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Friday, September 30, 2005
DESTINY final DVD details
ES Toys lists info for the 13th and last volume of SEED DESTINY. It's scheduled to come with an approximately 40 minute "special episode". Also included is "SEED DESTINY The Making", a collection of videos shown at the Tokyo International Forum during the October 3rd 2004 festival premiere event, which included comments from the director, composer, and cast. The release date is February 24.
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Gundam Battle Tactics first week sales
Media Create lists Gundam Battle Tactics for the PSP selling 37,340 copies its first week out, making it #6 overall. It outsold the PSP Gihren's Greed that came out last month, which moved 28,460 copies in its first week.
Gundam exhibition goes to Tokyo
ITmedia +D Games reports the Gundam "Kitaru Beki Mirai No Tame Ni" art exhibition that opened in Osaka this past July will go on exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo from November 6th through December 25th. The move is in response to popular demand.
Namco Bandai Holdings website
Today marked the grand opening of Namco Bandai Holdings website. English version is up as well.
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Wings Of Rean release info
Akira's Diary writes that Wings Of Rean will be 6 episodes and offered online via pay-per-view. It's said that it will be available on a monthly basis starting at the end of the year.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
DESTINY makes the top 10 again
Video Research Ltd. reports that SEED DESTINY made the top 10 anime broadcasts this week after disappearing from the ranks following a brief ratings boost. It once again scored a 7.8%, which makes Phase-49 tied for the second highest ratings in the series' run.
Gundam Evolve site update
The official site updated with the stories for Evolves 8 and 10:

Evolve 8: "Evading an aerial battle, the Strike Gundam suddenly descended to a ZAFT military base in a remote region of the desert. ZAFT forces quickly attacked the unexpected Alliance MS but with the Strike's maneuverability and pilot Kira Yamato's abilities as a Super Coordinator, 8 GINN OCHERs inside were decimated within minutes. Also appearing is the XM-404 long sword that comes with the PG Strike Gundam."

Evolve 10: "The ZZ Gundam's pilot, Judau Ashita, had a birthday during patrol duty for the Jupiter-bound ship Jupitris. On that occasion, there was the matter of recovering a shuttle hoping to defect to the Jupitris. From the shuttle, being hunted by Neo Zeon remnants, a Qubeley suddenly appeared in the presence of Judau's ZZ-GR. Judau lost his way home after using up his propellant fighting Doven Wolves to cover the Qubeley. It was then that he received an unexpected birthday present."
Yuuka #5
Oricon reports FictionJunction Yuuka's "Honoo No Tobira" at #5 for the week with approximately 45,064 copies sold. 5th place is their highest rank ever and that's their second top 10 hit.

Oricon's weekly album chart also lists Gackt's "Diabolos" (the full-length album featuring "Metamorphoze") as the #4 selling album of the week with 61,047 copies and DESTINY Suit CD Vol. 8 at #13 with sales of 22,103 copies.
Monday, September 26, 2005
The Wings of Rean site
Sunrise pre-opened the official site for The Wings of Rean. It mentions the anime will not be based on the novel Tomino wrote 20 years ago. It will be about a love & adventure story between Asap Suzuki and Luxe Sakomizu. The Aura Battler battle scenes will be a highlight. It also says this will be the last installment of the Byston Well series. The anime will be available via Bandai Channel net stream. The site fully opens on October 26th.
SD Gundam Gashapon Wars promo movie
The official site now has the Tokyo Game Show promo movie up for viewing.
Monthly Gundam Power Rankings
The monthly Gundam power rankings in Gundam Ace.

