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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
PS2 Alliance Vs. ZAFT update
Info from Famitsu reveals that Shinn Asuka and the Force Impulse Gundam appear in the PS2 edition of Alliance Vs. ZAFT. The game is said to be 95% complete at present.
Meromero Battle Royale Z
Bandai's site announced the follow-up to last year's Keroro Gunsou Meromero Battle Royale for the PS2 on November 17th.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Gundam Collection blog
War in the Pocket, Pellaeon's blog devoted to Bandai's Gundam Collection series of figures, started up the other day. English-speaking fans of the line will want to check it out.
Gundam Battle Tactics site update
The official site of the PSP game put up the Characters and Game System pages. Fed pilots listed are: Amuro Ray, Christina Mackenzie, Shiro Amada, Yuu Kajima, Kai Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, Lt. Agar, and Matt Healy (from Lost War Chronicles). Zeon pilots: Char Aznable, Ramba Ral, Gaia, Bernard Wiseman, Nimbus Schterzen, Norris Packard, Aina Saharin, and Ken Bederstadt (also from LWC).

Edit: Yes, Matt & Ken appear in the novelization and manga versions of Lost War Chronicles and not the LWC video game.
High & Mighty Color's first album
Sony Music Online Japan has audio clips up from "G∞VER", the first album from High And Mighty Color. It comes with all their previous singles, including "Pride". Release date is September 14th.
The Keron Empire
FujiSankei Business i has a report on the success of Keroro Gunsou in Japan. Mine Yoshizaki's gag manga, which began its run in Shounen Ace in April of 1999, was initially popular among senior high school and college students. The character gained a wider audience when TV Tokyo began broadcast of the TV series in April of last year. At first gathering ratings around 3.5%, nowadays it regularly pulls in 5-6%. Sunrise Rights Sales Department's Hiromi Shinohara offers the analysis, "With the tv broadcast, in addition to magazine readers, its popularity has spread to infants, grade school students, and their mothers." It gets double the exposure via Fuji TV from the highly-rated Densha Otoko TV drama, in which Keroro Gunsou merchandise is a favorite of the protagonist. Bandai expects yearly Keroro business to reach 800 million yen.
Monday, August 29, 2005 benchmark has a game benchmark available for download (98.7 MB). Thanks to CF-18 for dropping in with the news.
Friday, August 26, 2005
Zeta Gundam news
The official site now has details regarding the limited edition ticket/good by Lawson. Lawson package will include an official navigation map with the reverse side acting as year 2006 calendar. Price is 1950 yen for adults (1450 yen for kids) and becomes available for reservation starting Sep 1st. The offer lasts until Oct 2.

Meanwhile Bandai Channel opened up a special page dedicated to Zeta II. Bandai Channel will also have Zeta I available on Video on Demand stream starting Sep 13.

BTW, Won Lee and Stephanie Luio are father and daughter for the Zeta movies.
Monthly Gundam Power Rankings
The monthly Gundam power rankings in Gundam Ace.

Top 30 Male Characters
1) Kira Yamato - SEED DESTINY
2) Athrun Zala - SEED DESTINY
3) Char Aznable - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
4) Amuro Ray - MSG/The Origin/Zeta
5) Shinn Asuka - SEED DESTINY
6) Quattro Bageena - Zeta Gundam
7) Kamille Bidan - Zeta Gundam
8) Anavel Gato - 0083
9) Yzak Joule - SEED DESTINY
10) Shiro Amada - 08th MS Team
11) Mwu La Flaga - SEED
12) Heine Westenfluss - SEED DESTINY
13) Heero Yuy - Wing
14) Auel Neider - SEED DESTINY
15) Ramba Ral - MSG/The Origin
16) Judau Ashta - Gundam ZZ
17) Seabook Arno - F91
18) Garrod Ran - Gundam X
19) Duo Maxwell - Wing
20) Colonel Todaka - SEED DESTINY
21) Neo Ra Loanoke - SEED DESTINY
22) Paptimus Scirocco - Zeta Gundam
23) Andrew Waltfeld - SEED DESTINY
24) Rey Za Burrel - SEED DESTINY
25) Garma Zabi - MSG/The Origin
26) Kou Uraki - 0083
27) Jerid Mesa - Zeta Gundam
28) Kai Shiden - MSG/The Origin/Zeta Gundam
29) Domon Kasshu - G Gundam
30) Loran Cehak - Turn A Gundam

