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Thursday, January 31, 2008
  Gundam.Info Gihren's Greed: Menace Of Axis feature 2
Gundam.Info posts the second and last of their special features on Menace Of Axis, showing some of the over 400 mobile suits in the game.
  Upcoming MSiA
From Hobbynet
MSiA Gundam Throne Eins - June, 2,625 yen
MSiA Gundam Throne Zwei - May, 2,625 yen
MSiA Gundam Throne Drei - June, 2,625 yen
In Action!! Offshoot Gloucester - Guilford custom, May, 2,625 yen
  Gundam 00 OST 2
CD Journal says Original Soundtrack 2 comes out March 26. Two of the tracks are listed as tv-size versions of the first OP and ED songs.
  Gundam 00 DVD Vol. 1 first week sales rankings
Oricon reports the first volume of Gundam 00 ranked #3 on the overall weekly DVD charts and #1 on the weekly anime DVD charts. Data from 2ch says it sold 22,847 copies.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  Taja for Gundam 00 insert song
HMV confirms a rumor that Taja will be doing an insert song for Gundam 00 called "Love Today". The single, described as a fleeting love song for Saji and Louise, comes out March 26.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1:
HGUC G-3 Gundam Vs. Char's Rick Dom
Mechanic Collection 1/35 Lancelot Royal Coating ver.
MG Nu Gundam Metallic Coating ver.
MG Strike E + IWSP (Lukas O'Donnell custom)
Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Musha Keroro
Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Foot Soldier Tamama
  Super Robot Wars A Portable
Famitsu announced Super Robot Wars A Portable for the PSP. Coming June 19, the game is a port of the Gameboy Advance's Super Robot Wars Advance from 2001 with upgraded graphics and added voices for all characters during battle scenes.
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
  Bandai Entertainment upcoming titles
Anime On DVD reports the following for April:
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus - 47 minutes - $24.98 - 04/15/2008
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Collection 1 (Anime Legends Edition) - 625 minutes - $49.98 - 04/01/2008
  Speed Grade Collection questionnaire results
The Bandai Hobby Site blog posted results of a questionnaire they ran from September through December asking people what they wanted to see in the Speed Grade Collection line. The top 5:

1) Zeta Gundam
2) Zaku II
3) Strike Freedom Gundam
4) Char's Zaku
5) Nu Gundam
  Char's Counterattack Blu-ray cm
Happinet Online has a streaming commercial for CCA's Blu-ray release.
  Gundam Base Taipei and other Taiwan hobby shops
Game Watch used the occasion of the Taipei Game Show to take a look at hobby shops in Taiwan, including Bandai's Gundam Base Taipei.
Monday, January 28, 2008
  G Festival 2008
G Festival 2008, celebrating the DVD release of Gundam 00, took place in Osaka on the 26th and Shinjuku, Tokyo on the 27th and Game Watch has their coverage up. 2,000 people were selected to attend from request forms found in 10 different anime/manga publications, including Gundam Ace and Newtype. It's noted many female fans were present though there were a mix of men and women, young and old.

Edit: has more coverage with pics of director Seiji Mizushima giving a video message, secret guests Team Trinity, and more video messages from Yoshiyuki Tomino, Shuuichi Ikeda, First Gundam narrator Ichiro Nagai, and Gackt.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
Bandai Hobby Center's Space Diary Of The Captain has test shots of a color version of the GN Arms.

Moe Yo! Akibajin has pics of the Jumbo Grade Zeta Gundam at Supermodelers.
Sunday, January 27, 2008
  Tomino in Taipei
Game Watch and GNN (videos) covered Yoshiyuki Tomino's appearance at the Digital Contents Forum of the Taipei Game Show 2008, which includes a contest open to anime & manga submissions from various Asian countries and featured Tomino's works as a highlight of the event. As the father of Gundam, Tomino was invited to give a lecture to a packed 300-seat assembly room and, by Game Watch's evaluation, delivered a trademark unique and eccentric performance.
Saturday, January 26, 2008
  Akiba Space 6.0 Harutoshi Fukui talk show & signing event and Akiba Hobby covered Harutoshi Fukui's appearance at Akiba Space 6.0 to commemorate the grand opening of SuperModelers the day before. Over 100 fans showed up to hear the Gundam UC author speak alongside Dengeki Hobby's editor-in-chief and a representative from the Bandai Hobby Division. A variety of upcoming Gunpla were also on display at the event.