Top 30 Male Characters
1) Kira Yamato - SEED DESTINY
2) Char Aznable - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
3) Athrun Zala - SEED DESTINY
4) Amuro Ray - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
5) Quattro Bageena - Zeta Gundam
6) Shinn Asuka - SEED DESTINY
7) Yzak Joule - SEED DESTINY
8) Anavel Gato - 0083
9) Kamille Bidan - Zeta Gundam
10) Heero Yuy - Wing
11) Heine Westenfluss - SEED DESTINY
12) Kai Shiden - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
13) Shiro Amada - 08th MS Team
14) Ramba Ral - MSG/The Origin
15) Mwu La Flaga - SEED
16) Auel Neider - SEED DESTINY
17) Andrew Waltfeld - SEED DESTINY
18) Garrod Ran - Gundam X
19) Neo Lorrnoke - SEED DESTINY
20) Judau Ashta - Gundam ZZ
21) Seabook Arno - F91
22) Rey Za Burrel - SEED DESTINY
23) Johnny Ridden - MSV
24) Kou Uraki - 0083
25) Jerid Mesa - Zeta Gundam
26) Yazan Gable - Zeta Gundam
27) Raww Le Klueze - SEED
28) Arthur Trine - SEED DESTINY
29) Paptimus Scirocco - Zeta Gundam
30) Norris Packard - 08th MS Team

Top 30 Female Characters:
1) Lacus Clyne - SEED DESTINY
2) Lunamaria Hawke - SEED DESTINY
3) Cagalli Yula Athha - SEED DESTINY
4) Sayla Mass - MSG/The Origin
5) Meyrin Hawke - SEED DESTINY
6) Stellar Loussier - SEED DESTINY
7) Emma Sheen - Zeta Gundam
8) Haman Karn - Zeta Gundam/Portrait Of A Young Comet
9) Four Murasame - Zeta Gundam
10) Murrue Ramias - SEED DESTINY
11) Meer Campbell - SEED DESTINY
12) Aina Sahalin - 08th MS Team
13) Cima Garahau - 0083
14) Ple Two - Gundam ZZ
15) Shiho Hahnenfuss - SEED DESTINY
16) Mirai Yashima - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
17) Elpeo Ple - Gundam ZZ
18) Tiffa Adill - Gundam X
19) Miriallia Haw - SEED DESTINY
20) Sara Zabiarov - Zeta Gundam
21) Fllay Allstar - SEED
22) Quess Paraya - CCA
23) Asuna Elmarit - Ecole du Ciel
24) Katejina Loos - V Gundam
25) Fa Yuiri - Zeta Gundam
26) Roux Louka - Gundam ZZ
27) Cecily Fairchild - F91
28) Maua Pharoh - Zeta Gundam
22) Dianna Sorel - Turn A Gundam
30) Lalah Sune - MSG

Top 30 MS:
1) Strike Freedom Gundam - SEED DESTINY
2) Freedom Gundam - SEED DESTINY
3) Infinite Justice - SEED DESTINY
4) Zeta Gundam - Zeta Gundam
5) Akatsuki - SEED DESTINY
6) Hyaku Shiki - Zeta Gundam
7) Destiny Gundam - SEED DESTINY
8) Zaku II - MSG/The Origin
9) Sazabi - CCA
10) Nu Gundam - CCA
11) Gundam - MSG/The Origin
12) Qubeley - Zeta Gundam
14) Wing Gundam Zero - Wing: Endless Waltz
15) Dom - MSG/The Origin
16) Gundam Mk-II - Zeta Gundam
17) Legend Gundam - SEED DESTINY
18) Saviour Gundam - SEED DESTINY
19) Kämpfer - 0080
20) Strike Gundam - SEED
21) Acguy - MSG/The Origin
22) Gouf Custom - The 08th MS Team
23) Gouf - MSG/The Origin
24) Zeong - MSG
25) Justice Gundam - SEED
26) ZZ Gundam - Gundam ZZ
27) GM - MSG/The Origin
28) Marasai - Zeta Gundam
29) Gaia Gundam - SEED DESTINY
30) Providence Gundam - SEED DESTINY
Sunday, September 25, 2005
Zeta II razor promotion
The Kai Group, Japan's leading razor blade manufacturer, put up a website for their Zeta II Campaign. Specially-marked razors come with one of two limited edition Gundam Mk II figures and extra razor packs come with one of six MS figures. 1,000 names will be chosen from people who send in barcodes from selected merchandise via postcard and they'll receive a Hyaku Shiki holder stand. They ran a similar promotion back in June for the first film.
Saturday, September 24, 2005
Potential future SEED plamo plans
Over at the "Playing With The Collection Series Chaos Gundam" summary site, the webmaster asked a staff member at Bandai's booth a few questions during the Plamo Radicon Show:

Q: Will you be making 1/100 Gaia & Abyss kits?
A: If there's a lot of requests for them. We're currently considering the Infinite Justice.