Top 30 Female Characters:
1) Lacus Clyne - SEED DESTINY
2) Cagalli Yula Athha - SEED DESTINY
3) Lunamaria Hawke - SEED DESTINY
4) Sayla Mass - MSG/The Origin
5) Meyrin Hawke - SEED DESTINY
6) Emma Sheen - Zeta Gundam
7) Stellar Loussier - SEED DESTINY
8) Four Murasame - Zeta Gundam
9) Haman Karn - Zeta Gundam/Portrait Of A Young Comet
10) Murrue Ramias - SEED DESTINY
11) Aina Sahalin - 08th MS Team
12) Fllay Allstar - SEED
13) Matilda Ajan - MSG/The Origin
14) Meer Cambell - SEED DESTINY
15) Katejina Loos - V Gundam
16) Christina Mackenzie - 0080
17) Tiffa Adill - Gundam X
18) Cima Garahau - 0083
19) Miriallia Haw - SEED DESTINY
20) Lila Milla Rira - Zeta Gundam
21) Roux Louka - Gundam ZZ
22) Dianna Sorel - Turn A Gundam
23) Sara Zabiarov - Zeta Gundam
24) Elpeo Ple - Gundam ZZ
25) Fa Yuiri - Zeta Gundam
26) Fraw Bow - MSG/The Origin
27) Ple Two - Gundam ZZ
28) Maua Pharoh - Zeta Gundam
29) Sochie Heim - Turn A Gundam
30) Beltorchika Irma - Zeta Gundam

Top 30 MS:
1) Strike Freedom Gundam - SEED DESTINY
2) Freedom Gundam - SEED DESTINY
3) Zeta Gundam - Zeta Gundam
4) Infinite Justice - SEED DESTINY
5) Akatsuki - SEED DESTINY
6) Hyaku Shiki - Zeta Gundam
7) Destiny Gundam - SEED DESTINY
8) Zaku II - MSG/The Origin
9) Qubeley - Zeta Gundam
10) Acguy - MSG/The Origin
11) Nu Gundam - CCA
12) Sazabi - CCA
13) Wing Gundam Zero - Wing: Endless Waltz
14) Gundam - MSG/The Origin
15) Gundam Mk-II - Zeta Gundam
16) Justice Gundam - SEED
17) Saviour Gundam - SEED DESTINY
18) Dom - MSG/The Origin
19) Kämpfer - 0080
20) Z'gok - MSG/The Origin
21) Strike Rouge - SEED
23) Strike Gundam - SEED
24) ZZ Gundam - Gundam ZZ
25) The O - Zeta Gundam
26) Gouf Custom - The 08th MS Team
27) Gaia Gundam - SEED DESTINY
28) Abyss Gundam - SEED DESTINY
29) Gaplant - Zeta Gundam
30) Asshimar - Zeta Gundam
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Tamashii Web update
MSiA Blaze Zaku Phantom (Dearka Elsman custom)
MSiA Strike Rouge (Destiny version)
MSiA Gaia Gundam (Andrew Waltfeld custom)
Bandai prez speaks
There's an interview with Kazunori Ueno, Bandai's president as well as the Chief Gundam Officer, at A selected portion of interest is below:

"Q: What are Bandai's strengths and weaknesses?

Ueno: Our strength is our characters and we have an entertainment enterprise that can be developed in many ways. That is an atypical global business model. On the other hand, since our basis is characters, we have waves of achievement due to hits and misses. That is our weakness.

And we are in a bad place with our earnings balance. Generally, with the game software industry, there's many undertakings in which foreign business is said to be 60% while the Japanese side is 40%. But in Bandai's case, the domestic side accounts for an overwhelming proportion. While we call it a global age, we receive 25% from overseas. Furthermore, though Gundam business accounts for 20% of our entire company's sales, more than 90% of that is domestic.

This isn't a problem that rests simply on increasing exports. I can say that the way Bandai has cultivated character merchandising isn't used globally. Here, there is a weakness.

Q: Is it feasible to develop the Gundam franchise overseas?

