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Saturday, September 30, 2006
Perfect Zeong kick!
PSP Gundam Battle Royale site now has a movie of Perfect Zeong kicking GM Sniper II very far away.
Friday, September 29, 2006
Bandai October merchandise
As always, from Bandai's Hobby Site.
Japan Media Arts 100 Selections
The Japan Media Arts Festival conducted four polls for their 10th anniversary covering art, entertainment, animation, and manga. A total of 33,884 voters each selected up to 10 works in every category. Though write-in votes were allowed, those were tallied separately from the main rankings, which consisted of votes for works from a list of nominees.

Animation category
Number of voters: 12,840 people
Total number of votes: 80,402
1) Neon Genesis Evangelion
2) Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind
3) Laputa: Castle In The Sky
4) Mobile Suit Gundam
5) Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
6) Mushishi
7) Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
8) My Neighbor Totoro
9) Fullmetal Alchemist
10) Ghost In The Shell (1995)
11) Dragonball series
12) Princess Mononoke
13) Akira
14) Spirited Away
15) Doraemon
16) Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala
17) Porco Rosso
18) Legend Of Galactic Heroes
19) Crayon Shin-chan: The Adult Empire Strikes Back
20) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
21) Card Captor Sakura
22) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
22) Kamichu!
24) Mobile Police Patlabor 2: The Movie
25) Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
26) Voices Of A Distant Star
27) Mobile Police Patlabor
28) Galaxy Express 999
29) Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water
30) Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi
31) Crayon Shin-chan: The Battle Of The Warring States
32) Grave Of The Fireflies
33) Future Boy Conan
34) Howl's Moving Castle
35) Space Cruiser Yamato series
36) The Wings Of Honneamise
37) Slam Dunk
38) Sailor Moon series
39) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
39) Keroro Gunsou
41) Top Wo Nerae!
42) Doraemon theatrical series
43) Yuusha series
44) Cowboy Bebop
45) Samurai 7
46) Martian Successor Nadesico
47) Heidi - A Girl Of The Alps
48) Urusei Yatsura
49) Tetsuwan Atom
50) Lupin III first TV series

Gundam also ranked into other categories. In the Entertainment category, dominated by videogames, "Mobile Suit Gundam plamodels" came in at #5 and in the Manga category, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's "Gundam: The Origin" was #48.

The Animation ranking, based on votes from members of the arts & entertainment community (49 of whom voted in the category), was:
1) Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind
2) Tetsuwan Atom
3) Akira
4) Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
4) Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi
6) Neon Genesis Evangelion
7) Mobile Suit Gundam
8) Sazae-san
8) Galaxy Express 999
8) Doraemon
8) My Neighbor Totoro
8) Mt. Head
Thursday, September 28, 2006
GM Striker for Bonds Of The Battlefield
Game Watch has a story covering the appearance of the GM Striker in the Bonds Of The Battlefield arcade game. As the article explains, the new GM (like the Zaku I Sniper) is the result of the Harmony Of Gundam project, a cooperative effort between Sunrise, Bandai, Bandai Namco Games, and Banpresto introducing new MS developed on a trial basis for localized conflicts during the last stages of the One Year War.
Card Builder upgrades
Game Watch reports that as of September 27th, 0079 Card Builder gets new cards & stages from Gundam 0080, Cross Dimension 0079, Rise From The Ashes, Zeonic Front, and Blue Destiny.
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
PS3 Gundam Target in Site trailer
The official site has a trailer and the TGS report up now.
Fukui Gundam
Details of the long rumored Gundam series by Harutoshi Fukui, author of Lorelei and Aimless Aegis novels, will start to appear in the next issue of Gundam Ace. It will likely have info on character designer, mecha designer, main character, and Gundam setting. The story is set to debut this winter on Gundam Ace.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Namco Wonderpark Hero's Base to open
Game Watch covered the private press meeting for the Namco Wonderpark Hero's Base held on the 25th, attended by a number of Bandai Namco execs, like Bandai Namco Holdings representative director Takeo Takasu and Bandai president Kazunori Ueno. The amusement center features 5 main zones: the Namcoland Kawasaki store, the Ultraman Club, the Hero's Stage for live entertainment, the C2 Factory Kawasaki capsule toy & character shop, and the MAGmani Kawasaki shop for books, CD's, DVD's, and games. The Wonderpark opens on the 28th.