Q: Will the HG series start doing DESTINY MSV?
A: After the end of the TV broadcast, we're considering MS that haven't been turned into kits so far.

Q: How about an HG or 1/100 Blast Impulse?
A: We're also looking at that.

Q: What about a kit of the Astray Gold Frame Amatu?
A: There's been so many requests, even inquiries through mail and over the phone. It's being looked into.
Zeta III
According to Kinema Junpo magazine, Zeta III was listed under March 2006 premiere for the Shochiku 2006 lineup.
Friday, September 23, 2005
Moon Phase lists a new Armored Trooper VOTOMS series in its upcoming anime section. No date set. Staff is given as director Ryosuke Takahashi, character designer Norio Shioyama, mecha designer Kunio Okawara, & producer Steve Tsukada. According to one post on 2ch, the source for this info is the November issue of Nikkei Characters. The last VOTOMS animated work was the 1994 sequel OVA Shining Heresy.
TV Asahi's Favorite Anime Ranking 100
TV Asahi asked people what their favorite anime were and the results were broadcast on a special on the network yesterday. The rankings, as reported by 2ch posters, were:
1) Mobile Suit Gundam
2) Dragonball
3) Doraemon
4) One Piece
5) Lupin The 3rd
6) Detective Conan
7) Sazae-san
8) Slam Dunk
9) Touch
10) Chibi Maruko-chan
11) Heidi, Girl Of The Alps
12) Space Cruiser Yamato
13) Crayon Shin-chan
14) Naruto
15) Star Of The Giants
16) Sore ike! Anpanman
17) Ashita No Joe
18) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
19) Candy Candy
20) Fullmetal Alchemist
21) Dog Of Flanders
22) Neon Genesis Evangelion
23) Yu Yu Hakusho
24) Hunter x Hunter
25) Fist Of The North Star
26) Tetsuwan Atom
27) Tennis No Oujisama
28) Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo
29) Dr. Slump Arale-chan
30) Captain Tsubasa
31) Kiteretsu Daihyakka
32) Gegege No Kitaro
33) Black Jack
34) Ace O Nerae!
35) Mahou Tsukai Sally
36) Ojarumaru
37) Galaxy Express 999
39) Kinnikuman
40) Ranma 1/2
41) Kidaichi Shounen No Jikenbo
42) Bleach
43) Nintama Rantaro
44) Pocket Monsters/Pokemon
45) Futari Wa Precure
46) Ojamajo Doremi
47) The 12 Kingdoms
48) Jungle Emperor Leo
49) Attack No. 1
50) Cat's-Eye
51) Moomin
52) Urusei Yatsura
53) Cutey Honey
54) Obake No Q-Taro
55) Tiger Mask
56) Ghost In The Shell
57) Future Boy Conan
58) Keroro Gunsou
59) Inu-Yasha
60) Saint Seiya
61) Tottoko Hamtaro
62) Tensai Bakabon
63) Tetsujin 28
64) Konjiki No Gashbell
65) City Hunter
66) Rurouni Kenshin
67) Akage No Anne
68) Minashigo Hutch
69) Card Captor Sakura
70) Majokko Meg-chan
71) Ribbon No Kishi
72) Devilman
73) Highschool! Kimengumi
74) The Rose Of Versailles
75) Eightman
76) Araiguma Rascal
77) Legend Of The Galactic Heroes
78) Asari-chan
79) Dokaben
80) Maison Ikkoku
81) Haha wo Tazunete Sanzen Ri
82) Hakushon Daimou
83) Hikaru No Go
84) Cyborg 009
85) Tom & Jerry
86) Science Ninja Team Gatchman
87) Fushigina Melmo
88) Shoukojo Sara
89) Kaibutsu-kun
90) Perrine Monogatari
91) Mazinger Z
92) Manga Nihon Mukashi Banashi
93) Himitsu no Akko-chan
94) Ikkyu-san
95) Haikara-san Ga Tooru
96) Oishinbo
97) Umi No Triton
98) Hajime No Ippo
99) Time Bokan Series Yatterman
100) Dokonjo Gaeru