Ueno: Since Gundam has lots of fight scenes, we can't export it to America without changes. There are concepts for the creation of an American version. But there's no solid discussion. As for Asia, we can probably go about it the same way as in Japan. And Europe is very much untouched. There's still more places we have to do it."
DESTINY Astray site opens
Sunrise opens the official DESTINY Astray site. The site has basic stuff like introduction, staff, mecha, character info, and each variation of DESTINY Astray serialization.

At the same time the DESTINY website got their monthly update as well.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Side-B September issue
The contents of the September issue of Side-B are available on Bandai's Videogame Home Page in .pdf format. Gundam-related material:
SEED DESTINY ~Generation Of C.E.~
Gundam Battle Tactics + Gihren's Greed: Blood of Zeon
Robo Damashii! reports
Game Watch, ITmedia Games, and all posted articles covering Robo Damashii! at Chara Hobby 2005. Pics of A.C.E. 2 and Super Robot Wars J can be seen. After the presentations of the games, the music acts took the stage, with Yumi Matsuzawa performing "You Get To Burning" & "Dearest", Yoshifumi Ushima singing "Flying In The Sky" & "Trust You Forever", and Nami Tamaki doing "Believe" & "Realize".
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Noda-ya and Hobbynet:
HG Legend Gundam
HCM-Pro Strike Freedom Gundam
MSiA Gabthley
EMSiA Char's Zaku II
MSiA HiZack (Earth Fed colors)
DESTINY ratings boost continues
Video Research Ltd. once again has SEED DESTINY ranking in the top 10 anime. Phase-44 received a 7.8% rating, even higher than last week and tying the rebroadcast of Phase-3 for the second highest ratings in the show's entire run. Brings its average ratings up to 5.3%.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Chara Hobby II: Body Hammer
Toycan (August 23 update)
0079 Card Builder official site
Banpresto's promotional page for MSG 0079 Card Builder is up.
Monday, August 22, 2005
This month's DESTINY mag news
Hasty Dengeki Hobby summaries:
Phase-45 "The Overture Of Revolution" - PLANT is in an uproar thanks to the attack by the Requiem from the moon base. By Dullindal's decree, the entire ZAFT force launches for an attack. Yzak's team strikes Fauré, the relay point, and the order to attack the Requiem is given to the Minvera, which had just come to space...

Phase-46 "The Song Of Truth" - Under Dullindal's command, PLANT deals with the aftermath of the Requiem battle. Meanwhile, the Archangel, having been officially accepted into Orb's forces, enters the port of the free moon city Copernicus. Before Lacus and company head out, a red Haro carrying a message appears...

Phase-47 "Meer" - The Lacus assassination attempt using Meer was prevented but there was a sacrifice. Lacus' group returns to the Archangel and, reading Meer's diary, their thoughts linger. Meanwhile, Dullindal announces his "Destiny Plan" to an audience following the Requiem battle...

Phase-48 "To A New World" - The defense policy known as the "Destiny Plan", upon which the fate of humanity rests, is announced by Dullindal. It's said to match all of mankind with positions & roles that correspond to one's own abilities. For everyone to fight for a blessed world without war spoken of by the Chairman. Rey informs Shinn...

ZGMF-X2000CQGB&S Gouf Crusher - Gouf Ignited variation. On the left arm is a large vise and the right arm has been made larger so that it can wield a hammer carried on its back. One of the early experimental models of the Gouf, it specialized in melee combat.
This month's hobby mag news
HG Legend Gundam (w/ stand + DRAGOON effects parts, October 20th)
HCM-Pro Strike Freedom Gundam (October)
HCM-Pro Destiny Gundam + Strike Freedom Gundam Deactive set (October)
HCM-Pro Asshimar (November)
T.M. Revolution's "vestige" tops the charts
Oricon announces that T.M. Revolution's "vestige" hit #1, with sales of 122,000 copies. It outpaced sales for his previous single, "ignited", also for Gundam SEED DESTINY, which hit #1 back in November. That makes it his 4th number one hit in total and his 17th appearance in the top 10 in a row, starting with 1997's "High Pressure". Along with Hitomi Takahashi's "Bokutachi No Yukue", that makes 3 songs from Gundam that have hit #1, all from the same series.
Nami Tamaki for Super Robot Wars J
Sony Music Online Japan has the news that Nami Tamaki's "Castaway" will be the theme song for Super Robot Wars J.
Astray B collected
September 1st will finally see the release of the collected edition of Astray B, which was serialized in Dengeki Hobby from December 2002 through October 2004. This edition features large scale revisions & corrections to the serialized version and other things that appear only in this book, including a comic by Astray R's Yasunari Toda and a front cover by Yoichi Ueda.
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Chara Hobby + Wonderfest Summer photo reports
Chara Hobby 2005:
Pam's Homepage
MIA Nado (8/20 update)
To Aruhi No Kotatsuga
Mimibukuro Diary
ABC Labo
Ryutaro's Modeler Life
Doll's Room
Models Uzumaki
MS In Action!! Syndrome
Yahoo! Japan Auctions: Gundam merchandise
ITmedia Games
GA Graphic