In addition to the large scale Zaku and RX-78 heads decorating the entrance, the facility also features the full 16-player (8 vs. 8) version of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou No Kizuna arcade game. Toru Furuya, singer Hironobu Kageyama (performing "Cha La Head Cha La" & "Saint Shinwa Soldier Dream" at the event), and comedy duo America Zarigani played an 8-on-8 game for the audience with the first two on the Federation side, the comedians playing as Zeon, and Namcoland Kawasaki staff filling the remaining positions. Furuya reportedly displayed much skill during the 10-minute exhibition, giving the Federation side two wins.
Gundam rankings
Last month's issue of Gundam issue featured Top 30 OP songs. This month featured Top 30 Ships. They are:

1) White Base (MSG)
2) Archangel (SEED/DESTINY)
3) Argama (Zeta)
4) Eternal (SEED/DESTINY)
5) Musai (MSG)
6) Minerva (SEED DESTINY)
7) Ra Cailum (CCA)
8) Albion (0083)
9) Zanzibar (MSG)
10) Gwazine (MSG)
11) Mother Vanguard (Crossbone Gundam)
12) Salamis (MSG)
13) Freeden (X)
14) Kusanagi (SEED DESTINY)
15) Magellan (MSG)
16) Radish (Zeta)
17) Sadaran (ZZ)
18) Chivvay (MSG)
19) Dogos Gear (Zeta) Dogosse Gier
20) Dominion (SEED)
21) Dolos (MSG)
22) Reinforce Jr (V)
23) Nahel Argama (ZZ)
24) Lili Marleen (0083)
25) Pegasus III (Sentinel)
26) Gwadan (Zeta)
27) Rewoola (CCA)
28) Girty Lue (SEED DESTINY)
29) Jotunheim (MS IGLOO)
30) Alexandria (Zeta)
Monday, September 25, 2006
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Rakuten's Be-J site and Happinet Online:
Cosmic Region Akatsuki, 2
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online promo has screenshots and a promo movie.
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Destiny SE III airdates
Sunrise confirms the broadcast of the 3rd Destiny Special Edition:
Kantou district TBS: October 8 (late night) 2:20 am ~ 4:10 am
Kansai district MBS: October 8 (late night) 1:30 am ~ 3:20 am

This time, the SE will be broadcast in its entirety in one airing rather than the usual two parts on separate days.
Stargazer site update
UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom:
"The Civilian Astray DSSD Custom is a mobile suit owned by the deep-space surveying & development organization DSSD. The unit itself, which has the potential for self-defense & operating in the void of space, is a multipurpose model civilian machine to the extent that the model number 'UT' designates utility. DSSD obtained these units with the cooperation of the Junk Guild and Orb engineers who fled Morgenroete, Inc. because of the Alliance in the previous great war. The ones used as basis for development are the Morgenroete prototype mobile suit MBF-P series and the space-use M1A Astray. The head, with an optical sensor upgraded to high-precision to meet DSSD's requested specifications, has a unique appearance due to the special visor for preventing collisions with micro-debris. The V-style antenna is of a detailed, propulsion regulateable type with the thruster group arranged in a simple, integrated antenna system. Together with the M1A's high AMBAC traceability, it has a subtle yet responsive high mobility capability. Its characteristic thrusters centered on the back are an electromagnetic propulsion system precursor to the Voiture Lumiere."
Saturday, September 23, 2006
Have dinner with Tomino
Anime Focus' website updated with more scheduled events including a book signing at Borders Books and a pricey prime-rib dinner at Lawry's Restaurant with Yoshiyuki Tomino the night before Zeta Gundam: A New Translation's American premiere.