TV Asahi put up an alternate version on their website which took into account votes after the end of the broadcast of the special and thus very much differs from the televised version. It looks to reflect Internet votes only as otherwise Steel Jeeg wouldn't outrank Macross and Mazinger Z nor would a show as new as Fullmetal Alchemist rank #1. Best to ignore that one but the morbidly curious can see the English list at Anime News Network.
PSP Super Robot Wars MX announces the SRW title for the PSP will be a port of Super Robot Wars MX, tentatively titled "Super Robot Wars MX Portable". The maps, battle, and conversation scenes will be completely refined. Release date is Winter.
0083 official site
It's not up yet as it forwards you to Sunrise's site. According to Web Newtype news, the 0083 site will be up starting Oct 10th until March 31st to promote the upcoming 5.1ch Region 2 DVD boxset.
Zeta site update
First off, the site now has a Tomino interview, where he talks about the 2nd movie along with new cast members. The 2nd movie will have a larger theatrical release compared to the 1st one (101 theatres to 83).
Thursday, September 22, 2005
Super Robot Wars J first week sales
Media Create has Super Robot Wars J at #5, selling 95,443 copies. Supreme Games' data indicates that's somewhat less than other GBA Super Robot Wars titles though if you go by's numbers (107,000 copies sold), it at least ties Super Robot Wars D.
SD Gundam Force season 2 summaries
Over on GOUF's SD Gundam Force thread, member Ryujin posted summaries of the English dub of the series' second season, which just finished airing on Cartoon Network Philippines. For those not keeping track, the second season still has yet to see the light of day in any form here in North America. And the official English site seems to have been mothballed.
"Tobira" hits the charts
Oricon's daily singles ranking has FictionJunction Yuuka's "Honoo No Tobira" as #2 in its first day out.

Additionally, the daily album rankings have DESTINY Suit CD Vol. 8 as #7.
Building gunpla makes you smarter
From the Anime! Anime! News; That's right, Professor Shinohara of Tokyo University of Science, Suwa conducted a research where he compared people's brainwaves of before and after building gunpla. The research concluded that building gunpla improves memory, concentration, and calculation skills due to brain being more active. The study also compared the results of people reading a book vs building gunpla where people who built gunpla had better results.

This research will be on display at Bandai's booth during the 2005 Plamodel and Radiocon Show.
Grand opening of Gashapon Wars
Although it was already pre-opened, yesterday marked the grand opening of SD Gashapon War's official site.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Plamo Radiocon Show 2005 galleries UPDATED
The HG Destiny Gundam info is announced (1,680 yen, November) and an HG Gouf Ignited Yzak Joule custom is in development. Also mentioned officially is the continuation of SEED merchandise, with the implication of the Akatsuki and Waltfeld's Murasame being in the works as the anime lineart of the MS is shown. An HCM-Pro Gundam Mk II Complete Set (including Flying Armor & G-Defensor) is also revealed for December and HCM-Pro CE Zakus (Lunamaria and Rey versions) are upcoming. And a Green Divers version HCM-Pro Asshimar can be seen on display.
Run Chicken S
Pam's Homepage (Bandai stuff starts around Plamodels page 16)
Coming next: The Wings of Rean UPDATED
The upcoming issue of Gundam Ace is reporting that "The Wings of Rean" will be Tomino's next animation series. The anime will start in December with the manga version appearing in the December issue of Gundam Ace. No mention of which network will carry the series at the moment. The Bandai Visual and Bandai Channel credits may indicate an OVA or PPV format, something indicated last month by Pam's Homepage.

"The Wings Of Rean" is an Aura Battler Dunbine prequel novel by Tomino, which was serialized in "Yasei Jidai" beginning at the same time Dunbine was finishing up its run on TV. The story of the novel version revolves around WWII pilot Shinjiro Sakomizu, who is summoned into Byston Well through the Aura Road when he is shot down. There, he hears of the legend of the hero who will appear in troubled times and, possessing the Wings Of Rean (winged boots), will bring about peace. The novels do not feature Aura Battlers. The plot does have similarities to "Garzey's Wing", another Byston Well-based Tomino novel which was turned into a brief OVA series a decade ago.

The story being described in Gundam Ace begins in Iwakuni in modern day Yamaguchi, Japan so seemingly it already departs from the novels from the start.

