Gunota Headlines
Wednesday, February 28, 2007 Gundam Musou articles put up two features about the just-released PS3 game: a very interesting interview with Namco Bandai's Yoshiyasu Horiuchi and their impressions of the game itself.
Bandai March merchandise
From Bandai Hobby's English site and their Japanese one.
Gundam Mega Bloks line continues
HLJ put up a listing for a Mega Bloks MS-06F Zaku II coming in June. Thanks to HellCat for the info.
Upcoming merchandise pics
From The Gundam Base.Side 1:
MG Strike Noir
HGUC Gelgoog/Gelgoog Cannon
HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2
HCM-Pro Gundam Ground-Type
HCM-Pro Gelgoog (Kuspen version) + HCM-Pro Gelgoog (MS IGLOO version)
HCM-Pro Freedom Gundam
EX Model Hildolfr
1/100 SEED Destiny kits (clear versions)
1/100 Akatsuki Full Set
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Gundam Musou site update
Now with more Tohofuhai.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter goes open beta reports SD Gundam Capsule Fighter begins open beta testing in South Korea starting today through CJ Internet's Netmarble service. This includes single-match base defense battle & party protection modes as well as a team-oriented deathmatch mode, snowy & dropped colony maps, and new & hidden units.

Also announced for Korea was Keroro Online, a simple 8-player fighting action game.
Wonder Fest Winter 2007, Take 2
Danny Choo
Turn A Gundam DVD Box 1 pic
AV Watch put up a pic of the Atsushi Shigeta-illustrated DVD Box.
Monday, February 26, 2007
Destiny SE IV first week sales
Oricon reports the final Destiny Special Edition was the #1 selling DVD of the week in Japan, with 42,000 copies sold.
XBox 360 Gundam delayed?
According to reports on 2ch, an interview with a Bandai rep published in Famitsu reveals that Operation Troy, which had been slated for Spring, has been delayed.
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Amiami:
EMSiA Char's Gelgoog
Gundam Musou site update
The official site updated with movies for the Gundam Mk II (AEUG) and Hyaku Shiki. The 28th will see a Master Gundam movie put up and one for the Gundam Epyon on March 2nd.

Additionally, put up screenshots of Hajime Katoki's Musha Gundam, Qubeley Mk II (red & black), Gundam Mk II (Titans & AEUG), and Z Gundam.
Sunday, February 25, 2007
VOTOMS: Peruzen Files info updated with promo art for the upcoming VOTOMS series. covered a talk show event from this weekend's Wonder Festival, which also showed off various promo art. Director Ryousuke Takahashi and Chirico Cuvie seiyuu Hozumi Gouda appeared onstage. The new series takes place before the original TV series, when Chirico was still in the military. The role of Peruzen is played by Chikao Ohtsuka.
WonderFestival 2007 Winter pics
The annual one day event took place this Sunday and photos & reports are appearing.
Friday, February 23, 2007
Gundam Musou site update
The official site updated their Game System page (with several sub-sections and movies), MS page, and Screenshot page.
Gundam Musou commemorative test play meeting
Game Watch,, ITmedia +D Games,, and covered a press event held by Bandai Namco, Koei, and Sony for Gundam Musou. Bigwigs appearing were Bandai Namco Holdings president Takeo Takasu, Koei co-founder Keiko Erikawa, and Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi. Erikawa commented that the title represents for Koei the first collaboration with another company in its 29-year history. She went on to say she wanted the game to sell 2 million copies though Bandai Namco's more modest Shin Unozawa says they're looking to have worldwide sales of 1 million, an achievement that would still make Gundam Musou notable even amongst the best-selling Gundam games. As that implies, Kutaragi is quoted in the Dengeki article as saying "Because Gundam is a work that has fans worldwide, I want to release it overseas quickly."

Side note: Reports that the game has 2 player cooperative play may have been based on the split-screen pics without further context. An earlier Gpara article details the Versus Mode as having 3 parts: 1-on-1 versus battles, a competitive portion where you play to see who can kill the most enemy units, and a Musou Match, wherein you fight 1-on-1 after upgrading your MS with items.
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Amiami:
GFF GP-03 Stamen
Gundam Musou site update
The Turn A promo is up at the official site's movie page.
Green Divers talk event
E-Field's site put up a promo for a talk show event commemorating the screening of 0087 Green Divers at the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum. Sunrise producer Shigeru Horiguchi, who's been involved with several Gundam CG productions, will be speaking on March 11 with a special guest and merchandise raffle also scheduled. Green Divers is showing at the Museum through March 31.
Musou promo pics
Game Watch has promo pictures featuring the Master Gundam and Gundam Epyon, different game modes, and special attacks.
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
This month's hobby mag news
MG Zeta Gundam Unit #3 - April, 5,250 yen

The new VOTOMS series, tentatively titled "Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Peruzen Files", is slated for the Summer.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Gundam Musou Famitsu news
Details from the latest issue of Famitsu:
Two player co-op play is explictly confirmed. The MS count is about 20 for playable units, and about 50 when enemy-only MS are included. A real-type Musha Gundam designed by Hajime Katoki is revealed as another playable MS.
More Banpresto prize items
Assembly Display Models ~RX-78-2 Appearance Edition~ - 3rd week of July
Parts Collection Gundam - 4th week of July (Head Model Gradation Light w/ Start-Up Sounds), 4th week of August (Body Type Multi-Box), 4th week of September (Shoulder Armor Speakers)
Gundam Musou site update
The Qubeley movie is online.
Sunday, February 18, 2007
Gundam Musou site update
Now with a ZZ Gundam movie. A Qubeley movie comes on the 21st and one for the Turn A on the 23rd.