The press release at ANN also mentions Tomino will receive a Career Achievement in Animation Award after the screening.
TGS round-up part the 3rd UPDATED
IGN has their impressions of Gundam Battle Royale and Alliance Vs. ZAFT II Plus.

Gamespot has 1-minute of gameplay footage from Mobile Ops/Operation Troy and two Target In Sight/Crossfire videos, an interview and a gameplay vid. covers Toru Furuya's appearance to promote Gundam titles on display. It mentions Wii's SD Gundam Revolution will have 11-12 different kinds of Gundam hammers designed by Kunio Okawara, including the pictured shock & drill hammers. and posted looks at the Korean-made SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online. The PC game is still undergoing beta testing in Korea and still doesn't have a planned release in Japan.

Edit: Other promo video footage from TGS confirms that the RGM-79FP GM Striker and MS-09K-2 Dom Cannon will be original MS appearing in Gundam: Target In Sight.
Friday, September 22, 2006
XBox 360 Gundam at the TGS
IGN posted their impressions of the XBox 360 Gundam.
Alliance Vs. ZAFT II Plus site opens
Content now available at the official site.
SEED ~ SEED Destiny The Bridge tracks
Victor Entertainment revealed the song list for their The Bridge compilation album:
Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni - See-Saw
Akatsuki No Kuruma - FictionJunction Yuuka
Life Goes On - Mika Arisaka
Honoo No Tobira - FictionJunction Yuuka
Shinkai No Kodoku - Houko Kuwashima
Kimi Wa Boku Ni Niteiru - See-Saw
tears - lisa
Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni 2006 - See-Saw
Ima Kono Shunkan Ga Subete - Kira Yamato
Precious Rose - Cagalli Yula Athha
Shoot - Yzak Joule
Shizukana Yoru Ni - Lacus Clyne
Mizu No Akashi - Lacus Clyne
Primal Innocence - Shinn Asuka
Eden Of Necessity - Sting Oakley
Pale Repetition - Auel Neider
Please - Meyrin Hawke & Miriallia Haw
Tomorrow - Kira Yamato
Fields Of Hope - Lacus Clyne
Quiet Night C.E. 73 - Meer Campbell
Emotion - Meer Campbell
Nicol's Piano Namida No Theme - Shinji Kakijima
Rey Za Burrel's Piano Omokage - Shinji Kakijima
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Tokyo Game Show 2006
IGN has a new Target In Sight article plus more screenshots. Gamespot also did a write-up and has a trailer for the American version. Gaming Age's coverage seems to use much of the official press info.
Gundam: Target In Sight site opens
The official site of the PS3 game is now running with Game, Mobile Suit, and screenshot pages.
Newest Stargazer promo video
Bandai Channel's Stargazer site has a nearly 6-minute promo for Stargazer that recaps the previous two episodes, briefly previews the finale, and advertises the related merchandise.
Upcoming Gundam merchandise news
From this month's hobby magazines:

MG GM Sniper - Nov, 3675 yen. Comes with MG original sniper pack, and coolant tank. It will be 08th MS version.
MG F91 ver Harrison (aka Crossbone Gundam series) - Nov, 3150 yen. Coloring will be based on the GFF version.
EX White Base - Will include Gunperry, Corebooster, G Fighter, Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank.
MSiA RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel] - With removeable chobham armor & 3 shield boosters
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Gundam license plate auctioned off for charity
An auction of vanity car plates for charity took place over the weekend in Hong Kong. Among the plates that sold was "GUNDAM", which went for 110,000 HK dollars ($14,000 US). The full list of plates can be seen here.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Target In Sight release date
Word from 2ch is the PS3 game comes out November 11th.
Gundam Mega Bloks official homepage
More pics to be seen at the official site. The RX-78 and Zaku II each use over 700 pieces.
Gundam Battle Royale vids UPDATED
Game Jockey II covers Gundam Battle Royale in their weekly game preview program (IE 6.0 or above required). Footage begins at about 2 minutes in.