Covers of the novels:
Wings Of Rean 1
Wings Of Rean 2
Wings Of Rean 3
Wings Of Rean 4
Wings Of Rean 5
Wings Of Rean 6
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Plamo Radiocon Show 2005 news
Early info from Japanese boards states the following:
HGUC Hazel High Mobility Type (1,680, November)
HGUC Gabthley (leg frame prototype on display)
Gaza C (under developement)
Gundam World 2005 in Space World
Currently being held at the Space World theme park in Fukuoka, running through November 23rd, is Gundam World 2005. Attractions include the real-sized RX-78 & Char's Zaku II heads, Gundam SEED Zone (with 1/9 SEED Gundams and 1/12 Impulse Gundam that changes color when equipped with different Silhouette packs), the Gundam World Theater (featuring digest videos from all the Gundam works), a 1/10 scale diorama of the RX-78 start-up scene from the very first episode of Gundam, a Z Gundam Zone, a SEED DESTINY quiz corner, and the ol' Z Gundam cockpit.
R2 0083 5.1ch DVD info
Up at Bandai Visual release list, the upcoming Dolby 5.1ch version of R2 0083 DVD boxset will feature boxart by Hajime Katoki, Toshihiro Kawamoto, Shouji Kawamori, and Mika Akitaka. 5.1ch release will be featuring the original casts as well.
Zeta & DESTINY typing game
Media-kite will be releasing Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Battle Typing Game on Oct. 14th. It will be priced at 7800 yen. The limited first batch releases will come with Titans emblem.

ITmedia is also reporting Media-kite will be releasing Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY Battle Typing Game in December as well.
Sunday, September 18, 2005
Dengeki Hobby HGUC Hazel Kai upgrade
Old news we forgot to post but still worth a mention: as part of their ongoing HGUC Hazel Countdown Campaign, the January edition of Dengeki Hobby (the 7th anniversary issue, on sale November 25th) will come with enhancement parts for the kit.
More Gundam games @ TGS 2005
Gamespot gives their impressions of Alliance Vs. ZAFT and Gundam Battle Tactics.
Saturday, September 17, 2005
Gundam Battle Stage @ TGS 2005 and Game Watch put up reports from Bandai's "Gundam Battle Stage" event at TGS 2005 promoting SD Gundam Gashapon Wars and the PS2 edition of Alliance vs. ZAFT. It's said about Gashapon Wars that "mobile suits and battleships from every Gundam work, from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' through 'Musha Gundam', will appear". More than 150 units in total.

Toru Furuya and Naomi Shindou showed up as guests. During the Alliance vs. ZAFT portion, Furuya and Shindou faced off with Furuya as Kira in the Freedom Gundam and Shindou as Cagalli in the Strike Rouge, resulting in a narrow win for Cagalli's seiyuu. Furuya was overheard somewhere afterwards saying "The Gundam didn't keep up with my reaction time."
Friday, September 16, 2005
Heirs To The Stars wins Animation Kobe Award
Winners of the 10th Animation Kobe awards were announced. The award for the theatrical category went to Zeta Gundam: Heirs To The Stars. Other theatrical anime that have won the award in the past include Ghost In The Shell: Innocence, The Cat Returns, Spirited Away, and the Card Captor Sakura movies. The rest of the winners this year:
Individual award - Kenichi Yoshida
Special award - Ippei Kuri
TV category - Gankutsuou
Package category - Top O Nerae 2!
Network category - Mayutoro The Toons
Radio Kansai (theme song) award - "Happy Material" (Mahora Gakuen Chuutoubu 2-A, "Negima!" opening song)

Turn A Gundam and Gundam SEED were past winners of the TV category award.
Another Century's Episode 2 site update
The official site's movie page is online with a 4 minute 30 second promo.
Alliance Vs. ZAFT PS2 site
Now up over here.
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Tokyo Game Show 2005
IGN put up a few seconds of an upcoming MS Gundam game from an Xbox 360 press conference montage vid. Despite some previous reports from IGN, it looks like it'll be a One Year War game rather than a Zeta-based one.

Gamespot also reports the unsurprising news that Super Robot Wars will be coming to the PS3.