Wonderfest 2005 Summer:
GF Group
Toybox DX
Mimibukuro Diary
ITmedia Games
FictionJunction Yuuka's first album
Victor Entertainment's Yuki Kajiura page announces the first full-length album from FictionJunction Yuuka, "Destination". It'll include their first three singles ("Hitomi No Kakera" through "Akatsuki No Kuruma") as well as new songs. Release date is November 23rd.
Saturday, August 20, 2005
Upcoming figure pics
GFF Maniax has coverage of GFF, Zeonography, MSiA, & SoC figures in their Chara Hobby 2005 report.

Amazon Japan, of all places, has a promo image of the MSiA Gaia Gundam (Andrew Waltfeld custom).
MSG: Bonds Of The Battlefield
Game Watch reports on the announcement of a new Gundam arcade game exhibited at Chara Hobby 2005: "Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou No Kizuna", a multiplayer war game featuring a cockpit-shaped cabinet that employs a 180 degree dome screen. Through networking, a maximum of 8-on-8 players can battle it out at the same time. Controls include levers on either side of the seat, a foot pedal, message select & chat buttons, and two card slots. Federation MS appearing include the RX-78, Guncannon, Guntank, GM, Ground-type Gundam, and GM Sniper Custom. On the Zeon side, the Zaku II, Gouf, Dom, Gelgoog, Z'Gok, and Acguy. MS movement is on the high-speed side and very responsive. The screen will feature a FPS-like point-of-view showing the weapons you are carrying at the time.

As the cabinet and screen are still in the exhibition stage, their design may change by the time it hits the market. No release date is set, though it will be shown off in playable form at the Amusement Machine Show starting September 1st.
Kristine Sa covers SEED
Nemesis Records announces Kristine Sa's dual anime re-mix album, "AnimeToonz3: Kristine Sa", for October 4 from Jellybean/Sony. One of the songs included will be Mika Nakashima's "Find The Way", 3 different versions of which will appear between the two CD's, known as the "Lemon" & "Lime" editions.
August Banpresto prize merchandise
GA Graphic has pics of the following:
MS Gundam Diecast Creative Zakus
MS Gundam Beam Rifle-type Water Guns & Sound Guns
MS Gundam Super DX Head Type Plushies 2
SEED DESTINY Destiny Heroine DX Figures
SEED DESTINY Plushies Part 2
MS Gundam Internal Light Mobile Suit Keyholders Part 2
Friday, August 19, 2005
Four speaks out
While there were numerous rumors on why Saeko Shimazu, the voice of Four Murasame from the Zeta TV series, did not return for the Zeta movies, some intriguing comments have come out through her site and a magazine.

Rumors like "she retired" or "she was dropped after the audition" surfaced after Yukana was announced as the new voice of Four. After that, Shimazu herself quickly refuted them by saying she is still active and never got invited for a Zeta audition. So fans settled with the decision that Tomino wanted change. However, an article from the September issue of Comic Gum and now Shimazu's site have changed things.

In the Comic Gum issue, people close to Tomino have said "The sound director tricked him" regarding the change. They also said the idea that she was dropped after an audition was completely false. Her office was never contacted about the job. People close to the sound director have said "She (aka Yukana) is his favorite (aka sound director's)."

On her site, Shimazu revealed the conversations she had with Tomino and Fujino, the sound director, regarding this issue. She was given permission to post them on her site from both Tomino and Fujino. She talked with Fujino over the phone in late April and met with him personally in late May. She got in touch with Tomino 3 weeks after meeting with Fujino.