Edit: The Bandai Channel also has a larger version of the trailer that was featured on the game's official site.
Monday, September 18, 2006
MSG site update
The official site now has flight path of White Base during the TV series.
Saturday, September 16, 2006
Yasuhiro Imagawa interview
First off, the staff of Gunota Headlines would like to thank Silver Khosla for giving us the opportunity to submit questions to Yasuhiro Imagawa, director of G Gundam. The submitted questions were asked by Mr. Khosla and translated by Takayuki Karahashi, a well known translator in the anime/manga industry. Mr. Imagawa was a guest at the recent CNAX 2006 event.

Q) When you first signed on for G Gundam, you thought you’d be directing a traditional Gundam series. Was there a preliminary, unused story plan for a war-type Gundam series before you found out it would be about the Gundam Fight?

A) Yes. The name was Polcarino no Gundam (sp?). An Italian name.

Q) There have been various stories over the years about how sponsors (Bandai, etc.) or staff members have influenced or changed the original plans for an anime in production. On a given anime, exactly how much influence does each of these parties have relative to one another, especially on something like Gundam?

A) Back when G Gundam was made, previous Gundam series were too much for children, too sophisticated. Toys sales were a bit sluggish. G Gundam was created to appeal to children. That’s why the Gundam fight was conceived. It was more interesting and not a war story.

Now these parties are more specific and have more pull. For an example, today’s producers are older and more specific in what they want to bring in higher ratings. Producers are somewhat equal in thinking with creators.

Q) Are you satisfied with G Gundam’s place in the long history of Gundam?

A) I'm very happy with G Gundam’s place in the history of Gundam. Especially since it’s considered heretical. I feel it’s a success since some people actually want to erase G Gundam from the history. (laughing) It just goes to show how much people think about it.

Q) Several of your works seem to leave themselves deliberately open for sequels (such as the 'See You Again Gundam Fight 14' message at the end of G Gundam, and Giant Robo setting the stage for the final battle between the IPO and Big Fire.) Was this done in hopes of encouraging other people to step up and try their hand at the ideas?

A) That is not the case. For example, with the Gundam Fight, it was done in jest. I wanted to capture the Olympic spirit.

In Giant Robo, it was meant to show that the world still goes on after within the context of the story. G Gundam fans can speculate on their own. That’s why it’s great that individuals with their own views can speculate and use their imagination.

Q) Many of your works have Chinese influences. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A) The "Legend of Condor Heroes" novel.

Q) You were initially placed in charge of the OVA "Getter Robo: The Last Days On Earth". However, after the first batch of episodes, you were reportedly replaced. How much would you say the rest of the series differed from what you had had in mind for it?

A) It should be a very different story. The reason for leaving was a very long story and unpleasant. So I didn’t want them to use my idea and I hope it turned out inconsistent. Only the first three episodes reflect my ideas. If you pay attention, you can see that there are embedded plot developments in the first three episodes that are not resolved that I didn’t let them use.

Q) The animation industry in Japan seems to be stagnant while in China and Korea, there looks to be a comparative amount of growth. What are your thoughts regarding the situation?

A) I concur. The biggest reason I feel so far is the Japanese industry has stopped nurturing their own talents.

Q) Japan is quickly becoming the leader in robotic technology. How much inspiration do you think anime & manga has given Japan’s current robotics industry?

A) I think anime & manga has given a lot of inspiration. Just look at Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy in English) and Gundam. It has given notions of how to progress in robotics.

Q) Do you have any involvement in the newly-announced Giant Robo anime?

A) None. I have started a new Giant Robo manga that is independent of that.

