Type
Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 66.2 t
"A tuned-up, improved prototype of the Enact for the PMC's Saachez. The blade rifle comes out from the tip of the large sonic blade. Increasing the amount of fixed armaments, the sonic blade is built into the arm. The unit's appearance comes from a special coating for dealing with plasma."

"A large weapon deployed during the 5th Solar Conflict. Used in combination with a mobile suit. It employs a powerful plasma field. The unit's appearance comes from a special coating for dealing with plasma."

AEU-05G AEU Hellion (PMC color)
Head height: 15.4 m
Base weight: 67.0 t
"AEU Hellion ground-type. Armor reinforced and without flight capabilities. The ones used by the PMC aren't especially different from the AEU version."

AEU-05 AEU Hellion Capture Type
Head height: 15.4 m
Base weight: 58.2 t
"Hellion with special equipment to capture Gundams. Its linear shield captures targets through strong control of its own magnetic properties. Common materials can't break free as long as the power supply lasts. Naturally, a Gundam is no exception."
  Gundam.Info Gundam Unicorn story digest #1
In advance of the sale of the 4th collected volume of Gundam Unicorn, Gundam.Info put up a summary of Vol. 1, "Day Of The Unicorn (Part 1)".
  Gundam.Info Emblem Of Gundam feature 2
Gundam.Info posts the last of its features on Emblem Of Gundam.
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  MG Impulse Gundam promo video site
Bandai Hobby has a site up for the special Phase-Impulse MG Edition promo video. Listed staff for the vid is director Mitsuo Fukuda, producer Satoshi Shigeta, and character animator Hisashi Hirai. From May 24th through August 31, people who buy the MG Force Impulse can download it for free (previous details) though it's not clear if this offer extends outside Japan. Further details and a preview of the video will be up May 15th.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
  This month's hobby mag news
MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 2.0 - Summer
MG Shin Musha Gundam - June, 5,250 yen
1/100 Tieren Ground Type - June, 2,730 yen
1/100 Gundam Astraea Type F - June, 2,940 yen
1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia - July, 2,940 yen
HG GN-X - July, 1,260 yen
BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei Gundam - June, 630 yen

Toys"R"Us Japan will be running a MG Weapon Parts Campaign: when you buy a MG kit over 3,000 yen and bring the receipt to the store's service counter, you get a Strike Gundam bazooka.
  Gackt to appear in American film
Sports Hochi reports Gackt will be a cast member in the genre-bending "spaghetti-Western-samurai-gangster" movie Bunraku, starring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore. His role is described as Hartnett's "samurai partner". Though the article says Bunraku is Gackt's Hollywood debut, English sources tend to describe the movie as an independent production. Gackt's official site also has a promo photo up.
  Gundam Battle Universe pre-site open
Now up here.
Sunday, April 20, 2008
  Gundam 00 x Code Geass Go! Go! 5! Fes' 08 in Budokan
The two-day Gundam 00/Code Geass event announced in March, now known as the "Go! Go! 5! Fes' 08 in Budokan", has an official site up.
Saturday, April 19, 2008
  Bandai Entertainment Gundam 00 press release
The details from Gundam Official (PDF).
  Gundam Battle Universe pics
  Super Robot Wars Z complete series list
Reports from 2ch from a Super Robot Wars event held today reveal the entire list of series in the recently announced SRW Z:

Overman King Gainer
The Big O
The Big O 2nd Season
Zambot 3
Daitarn 3
Zeta Gundam
Char's Counterattack
Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Gundam SEED Destiny
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robo G
God Sigma
Eureka Seven
Gravion Zwei