When asked for hints about upcoming developments in the story, Fukui said, "Since you know its Gundam, it'd be a mistake not to drop in on Earth". He also remarked that an aquatic mobile suit will be needed in the Summer and that he wanted a new GM-equivalent mobile suit to appear as well as a walking mobile armor. Upon hearing that, the other two guests jumped in on the idea, rapidly conversing back & forth with Fukui until they finally somehow ended up talking about a giant, 4-legged GM.

Later, Fukui threw an age-old question out to the gathered audience concerning Amuro Ray who, of course, is never described in detail following the events of Char's rebellion: "Do you think Amuro is alive? Do you think he's dead?" Many in the audience raised their hands for the former question while some others felt he was dead. Fukui said of this, "Very interesting response."

Near the end of the talk, it was asked if there were going to be any more Gundam UC kits. The Bandai Hobby Division rep answered, "I can't say which but I think I want merchandise of the machine designated as the rival in Gundam Unicorn." When asked for a show of hands regarding whether those present wanted the Sinanju or the Kshatriya as a Master Grade, the Kshatriya won out.

Edit: More pics from Moe Yo! Akibajin.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1:
Jumbo Grade Zeta Gundam
HG Tieren Space Type
HG Gundam Throne Eins
HG CGUE (Xist Elwes custom)
HG Kerberos BuCUE Hound (Alec Ladd custom)
HCM-Pro SP Gundam Exia
HCM-Pro GM Sniper
Action Base 2: Sparkle Clear Green
  Gundam.Info Dengeki Hobby feature 4: Gundam Plutone
Gundam.Info posts the last of their Dengeki Hobby plamo features: Gundam 00P's Gundam Plutone.
Friday, January 25, 2008
  Next Sangokuden promo video promo video
Bandai TV's Funnel S channel has a video featuring a 35-second promo for the next BB Senshi Sangokuden promo video, for the "Clash Of The Heroes" chapter. The Funnel S promo says this'll be a three-part video divided into sections for Giga, Gou, and Shou: the three kingdoms of the title. The Giga promo begins showing in hobby stores in Japan next month.
  Menace Of Axis official site grand opening
Now with a Movies page.
Thursday, January 24, 2008
  More SEED Frame Astrays kits
Hobby mag tidbits that flew under the radar:
HG Gundam Astray Green Frame - Trojan Noiret custom, March, 1,260 yen
HG Civilian Astray DSSD Custom - Leons Graves custom, March, 1,575 yen
  Gundam.Info Gihren's Greed: Menace Of Axis feature 1
Gundam.Info has the first of two special features on the upcoming PSP game.
  Gundam 00 official site updates
-Other forces-
GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins
Head height: 18.6 m
Base weight: 67.1 t
Armament: GN Launcher, GN beam rifle, GN beam saber, GN shield
Pilot: Johann Trinity
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #1. The Eins, Zwei, and Drei are customizations of identical units, with the Eins specializing in high-powered, long-range artillery like the Dynames and Virtue. Its proof that it is a Gundam, the GN Drive, is a T (Tau) type which emits red GN particles that differ from other Gundams thus far. The same kind of GN Drive is equipped on the mothership used by the three Thrones with a powerful beam cannon directly connected to it."

GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei
Head height: 18.6 m
Base weight: 67.1 t
Armament: GN Fang, GN handgun, GN buster sword, GN beam saber
Pilot: Michael Trinity
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #2. Its equipped GN Drive[T] emits red particles. Second son Michael Trinity is a Gundam Meister. Its large buster sword is double-edged with a beam saber and real blade and stores GN particles in the center. In addition to being used as remotely-controlled beam rifles, the GN Fangs can also attack enemies by generating beam sabers."

GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei
Head height: 19.4 m
Base weight: 67.7 t
Armament: GN stealth field, GN handgun, GN beam saber, GN shield pod, GN shield
Pilot: Nena Trinity
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #3. The youngest sister of the three Trinity siblings, Nena Trinity is a Gundam Meister. Made for combat support, its GN stealth field, which deploys GN particles over a wide range, is a powerful ability possessed only by this unit. Its GN shield pod can internally store various missles, back-up beam sabers and other such equipment that meets tactical needs."

"Flag fighter with the Union forces' anti-Gundam Overflags team. Seems to be hostile towards Graham."

Kati Manekin
"AEU forces MS corps operational commander. Patrick's direct superior. Rank: Colonel."

Johann Trinity
"26-years-old. Pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Eins and leader of Team Trinity. Undertaking the mission to eradicate the world's strife, he begins armed interventions with his younger siblings Michael and Nena. A calm person who faithfully handles his given mission while he commands his problematic brother & sister. A good marksman, he handles the firing of the GN Mega Launcher equipped on the Throne Eins."

Michael Trinity
"19-years-old. Member of Team Trinity and pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Zwei. Shortsighted, he immediately bares his fangs at people who oppose him. Similar to his personality, he favors brutal tactics for mobile suit combat and specializes in attacks with the Zwei's custom wireless all-range weapon, the GN Fangs. Said to dote on his younger sister, Nena, he has a sister complex on one hand while also abiding by and complaining about orders from the eldest brother, Johann."

Nena Trinity
"17-years-old. Member of Team Trinity and pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Drei. Simple in personality, she displays self-centeredness to an extent. She doesn't change her style in battle, laughing even while opposing the taking of lives. Her Throne Drei stores a large quantity of highly concentrated, condensed GN particles and employs a GN field that transfers particles to other units and interferes extensively with communications. She's the strong support within Team Trinity. Habitually smiles and makes a V-sign with her fingers."

Edit: As people who've seen the episode in question might guess, a better translation for the relevant line in Nena's profile might be "She doesn't change her style in battle and hasn't even learned to oppose the taking of life as she laughs". Apologies for any confusion.
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  Gundam Tactics Online service starts, Game Watch, and Gundam.Info put up overviews of Gundam Tactics Online as the game officially begins operation today in Japan.
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  This month's hobby mag news
MG Zaku Minelayer - March, 4,725 yen
MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver. 2.0 - March, 3,675 yen
HGUC Nu Gundam - March, 2,625 yen
HG Gundam Throne Zwei - March, 1,680 yen
(Gundam 00 Exia spoiler) GN Arms - transforming weapons platform w/ special specs HG Gundam Exia, March, 5,775 yen
HG Overflag (Graham Team custom) - March, 1,680 yen
  Gundam Tactics Online benchmark posted the 135 MB zipped benchmark for Gundam Tactics Online.
Monday, January 21, 2008
  Gundam Base Gunpla exhibition
The Gundam Base.Side 1 has 80 pics of a Gunpla exhibit they recently held.
  MG Zaku Cannon in the works
Bandai Hobby Center's Space diary of the Captain blog explicitly confirms that a MG Zaku Cannon is planned. Photos therein are of a prototype display version from last year's Shizuoka Hobby Show.
  Gihren's Greed: Menace Of Axis site opens
The official site has Game Summary and Goods pages up. The Blood Of Greed DVD that comes with reserved orders includes promo videos of past games in the series and an instructional strategy video for beginners. also has a post explaining the new Alignment System: the Alignment parameter in the game indicates the reputation of your military. It gradually shifts each turn while you choose events and carry out particular plans. Ethical conduct makes the gauge rise while unethical behavior (plundering resources, bribing enemy engineers) lowers it. Changes in the game's development occur depending on if the Alignment is on the higher end of the scale, known as "Law", or the lower end, "Chaos". If you're closer to the Law side, you can receive funding from neutral forces and resource offerings. If you're closer to the Chaos side, you can commit atrocities like colony dropping but with penalties, such as having to deal with uprisings and temporary restrictions.
  Gundam Battle Rave manga begins
Gundam.Info says the March issue of V Jump, on sale today, sees the start of a Fusion Clashes: Gundam Battle-Rave serialized manga by Masato Ichishiki in cooperation with Bandai's Card Division.
Saturday, January 19, 2008
  Gundam.Info Dengeki Hobby feature 3: Gundam Sadalsuud
This week's update is Gundam 00P's Gundam Sadalsuud.
Friday, January 18, 2008
  Anime On DVD's Bandai 2007 Year-In-Review has a look at Bandai Entertainment's year. Several weeks back, they also did one for Bandai Visual USA.
  World's first cosplay English conversation school
Akiba Blog found some people in Akihabara dressed as Amuro, Sayla, and Captain Jack Sparrow handing out pamphlets for Cosplish, the first English conversation school in the world featuring cosplaying foreign teachers "specializing in broken English". Three one-hour-long classes will be held every Saturday and Sunday starting February 3rd at Akihabara's Sonpo Kaikan.
  Gundam Musou Special official site, pics
Bandai Games opened a website for Gundam Musou Special. Game Watch has promo screenshots.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
  Gundam 00 Thrones rumors
Pam's Homepage posted two sets of rumors revolving around the Gundam Thrones (1/12 and 1/16 updates). Might be true, might not. Regardless, here they are:

- The three Gundam Thrones combine by lining up in a row
- Their GN particles are red
- They are Celestial Being MS but from a different branch unknown to Setsuna and company
- The three pilots have been enhanced through genetic manipulation

- The Thrones have their own mothership which is equipped with a GN Drive with the same kind of red particles as they emit themselves
- Further, the mothership has a beam cannon directly linked to its GN Drive
- The three pilots are referred to collectively as Team Trinity
- The shoulder-equipped cannon on the Throne (Eins, presumably) is a GN Launcher. When two Thrones are linked, it's a GN Mega Launcher. When all three are linked, it's a GN High Mega Launcher
  Not-so upcoming merchandise pics
The Gundam Base.Side 1:
HCM-Pro Ground Type GM.
  Gundam 00 DS promo movie
The official site updated with a promotional video.
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
  2007 best selling videogames chart
ELSPA has the top 100 best selling videogames of 2007, as compiled by Famitsu. Rankings of Gundam-related titles:

45) SD Gundam G Generation Spirits - 343,807 copies sold
50) Gundam Musou - 306,114
62) Super Robot Wars W - 278,027
64) SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Drive - 263,076
71) Another Century's Episode 3: The Final - 237,041
77) Gundam Battle Chronicle - 209,891
  Gundam 00 ep 13 ratings
Video Research Ltd. lists the 13th episode of Gundam 00 at #7 for the week with a rating of 5.0%.
Monday, January 14, 2008
  Upcoming merchandise news
From Hobbynet:
SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku - April, 7,140 yen
HCM-Pro Tieren - April, 3,150 yen
Speed Grade Collection Zeta Gundam - April, 998 yen
Speed Grade Collection God Gundam - April, 993 yen
Saturday, January 12, 2008
  Gundam.Info Dengeki Hobby feature 2: Gundam Astraea Type F
The second special report on 00 side story MS by pro modellers in Dengeki Hobby is the Gundam Astraea Type F from Gundam 00F.
Friday, January 11, 2008
  Gundam Musou Special pics has some screenshots of the Musha Gundam scenario in the PS2 version of the game as well as the Musha Gundam Mk-II.
  Gundam 00 DS site update
The official site now has a Game Summary page available.
  The cost to build a Gundam
Pink Tentacle summarizes a Science Portal article about how much it would cost to build a real Gundam. Their estimate, barring labor costs, special alloys, and any kind of flight capabilities: $725,000,000.
Thursday, January 10, 2008
  Gundam 00 DVD 2 cover
From Bandai Visual's site.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1:
BB Senshi Kakouton Giros
  Sotsu profit up with Gundam 00
Nikkei Net reports on financial results released by Sotsu Agency for September through November 2007 show a profit of 663 million yen, up 51% from the same time period the year before. Cited as factors were the start of Gundam 00's broadcast on TV and advance orders at events promoting character merchandise.
  More upcoming merchandise
From Hobby Search:
HGUC G-3 Gundam vs. Char's Rick Dom set - February, 2,625 yen
Action Base 2 (clear green) - Recommended for Gundam 00 products (color is meant to evoke GN particles), February, 525 yen
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
  The end of Newtype USA
ANN confirms Newtype USA will suspend publication within the next month or two. See their site for details.
  Gamespot Gundam 00 DS feature
Gamespot Japan has a story on 00 DS with many screenshots.
  Bandai Ent. recalls SEED Destiny Vol. 12
ANN reports Bandai Entertainment has recalled four of its recent DVD releases due to playback issues caused by manufacturing errors. The affected titles include both the regular and special editions of Gundam SEED Destiny Vol. 12.
  Gundam 00 for Blu-Ray
Scans of a promotional poster have shown up online announcing Gundam 00 will be released on Blu-Ray disc beginning this Summer.
  Upcoming merchandise news
From Hobby Search:
Strike E + IWSP (Lukas O'Donnell custom) - February, 4,725 yen
HG CGUE (Xist Elwes custom) - February, 1,260 yen
HG Kerberos BuCUE Hound (Alec Ladd custom) - February, 1,575 yen
1/100 Gundam Virtue/Gundam Nadleeh - March, 4,200 yen
HG Gundam Throne Eins - February, 1,680 yen
HG Tieren Space Type - February, 1,575 yen
Dark Keroro - February, 735 yen
Musha Keroro - February, 630 yen
Tamama Foot Soldier - March, 630 yen
MG Nu Gundam (Metallic Coating ver.) - February, 8,925 yen