Fujino's story:
Fujino told Shimazu it was not Tomino's intention to change Four from the start like she assumed. Fujino tried to get in touch with her in winter of 2003, but he couldn't get ahold of her. Tomino gave him a list of actors/actresses that he wanted back to hear their voices. Fujino took this as an audition list. He told Tomino that she retired. He said that someone (he now cannot remember the name) informed him that she retired. He himself didn't feel like double checking if she really retired. He told Shimazu that he doesn't surf the internet, watch TV, listen to the radio, or check Gundam-related games. He checked the Japan Actor/Actress Directory, but only saw freelance under Shimazu's name with no contact info. He didn't think about calling the office of the Japan Actor/Actress where he could have obtained contact info. He insisted that he called her number and left a message on the machine, however Shimazu never received one. He didn't think about asking around about her from other seiyuu. With no progress, he went ahead and switched the seiyuu for Four.

Tomino's story:
Tomino had no intention to change voices for Four. In fact, he had Four listed as one of the characters using an original cast member for the movies. He gave the responsibility to Fujino to contact all the seiyuu about the Zeta movies. Fujino told Tomino that Saeko retired and he could not get in touch with her. Tomino himself tried to get in touch with Shimazu by calling the number he got from Fujino. However, he was not successful after trying 2 weeks and he also could not leave a message because the machine had no option for leaving one. Tomino told her he was tricked by the sound director regarding this issue.

Shimazu listed 3 reasons why she found this whole process impossible to understand. 1) The sound director tried to contact her directly instead of calling her office, which is the traditional way in this industry. 2) He assumed she retired without double-checking. 3) The inconsistency with the answering machine story. Apparently, Shimazu does leave her's turned off as she's never away from home for long.

This has caused a major uproar in the Internet community where fans are now demanding the original Four be put back for the DVD version and calling for a boycott of the movie/DVD. Shimazu's site is also down at the moment because of the massive hits it picked up regarding this issue.
Alliance Vs. ZAFT update
Game Watch put up screencaps showing off the ability to freely choose which pilots use which MS. Before now, players were restricted to using pilot/MS combinations as they appeared in the original anime.

The official site also updated its Secret Elements section, which includes the above as well as a pair of computer-controlled hidden units. is a go
After being delayed, Dawn of Australia will finally go online Sept 29th. The Limited Edition package will come with Zaku II head puzzle, UCGO full color reference book, UCGO metal binder, and color verison of UCGO game disk.
Thursday, August 18, 2005
SEED DESTINY/Blood+ Relay Event
Kokodake Net announces a special screening of the final episode of DESTINY as well as a preview of the first episode of Blood+ at the Tokyo International Forum on October 1st, 5:30 pm. The DESTINY ep will be projected on a large screen in realtime (the final episode will be airing at 5:30 rather than 6). The event will include a live appearance by Hitomi Takahashi.
Chara Hobby 2005 limited item pics
Hobby Japan
Z II Quicktime trailer
Apple Japan's movie trailers site now hosts a Quicktime version of the Zeta II trailer.
Tomino shirt and doll
Animage will be selling Tomino shirt and Tomino finger doll version Zeta at Chara Hobby 2005 and through their online site.
Zeonography Gouf Custom/Efreet pic UPDATED
Once again from Hobbynet.

Edit: has a larger version.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Alliance Vs. ZAFT for PS2 lists the PS2 edition of the game as coming out November 17th.
DESTINY receives ratings boost
Phase-43 of SEED DESTINY gave the series a rare appearance in the weekly top 10 anime broadcasts, according to Video Research Ltd. Last Saturday's episode received a 6.9%, the highest rating since the rebroadcast of Phase-3.
TMR fights for the top
First day out on Oricon's daily singles charts, T.M. Revolution's "vestige" grabs the #1 spot.
New MSiA pics
Hobbynet is the first to finally get visuals of these two:
MSiA Blaze Zaku Phantom (Dearka Elsman custom)
MSiA Strike Rouge (Destiny ver.)
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
DESTINY DVD sales update
Bandai Visual's latest newsletter (.pdf) states SEED DESTINY is a big hit on DVD. Each volume released has surpassed 100,000 copies in sales, with the momentum to outdo SEED. This puts it well on its way to meet Bandai Visual's forecasts that the show would sell 1.5 million DVD's total.