Edit: The official site confirms the list.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From Digitamin and Infinity Wonderland:
HGUC Zaku II Kai
HGUC Zaku II Kai
Friday, April 18, 2008
  Bandai Entertainment licenses Gundam 00
Gundam Official announces that Bandai Entertainment has licensed Gundam 00.
  More Emblem Of Gundam pics
From Gpara, focusing on the game's Adventure part.
Thursday, April 17, 2008
  Gundam 00 DVD Vol. 5 cover
From Amazon Japan.
  Sunrise anniversary edition DVD memorial boxes
Game Watch covers Sunrise's announcement of three reasonably-priced anniversary edition DVD memorial boxes commemorating the studio's 30th anniversary. The shows being re-released are Zambot 3 (August 22, 18,900 yen), Daitarn 3 (September 26, 31,500 yen), and Galient (October 24, 21,000 yen).
  Bandai Namco opens amusement facility in HK
Variety Asia Online writes that Bandai Namco opened a new Wonder Park Plus amusement facility at the World Trade Centre mall in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay district today. The project cost $1.28 million and Namco Enterprises Asia Ltd. expects annual revenue of $3.97 million, with over 1 million visitors in its first year. The facility includes a set of eight Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds Of The Battlefield pods. The Hong Kong government's Invest HK site has some further details.
  Gundam.Info Emblem Of Gundam feature 1
Gundam.Info posted the first of two features on Emblem Of Gundam.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
  Uniqlo to sell Gundam shirts outside Japan
JCN Network reports the Uniqlo clothing store chain will soon begin selling T-shirts based on anime and manga characters, including Mobile Suit Gundam, outside of Japan. Available designs can be seen at Uniqlo's UK site. In February, Bandai announced a collaboration with Uniqlo to sell Gundam T-shirts in Japan beginning in March & April.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
  Gundam Battle Universe
Coming July 17 for the PSP is Gundam Battle Universe, the 4th in the Gundam Battle series. The game will include new units from Gundam Sentinel, ZZ, CCA-MSV, Hathaway's Flash, and F91 and new missions for ZZ and CCA (for a total of over 200 missions).
  Super Robot Wars Z
This week's Famitsu announces Super Robot Wars Z for the PS2. The series list:
Gravion Zwei
Gundam SEED Destiny
Eureka Seven
Overman King Gainer
Zeta Gundam movies
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger

Edit: Apparently, the rest of the series list will be published next week, including one more new to SRW (described as a "very nostalgic series").
  The rise and fall of T.J. Grosnet reports on the financial problems plamodel/figure retailer T.J. Grosnet has been having. On the 15th, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in Wakayama district court. According to the Teikoku Databank's Wakayama branch, T.J Grosnet's total debt is on the order of 4 billion yen.

The same source says the company was established in August 2001 with a capital of 20 million yen. In 2004, they became a major presence on the Net and by June 2007, their sales had reached 2,236,450,000 yen. But finances deteriorated coming into this year as debts built up from aggressive investments and business expansion. At the beginning of this month, customers reported not getting merchandise they had paid for and Yahoo! said by the 8th, they had received some 1,300 complaints.
Monday, April 14, 2008
  Gundam Vs. Gundam hidden element #1
am-net writes in today's news update that using the password "NAHDTR5N" adds a route select (random, A route, B route, C route, D route) during play against the CPU.
  Gundam Unicorn site update
The official site posted updates for "The Spectre Of Laplace 2" in its Story section and a couple of updates in its MS section:

AMS-129 Geara Zulu (Angelo custom)
"The custom unit of Angelo, the commanding officer of Frontal's bodyguards. Since it needs to coordinate with Full Frontal's MS Sinanju, its propulsion has been considerably enhanced. Equipped with 2 large boost pods and propellant tanks with stabilizers in the rear."

Nahel Argama
Overall length: 380 m
Armament: hyper mega particle gun, 2-barrel large gun x 2, main gun x 2, secondary gun x 2, mega particle gun x 2
"An assault space cruiser built by the AEUG, who fought against the Haman Karn-led Neo-Zeon. Successor to the Argama class, its name means 'one who is close to the Argama'. Carrying a number of MS, including the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam, it served as the trump card for the counteroffense. Following the war, it was given large-scale, modern improvements (FRAM) and was affiliated with the Earth Federation's independent mobile fleet Londo Bell. But incompatible without ships of the same class, it was badly managed and not included in the fleet formation, being mainly used on its own. Captained by Otto Mitas."
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base's New Products section:
HG Gundam Nadleeh
HG Tieren Space Commander Type

Edit: Now updated with...
HG Gundam Throne Drei
BB Senshi Sangokuden Sousou Gundam + Shibai Sazabi ~Miracle Of Guandu~
MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam
Mechanic Collection Guren Mk-II
BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouen Dalas
1/100 Gundam Astraea
Thursday, April 10, 2008
  Gundam Vs. Gundam upcoming news schedule
A schedule for the release of embargoed Gundam Vs. Gundam info (usually meaning secret playable units and/or game elements) was posted on Japanese boards. The dates given for each announcement:

1st - 4/14
2nd - 5/7
3rd - 6/2
4th - 7/7
5th - 8/4
6th - 9/1
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
  MediumAtLarge's T.M. Revolution interview posted their interview with T.M. Revolution.
  Gundam 00 site update
-Celestial Being-
GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh
Head height: 18.1 m
Base weight: 54.0 t
Pilot: Tieria Erde
Armament: GN cannon, GN beam saber, GN beam rifle, GN sword
"One of Celestial Being's Gundams. A unit concealed inside the GN-005 Gundam Virtue, its existence is unique among the Gundams. The unit's greatest feature is the Trial System. This function can control all the machines linked with Veda. It's one of the guard systems protecting against the collapse of the plans made by the organization's founder, Aeolia Schenberg, who hid other similar such systems within his many plans. The Trial System's primary targets are Gundams and it creates an overwhelming dominance against them in battle. However, its effect range is restricted to a small area. During planning, it seems there was equipment to expand the Trial System but it's unknown if it was actually manufactured. The long, red cords on the head are used to supply GN particles to entirety of the Virtue's armor."