The written info for the Gundam Throne Eins says 2 other MS can connect to the backside of its backpack.

Edit: Further bits from Hobby Shop Midori...

BB Senshi Kakouton Giros - February, 525 yen

A new Sangokuden promo video is coming in February. Another pic mentions an upcoming First Grade-related 00 Campaign in which you can get an otherwise unobtainable 0 Gundam plamodel but details are yet to be revealed.
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
  Gundam Musou goes PS2 announced Gundam Musou Special for the PS2. It will include the Original and Official Modes from the original releases plus new scenarios and mobile suits. One of these is shown in Famitsu magazine as the Hajime Katoki-designed Musha Gundam Mk-II. Release date is February 28.
  New Gundam 00 ED audio clip
"Friends", from Stephanie's official site (click the audio link on the left side of the page). Direct link here.
  Brilliant Green Gunpla
Livedoor News announces in commemoration of the new "Ash Like Snow" single, 400 limited edition "brilliant green" Gundam Exia plamodels will be available for purchase from magazines and radio & tv stations as sale promo tie-ins.
  Sunrise Crusade The 2nd
Coming out the end of the month, the second edition of the Sunrise Crusade CCG includes cards for Ideon, Cowboy Bebop, GaoGaiGar, and Brain Powerd.
Monday, January 07, 2008
  This month's Newtype magazine info
New Meisters:

Nena Trinity (seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya) - Girl who pilots the Throne Drei.
Michael Trinity (Daisuke Namikawa) - Pilot of the Throne Zwei.
Johann Trinity (Katsuyuki Konishi) - Pilot of the Throne Eins.

Character designer: Yun Kouga, Gundam Throne mecha designer: Naohiro Washio
Sunday, January 06, 2008
  Upcoming merchandise pics
Akiba Hobby has photos of a display of January Gunpla at Asobit Hobby City.
Saturday, January 05, 2008
  Gundam.Info Dengeki Hobby feature 1: Gundam Astraea
Gundam.Info has the first of four weekly special reports on 00 side story MS done by pro modellers as published in Dengeki Hobby. This week is the Gundam Astraea from Gundam 00P.
Friday, January 04, 2008
  Menace Of Axis cover
From Amazon Japan.
  SD Gundam Capsule Fighter for HK, China
Redline China reports Shanghai-based game company 9You has licensed SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online from Bandai Korea for Hong Kong, China, and Macau.
Thursday, January 03, 2008
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1:
MG MS-06R-1A High Mobility Type Zaku II (Black Tri-Stars specs)
HG Gouf Ignited (Rudolf Wittgenstein custom)
Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  Gihren's Greed: Menace Of Axis pics
From, showing off MS IGLOO and Z Gundam material.
  Gundam Expo 2007 pics
The FØØL's Progress
Gundam news & rumors

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