People will probably be confused about the apparent clash between this and reports that DESTINY merchandise isn't doing well. It's now clearly established that the DVD's are meeting Bandai's expectations. Music single sales also look to be great, although one assumes that's much better news for the record companies than for Bandai. But standalone SEED videogames have never done huge numbers, out of proportion to SEED's success in other areas. So Generation Of C.E. will provide a test case: Will it perform more like a G Generation title, which generally do well (G Gen SEED included), or will it sell more like the other SEED games? That leaves plamo & toy sales, a huge cornerstone of Gundam (if not the most important), in dispute.
Fun with random domain searches
Info for a domain created late last month...
Whois info for,

Bandai Networks Co., Ltd.
2-4-10, Iwamoto-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032

Domain name: P-GUNDAM.NET

Administrative Contact:
Nakatake, Yoichi
2-4-10, Iwamoto-cho
Chiyoda-ku,, Tokyo 101-0032
+1.81338653905 Fax: +1.81338653906

Technical Contact:
Nakatake, Yoichi
2-4-10, Iwamoto-cho
Chiyoda-ku,, Tokyo 101-0032
+1.81338653905 Fax: +1.81338653906

An official website for the Pepsi Gundam promotion? It doesn't look like a new series as the whois info is virtually the same as that of and, so a new videogame seems a safe bet. May be something. May be nothing.
 NHK's Gundam marathon
This upcoming Friday night, NHK will be holding 9.5 hour long Gundam marathon with Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy as its main feature. NHK will be broadcasting the original theatrical release (not the Special Edition 5.1ch version). The 9.5 hour long marathon will start at 7:30pm and end the following morning at 5am.

Schedule & Guest:
7:30 pm - Live talk show hosted by Tomochika. Guests are Ken Nishikiori (artist), Hiroshi Shinagawa (comedian), Harutoshi Fukui (author), and Kenichiro Mogi (Sony Computer Science Research).
8:30 pm - Mobile Suit Gundam I
10:49 pm - Yoshiyuki Tomino long interview
11:40 pm - Mobile Suit Gundam II - Soldiers of Sorrow
1:53 am - BS Anime Late Night Talk Special - Marugoto Mobile Suit Gundam! - Discussion on all 3 movies by celebrity Gundam fans.
2:40 am - Mobile Suit Gundam III - Encounters in Space
Monday, August 15, 2005
SEED/DESTINY follow-up rumors
Again take this with a grain of salt.
The following blog has a report/dialog between a customer, store owner, and a Bandai staff member during a Bakuseed (miniature electric motor car) tournament. That, of course, makes this report hearsay but still of interest as far as possible commentary on the state of Gundam at the moment goes:

The Bandai staff member commented that currently DESTINY as a series is unpopular with ratings on a downward trend (see below for that) and merchandise not selling well including Gunpla (something also mentioned at Plamoya-san's Useless Diary). The store owner adds that Bakuseed is outselling Gunpla at his store. The conversation switches to a possible sequel after the customer said "I guess no sequel then. Wanted to see one." The Bandai staff replied that they are currently exploring the idea of another SEED sequel which will again feature Kira and Athrun, concluding a SEED trilogy. The ending of DESTINY will be made so a possibility of sequel can occur. If it were to happen, they won't be doing it until after next year as time slots are all filled up for the 2006-2007 lineup. It is currently set as a trilogy, however more sequels will be made if proven popular.