Q) What’s going on with your Tetsujin 28 movie? And can you talk about any other current projects you might be working on?

A) The Tetsujin 28 movie has been completed but shelved. It was finished last September but however it is not a good movie. It was a troubled project from the beginning. These troubles are reflected in the film. Currently, I’m scripting Souten no Ken and Bartender. Also, there are other projects for next year which I cannot disclose at this time.

Q) Do you have a dream project you would *like* to work on?

A) Yes. In fact, two titles now are close to dream projects. It might be mentioned in magazines now if you research it. As you may have noticed, I am shifting from directing to scripting.

Again, we would like to thank Mr. Imagawa, Mr. Khosla, and Mr. Karahashi for allowing us to post this.
Friday, September 15, 2006
Keroro movie 2 teaser
A teaser for the second Keroro Gunsou movie can be seen at Famitsu Wave TV.
Game Watch at the Amusement Machine Show
Game Watch's report from Banpresto's booth at the 44th Amusement Machine Show includes more promo shots from the Spirits Of Zeon arcade game.

Their Bandai Namco booth report confirms the HGUC GM Striker for December.
PS3 Gundam Target in Site interview
The Playstation3 Concept site has a 10 minute long interview with the producer of Target in Site game. In the interview, Inagaki reveals some of the game details;

Theme of the game is more realism and more realistic. Unlike previous Gundam games, the game will not focus on the anime story or any of the side stories. It will not contain an original story either. Players will pilot as normal soldiers for either side in the last 3 months of OYW with 70 playable missions (35 on each side). Over 30 MS will appear from both sides including MS that has never appeared in previous games. The game will not include CG movies as PS3 is capable of rendering CG-like graphics in real time. The controller is still under development, but he hopes to implement some form of motion-detection.
Wii SD Gundam Revolution site
Bandai has a site up now, however it has no contents.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Banpresto Jan. - Mar. prize items UPDATED
From GA Graphic's 44th Amusement Machine Show coverage:

Zeta Gundam DX Kahen Display Figures 2nd - End of February
Special Creative Model ~ Gundam Prototype Unit 3~ - End of March
Assembled Display Model ~Mobile Suits Of X~ - End of January (?)
08th MS Team Situation Figures - End of March
SEED Destiny Situation Figures - End of January
Card Builder Operator Keyholders - Middle of January
Card Builder Slim Cases - End of November
Card Builder Zip Tin Cases - End of November

Edit: Further updates...
Nandemo Char Custom Adhesive Mascot - Middle of February
SD Gundam Gashapon Senshi Shougi - Middle of January
Ball Chain MS Purapura Figures ~Zeon Edition~ - End of January
Ball Chain MS Purapura Figures ~Federation Edition~ - End of February
High Quality Keyholder ~Arcade Game Original Assortment~ - End of February
Genkina Haro Okkina Bank - Middle of January
Okkina Balls - Middle of March
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Amiami:
MSiA GOUF Ignited (Yzak Joule custom)
MSiA GOUF Ignited (Heine Westenfluss custom)
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Wii SD details UPDATED
This week's Famitsu had more details on the Wii SD Gundam game:
- The new tentative title is "SD Gundam Revolution"
- It's an action title based around SD MS hitting each other with Gundam hammers, which will be controlled by swinging the Wii remote
- The stages will be different every round since they're automatically created each time
- Kunio Okawara-designed game original hammers: heat hammer (shoots flames), bomb hammer (causes explosions), big hammer (lives up to its name), etc.
- Currently revealed mobile weapons and ships are One Year War-era

Wii's official site lists the game as one of the launch titles for the console on Dec 2.
2006 Higashi Nippon Toy Trade Fair UPDATED
GA Graphic has a mess of great pics from the 2006 Higashi Nippon Toy Trade Fair. On display are the Cosmic Region Akatsuki, Zeonography Kämpfer/Prototype Kämpfer, MSiA & EMSiA figures, and the Gundam Mega Bloks.