Items from Japan are a bit sparse so far, with the only new bit widely reported being an SD Gundam RPG for cellphones this Winter. Developed by Bandai Networks and Namco, it'll also be set during the OYW.
East Japan Toy Trade Fair gallery
MIA Nado has photos (9/15 update) from the 2005 East Japan Toy Trade Fair, including upcoming MSiA, GFF, and Cosmic Region figures. The pics at the top show off "UC Arms Gallery Vol. 1", a collection of diecast/PVC/plastic MSiA-scale MS guns & rifles to be sold in December. The weapon sets also have a Hayato Kobayashi Kennedy War Museum tie-in theme so in addition to the OYW, they managed to promote Zeta, too. Bandai marketing genius at work.
Honoo No Tobira cm
The official Yuki Kajiura website has 2 RealMedia commercials for FictionJunction Yuuka's "Honoo No Tobira" single.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Miscellaneous music news
Victor Entertainment announces that FictionJunction Yuuka's "Destination" album will come in a limited edition with a special DVD in addition to the regular version. The DVD contains the "Honoo No Tobira" promo video and a "Making Of" extra among other things.

Animate Web lists Nami Tamaki's theme song for Super Robot Wars J, "Castaway", coming out on November 2nd.

Likewise, Animate Web lists "Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Sound Cinema Vol. 1" coming out on October 5th as well as Vol. 2 coming out November 23rd. Music Market states these drama CD's fill gaps in the OVA and are supervised by SRW producer Takanobu Terada.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Bandai-Namco post-merge
Gamespot put up an article summarizing announcements made today by Bandai & Namco regarding their future operations together.
September Banpresto prize items
From GA Graphic:
SEED Destiny Special Creative Model Part 2: Saviour Gundam
MS Gundam Super DX Plushies 2
SEED Destiny Real Figure Keyholders Part 3
MS Gundam Maximum Mobile Suit Figures 2
Tamashii Web update
MSiA HiZack (Earth Federation colors)
MSiA Gabthley
PS2 Alliance Vs. ZAFT cover
From E-net Japan's Rakuten site.
CDA, Ecole Du Ciel limited sets
Kadokawa put up notices for upcoming limited merchandise:
A Char's Deleted Affair set that comes with the 7th volume of the manga (limited edition version cover), a Haman figure, a Lieutenant Junior Grade Natalie SD-edition mascot, and a pedestal. Price is 1,995 yen.

There's also an Ecole Du Ciel set which comes with the 8th volume of the manga (limited edition version cover), an Asuna figure, a Haro figure, and a pedestal. Price is 1,785 yen.

Both sets come out in March though reservations for them are being taken only through November 4th.
Keroro Meromero Battle Royale Z pics
From Famitsu's site.
Monday, September 12, 2005
Z movie tickets sell out again
News from the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival's official site is that tickets for their screening of Z Gundam II: Lovers sold out in 7 minutes, compared to 20 minutes (by their count) for last year's ticket sales for the world premiere of Heirs To The Stars.
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Gundam directors and their current plans
There's an interesting post on 2ch summarizing the whereabouts of various Gundam TV series directors who've been absent from the spotlight lately:

Yasuhiro Imagawa (G Gundam) - Said to be in the middle of working on a Tetsujin 28 film entitled "Hakuchuu No Zangetsu" ("Zangetsu The Midday"), a 15-second announcement for which came with the 2004 TV series DVD box released in March. Though concrete details seem hard to come by, the work has drawn attention from Giant Robo fans...

Masashi Ikeda (Gundam Wing) - Long missing after he vacated the director's chair of Inu Yasha, it was rumored he had been fishing in India. He's finally back directing the upcoming TV series Cluster Edge.

Shinji Takamatsu (Gundam X) - Following School Rumble, he's now directing the TV adaption of the light novel series Ginban Kaleidoscope starting in October.

Yuuichi Abe (SD Gundam Force) - One of three directors for the currently broadcasting second season of Kikujiro To Saki, a TV drama based on acclaimed Japanese director Beat Takeshi's autobiography about his childhood.
Saturday, September 10, 2005
Metal Armor Dragonar Web opens
The official site arrives.
Friday, September 09, 2005
Z II official site update
The Mechanics and Character pages are now up.
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