Ratings are down compared to the first SEED (averaging 5.2% currently), though still better than the 90's Gundams on average. But from another perspective, things look worse when you compare it to the numbers for past MBS shows in the same timeslot (righthand column figures) as DESTINY will have to fight uphill to not wind up with the lowest average ratings.
vestige single extras
Sunrise put up pics of the Gouf Ignited sticker and Heine Westenfluss ID card that comes with T.M. Revolution's "vestige" single.
Robo Damashii at Chara Hobby 2005
The Super Robot Wars official site announces guests for their Robo Damashii! stage appearance at Chara Hobby 2005: Nami Tamaki (Gundam SEED), Yoshifumi Ushima (G Gundam), Yumi Matsuzawa (Nadesico), Hikaru Midorikawa (Heero Yuy), and Shinichiro Miki. Robo Damashii! will be promoting Super Robot Wars J, A.C.E. 2, and the SRW OG OVA.
Saturday, August 13, 2005
Gundam art exhibition follow-up
Excite Anime has pics of a few works which didn't get mentioned in ITmedia Games' coverage.
The War section:
"Awakening In The Air" - A representation of an explosion.
The Evolution section:
"Amuro And His Friends" - A recreation of Amuro's room inside the White Base.
"'Evolution' Ink Rain 'Bloody'" - Abstract image of terror raining down from the skies.
The Life section:
"From 'It's At Least Like A Planet'" - Photos of the Earth's surface.
The From Gundam section:
"mONs TErBall" - The ruins of various Federation & Zeon weapons in the shape of a Ball which forms something of a shrine for a skeleton wearing a Zeon officer's helmet.
"a girl in the room with acguy" - Chicks dig Acguy.
Friday, August 12, 2005
Zeta II at Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival
Almost a year ago, Zeta I premiered at Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival. Once again for the 2005 event, Zeta II is on the list. Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival 2005 will take place between Oct 13-16th. Tickets will go on sale Sept 10th. Last year, tickets for Zeta I sold out in less than 30 minutes.
A.C.E. official site update
The official site has new content on it coinciding with the sequel announcement. The Game Point section has many screencaps detailing new gameplay aspects: high-speed action & spacious battlefields, the greater number of playable mecha, battling alongside allies & increased number of enemies onscreen, and pilot cut-ins. The Entry Title section shows all the series the mecha in the game are drawn from.

A.C.E. 2 will also have a presence at the upcoming Chara Hobby 2005 on the 20th & 21st. The latest images will be shown and special guests will appear.
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10/01/2003 - 11/01/2003 / 11/01/2003 - 12/01/2003 / 12/01/2003 - 01/01/2004 / 01/01/2004 - 02/01/2004 / 02/01/2004 - 03/01/2004 / 03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004 / 04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004 / 05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004 / 06/01/2004 - 07/01/2004 / 07/01/2004 - 08/01/2004 / 08/01/2004 - 09/01/2004 / 09/01/2004 - 10/01/2004 / 10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004 / 11/01/2004 - 12/01/2004 / 12/01/2004 - 01/01/2005 / 01/01/2005 - 02/01/2005 / 02/01/2005 - 03/01/2005 / 03/01/2005 - 04/01/2005 / 04/01/2005 - 05/01/2005 / 05/01/2005 - 06/01/2005 / 06/01/2005 - 07/01/2005 / 07/01/2005 - 08/01/2005 / 08/01/2005 - 09/01/2005 / 09/01/2005 - 10/01/2005 / 10/01/2005 - 11/01/2005 / 11/01/2005 - 12/01/2005 / 12/01/2005 - 01/01/2006 / 01/01/2006 - 02/01/2006 / 02/01/2006 - 03/01/2006 / 03/01/2006 - 04/01/2006 / 04/01/2006 - 05/01/2006 / 05/01/2006 - 06/01/2006 / 06/01/2006 - 07/01/2006 / 07/01/2006 - 08/01/2006 / 08/01/2006 - 09/01/2006 / 09/01/2006 - 10/01/2006 / 10/01/2006 - 11/01/2006 / 11/01/2006 - 12/01/2006 / 12/01/2006 - 01/01/2007 / 01/01/2007 - 02/01/2007 / 02/01/2007 - 03/01/2007 / 03/01/2007 - 04/01/2007 / 04/01/2007 - 05/01/2007 / 05/01/2007 - 06/01/2007 / 06/01/2007 - 07/01/2007 / 07/01/2007 - 08/01/2007 / 08/01/2007 - 09/01/2007 / 09/01/2007 - 10/01/2007 / 10/01/2007 - 11/01/2007 / 11/01/2007 - 12/01/2007 / 12/01/2007 - 01/01/2008 / 01/01/2008 - 02/01/2008 / 02/01/2008 - 03/01/2008 / 03/01/2008 - 04/01/2008 / 04/01/2008 - 05/01/2008 / 05/01/2008 - 06/01/2008 / 06/01/2008 - 07/01/2008 / 07/01/2008 - 08/01/2008 / 08/01/2008 - 09/01/2008 /

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