The webmaster of MIA Nado also attended the show and posted a summary of an informal chat with one of the reps:
Q: Will you be shipping more than 3,000 units of the Green Divers Asshimar?
A: Though we can't talk about the numbers, that isn't to say it'll be that scarce.

Q: About next year's lineup?
A: We're just into talks about it but we'll be releasing new things as well as filling in holes in each series. We're thinking we want to do untouched lines like V and X. And a surprising item is also planned.

Q: Is UC Arms Gallery 4 going on sale this year?
A: It seems it won't.

Q: Will there be MS that haven't been done as MSiA suddenly turning up as EMSiA?
A: There will.
Destiny SE III ED audio clip
High And Mighty Color's "Enrai ~ Tooku Ni Aru Akari", the ending song for the 3rd Destiny Special Edition, can be heard at Sony Music Online Japan. Gunpla Expo photo report has an extensive Gunpla Expo gallery.
Monday, September 11, 2006
Bandai Namco teams up with Amazon Unbox
Bandai Namco will be providing content for the new Unbox online video distribution service, including Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, G Gundam, and SD Gundam Force. Details can be found in ANN's article and Bandai's press release.
Friday, September 08, 2006
Grand opening of PSP Gundam BattleRoyale site
The official site now has some contents available.
HCM-Pro interview 3 put up 3rd and final interview with the man in charge of the HCM-Pro lineup.

Few of the highlights are:

Q: How long does it take to release a product?
A: Starting with art drawing, about a year. Right now we are working on April or May release product. (*Interview took place in June) Creating the metal mold is the process that takes up the most time.

Q: Will there be a ver Katoki HCM-Pro releases like in plamodels?
A: We're thinking about it little. Something like a designer version releases.
Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1
MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka
Real Robot Revolution Layzner
EX Model La Vie en Rose
Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Keroro Robo
HCM-Pro Jagd Doga (Quess Paraya custom)
BB Senshi Seirou Gundam
U.C. Hard Graph Zeon Mobile Scout Set
HG GINN Type Insurgent
HG Blu Duel
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Alliance Vs. ZAFT II Plus info
Rakuten's E-Net Japan site mentions the tidbit that more than 80 MS will appear in the game.
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
SRW XO site
Banpresto has a site up now.
Gunpla Expo: The Revenge
The Gundam Base.Side 1
Bousou Suru Chiba No Saru
Monday, September 04, 2006
Zeta III tops DVD charts for 2nd week
Duplicating a feat performed by Heirs To The Stars, Oricon says that Love Is The Pulse Of The Stars maintained its position as the best selling DVD in Japan for a second week, with 25,000 copies sold.
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Upcoming hobby merchandise pics
October through December items from Hobby Shop Midori.

HGUC Zaku I Sniper Type - November, 1,470 yen
EX Model White Base - November, 3,990 yen
HG Stargazer - November, 1,680 yen
HG Kerberos BuCUE Hound - November, 1,575 yen
HCM-Pro Geara Doga (standard) - November, 2,100 yen
HCM-Pro Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder custom) - November, 2,100 yen
HCM-Pro Special Painted Sazabi - full body coating (metallic red) + markings, November, 4,725 yen

December will see a reissue of old High Complete Model's plus the new HCM Gundam Mk II (Titans) and HCM HiZack (Earth Fed).
Battle Royale pics and stuff has an article introducing 4 specialized gameplay features: SP attack, charge melee, charge shot, and charge boost.

More screenshots at Happinet Online.
Friday, September 01, 2006
Gundam game info/screenshots
Couple sites have an article on Xbox360's Operation Troy and arcade game Spirits of Zeon.

ITmedia +D's Operation Troy article's Spirits of Zeon article - The 2 main characters for Zeon are Robin Bradshaw and Kurt Laswell.
SEED Destiny: Alliance Vs. ZAFT II Plus pre-site open
Page for the site now up.
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