-UN Forces-
Overall length: 56.1 m
Overall width: 37.9 m
Overall height: 42.6 m
"An enormous weapon used in the UN Forces' final battle against Celestial Being. It's equipped with 7 pseudo-solar furnaces. With a gigantic beam cannon capable of firing extremely long distances, a strong GN Field, as well as other weaponry, it boasts the overwhelming power of past solar furnace-equipped units. Its armament also includes large, melee combat-use arms and midrange combat-use Fangs."

Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 69.2 t
Pilot: Alejandro Corner
"A pseudo-solar furnace equipped mobile suit stored inside the Alvatore. In reality, the Alvatore is only an enhancement for this unit, its true form. The wing portions can function as large beam cannons that make extremely long distance attacks. The pilot is one of Celestial Being's observers, Alejandro Corner, who betrayed his organization and gave pseudo-solar furnaces to the UN."
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
  Upcoming merchandise pics
The revamped Gundam Base has pics of the MG Force Impulse Gundam and MG Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 in its New Products section.

Edit: Boxart for the following from Hobbyist Inc.
1/100 Gundam Astraea
MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam
MG Gelgoog Ver. 2.0
HG Gundam Nadleeh
BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei Re-GZ
Monday, April 07, 2008
  Emblem Of Gundam site update
The official site posted an MS page.
Friday, April 04, 2008
  T.J. Grosnet shut down
As pointed out by Danny Choo, Gigazine received a number of complaints from people that Japanese figure/hobby merchandise retailer T.J. Grosnet, whom we've linked to a number of times in the past for pics and merchandise info, had stopped taking orders around the beginning of the month and cut off communications with customers who had orders pending.

The situation left people wondering if the company had gone bankrupt so Gigazine went to their headquarters in Kainan themselves and filed a photo report of their findings: mortgage stickers from the company's bank all over the main building, two bank-hired guards, and piles of merchandise. The possibility that management skipped town has been left open.

Yahoo! Japan Shopping posted a notice saying they were also unable to get in touch with T.J. Grosnet despite repeated attempts and are closing down their affiliated sites. T.J. Grosnet was ranked #1 in the Hobby category of Yahoo's 1st half of 2007 Best Store Awards.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From Digitamin:
1/100 Gundam Astraea
MG Gelgoog Ver. 2.0
BB Senshi Sangokuden Sousou Gundam + Shibai Sazabi ~Miracle Of Guandu~
Thursday, April 03, 2008
  Gundam 00 Vol. 3 first week sales
Oricon has Gundam 00 Vol. 3 coming in at #5 on the overall DVD chart and #1 on the anime DVD chart. Info from 2ch says it sold 25,135 copies.

The weekly album chart also shows the Do Roku tribute album, 39 Anime x Music Collaboration '02-'07, ranking #10 with sales of 16,780 copies.
  Yomiuri Online covers Gundam: The Origin
The Daily Yomiuri Online has a brief write-up of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's Gundam: The Origin.
  MG Force Impulse free web vid viewing ticket
Hobby Shop Midori says the first run of the MG Force Impulse Gundam will come with a ticket for a free viewing of a special pay-per-view video on the Net.
  Gundam: Operation Troy official press release
The official Xbox Japanese site issued a press release for Operation Troy. Advance orders for the game come with code cards for an MS Decal Set (used to download decals to put on your MS in multiplayer mode) and free Xbox Live trial Gold membership.

In mid-April, a new trailer will be up on Xbox Live.
  Upcoming HCM-Pro pics
From Amiami:
HCM-Pro Gundam Heavyarms
HCM-Pro Wing Gundam
HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe
HCM-Pro Tieren Space Type Set
  Gundam Wing HCM-Pro marketing details
The Bandai Hobby Sales Manual up at The Gundam Base.Side 1 shows off a chart with a summary of their marketing plans for the Wing series HCM-Pro line: Buying the Gundam Deathscythe will get you a W File (Mecha edition) and the Wing Gundam will similarly come with another W File (Character Edition). Summer will see the release of the HCM-Pro Sandrock as well as a large promo campaign. Each of the Gundams will come with a Special Linking Base that can connect to the Wing Gundam's to make a larger display. Related pamphlets, posters, and promo videos will be advertising the line at hobby shops.

Edit: Hobby Shop Midori has some clearer concept art for the linking bases.
Wednesday, April 02, 2008
  Gundam 00 DS first week sales
iNSIDE posted Media Create figures for this week's Japanese game sales rankings. Gundam 00 for the Nintendo DS came in at #3 with 49,000 copies sold.
  Battle Of Sunrise official site
Sunrise Interactive put up the official site for Battle Of Sunrise the other day. Some gameplay vids and wallpaper can be found there while the promo video is up under the 3/21 update on Sunrise Interactive's main site.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From Hobby Search:
MG Force Impulse Gundam
HGUC Sazabi
HGUC Zaku II Kai
1/100 Over Flag
HG Saachez custom AEU Enact Custom
HG Tieren Space Commander Type
HCM-Pro Tieren Space Type Set - Converts from Space Mass-Production Type to Space Commander Type
HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe
HCM-Pro Wing Gundam
HCM-Pro Gundam Heavyarms
BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouen Dalas

Edit: Hobby Shop Midori has pics for some of these.
  Gundam.Info Dengeki Hobby feature 13
This week: Arms Astray PMC Custom.
  Gundam: Operation Troy release date
Rakuten! Soutahouse!! writes that Gundam: Operation Troy's Japanese release date is June 26.

Edit: Rakuten's E-Digi Game site corroborates the info.
  Upcoming plamo news
Aoi Model Shop reports the following:
HGUC Sazabi - June, 2,940 yen
HG Saachez Enact - June, 1,050 yen
HCM-Pro Wing Gundam - June, 2,940 yen
HCM-Pro Gundam Heavyarms - June, 2,940 yen

The MG Force Impulse will come with the Excalibur.
Tuesday, April 01, 2008
  Gundam 00 first season ratings summary
Video Research Ltd. shows the 25th and final episode of Gundam 00's first season getting a 5.0% rating, making it the 8th most watched anime of the week. TV ratings info from VRL and 2ch for the entire series to date below.

Gundam 00
1st episode rating (10/ 6): 5.4%
2nd episode rating (10/13): 5.5%
3rd episode rating (10/20): 4.8%
4th episode rating (10/27): 5.5%
5th episode rating (11/ 3): 4.4%
6th episode rating (11/10): 5.0%
7th episode rating (11/17): 4.9%
8th episode rating (11/24): 5.0%
9th episode rating (12/ 1): 4.5%
10th episode rating (12/ 8): 4.0%
11th episode rating (12/15): 4.8%
12th episode rating (12/22): 5.7%
13th episode rating ( 1/ 5): 5.0%
14th episode rating ( 1/12): 4.6%
15th episode rating ( 1/19): 3.8%
16th episode rating ( 1/26): 4.2%
17th episode rating ( 2/ 2): 4.2%
18th episode rating ( 2/ 9): 6.1%
19th episode rating ( 2/16): 4.7%
20th episode rating ( 2/23): 4.7%
21st episode rating ( 3/ 1): 4.4%
22nd episode rating ( 3/ 8): 4.6%
23rd episode rating ( 3/15): 5.0%
24th episode rating ( 3/22): 5.4%
25th episode rating ( 3/29): 5.0%
Highest rating: 6.1%
Lowest rating: 3.8%
Average rating: 4.85%

Ratings info for other Gundam series to date can be seen here.
  Oricon TV anime poll: Mobile Suit Gundam #2
Oricon Life has the results of a television anime ranking poll of 600 members of their Oricon Monitor Research service (100 males & 100 females each taken from groups in their teens, 20's, and 30's).

1) Dragon Ball
2) Mobile Suit Gundam
3) Detective Conan
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion
5) Slam Dunk
5) One Piece
7) Doraemon
8) Sailor Moon
9) Fullmetal Alchemist
9) Lupin The 3rd

1) Dragon Ball
2) Detective Conan
2) Sailor Moon
4) Slam Dunk
5) Neon Genesis Evangelion

1) Dragon Ball
2) Mobile Suit Gundam
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion
3) Doraemon
5) One Piece

1) Detective Conan
2) Fullmetal Alchemist
3) Sailor Moon
3) Dragon Ball

1) Dragon Ball
2) Slam Dunk
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion

1) Dragon Ball
2) Mobile Suit Gundam
3) Lupin The 3rd

Note: The overall chart in the main article lists Mobile Suit Gundam tied at #3 with Evangelion but the text of the article describing the results and the updated chart states it's #2.
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