The screenshots page was also updated.
Turn A Gundam official site returns
To promote the upcoming Memorial DVD Box sets, Sunrise brings back the official Turn A Gundam website.
Friday, February 16, 2007
Banpresto July through September prize items
From GA Graphic:
G Gundam Situation Figures - 3rd week of September
Kibamushaden Real Type Figures - last week of August (Musha Gundam), 3rd week of September (Musha Zeta)
Bonds Of The Battlefield goes 8 vs. 8
Game Watch reports the arcade game will support the full 8 vs. 8 player teams for the first time outside of location testing starting February 19.
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Yas speaks
ComiPress put up an English translation of that Yoshikazu Yasuhiko interview from a few days back.
Real-life scale Tetsujin 28 monument planned
The Tetsujin 28 movie blog linked to a Yomiuri story about the decision to build an 18-meter tall Tetsujin 28 monument in Kobe, Japan. Kobe was the birthplace of Tetsujin 28 mangaka Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who passed away in 2004. Though Yokoyama himself never specified Tetsujin's exact height, the dimensions are based on the recent Yasuhiro Imagawa TV anime version. To be constructed of iron, the monument is said to have a 135 million yen price tag and to be built in Wakamatsu Park near the JR Shinnagata station in Spring of 2008. The funds are being raised through the Kobe Tetsujin Project.
Gundam Musou site update
Now with the Wing Gundam Zero movie.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
In Action!! Offshot tidbit
Promotional materials for the recently announced In Action!! Offshot action figure line mention merchandise is planned from various Sunrise productions regardless of their status as a real or super robot show. They also bring up that this year is the 30th anniversary of Sunrise's first wholly independent production, Yoshiyuki Tomino's Muteki Choujin Zambot 3, being broadcast.
Upcoming merchandise pics
Updated MG Hi-Nu Gundam gallery at The Gundam Base.Side 1.
New Gundam Musou pics
Many new screenshots from Game News Network and Gamebase.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
New Gundam Musou MS UPDATED
The latest issue of Famitsu confirms the Master Gundam and Gundam Epyon as playable units.

Edit: The plot of the Original Mode begins with the different characters finding a mysterious planet and teaming up with other characters there. Domon & Rain meet up with Ple and Milliardo, Heero with Tohofuhai and Jerid, and Loran joins up with Emma and Ple Two.
Gundam Musou site update
The official site has a movie for The O.
Monday, February 12, 2007
Gundam SEED & Destiny Fan Discs info UPDATED
Bandai Visual's site has info for the "Gundam SEED & SEED Destiny Fan Disc: SEED Supernova er", the 50-minute DVD coming out on June 22. Features listed:

- "Character Songs Remix", a music clip collection including "Ima, Kono Shunkan Ga Subete" "Precious Rose", and "Shoot".

- "Tane Chara Theater: Gundam Shitto", a new anime short featuring Tane Chara, the SD SEED & Destiny characters used at SEED Club and SEED Club Mobile.

- "WWS -World Wide SEED-", a look at the dubbed versions of SEED from different countries.

- "MS trico Stage", Red Stage, a mobile suit commentary video with the Aegis, Justice, Saviour, and Infinite Justice with narration by Akira Ishida.

- "SEED The Live Tour 2005/2006", a Shinn-based episode segment shown at Osaka King in July 2005 not aired on TV.

Edit: covers the announcement with the additional info that a second volume, "SEED Supernova ist", will go on sale September 25.
Sunday, February 11, 2007
Gundam Musou site update
The Zeta Gundam movie is up on the official site.
Toru Furuya appearing at GACC 2007
Posted as his personal site, Toru Furya will be at Malaysia GACC 2007 event (March 17-18 at Multimedia University Meleka Campus). Furuya will be appearing on March 18 for talk & autograph session and as a judge of cospla content.

Thanks to QJ Wong for the news.
Saturday, February 10, 2007
Bonds Of The Battlefield screenshots
Game Watch has pics of the new MS from the Rev. 1.03 update of the game, including the GP02A (Type-MLRS).
More Gundam Musou promo vids coming
Dengeki Online reports the 2nd series of promo vids will come out next week. Monday (Feb 12) will feature Zeta Gundam, Wednesday (Feb 14) will feature The O, and Friday (Feb 16) will feature Wing Gundam Zero.
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko interview
FujiSankei Buesiness has an interview of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko up at their site. In the interview, Yas answers questions about First Gundam, Japanese animation, and being a professor at Kobe Design University. Towards the end, Yas mentions there are about 2-3 years worth of Gundam The Origin manga left and probably won't do involved with any future animation work.
Friday, February 09, 2007
Sunrise registers
A whois search for reveals Sunrise has registered the domain. Thanks to Deacon Blues for the news.

Note this doesn't necessarily mean an animated production is in the works as Sunrise also runs websites for manga such as Delta Astray and Musha Maruden as well.
Bonds Of The Battlefield updates
The arcade game undergoes an update to Rev. 1.03 on February 14th:

New MS: Gundam Ez8, Gouf Custom

New MS (available for a limited time): Guntank Mass Production Type, Zaku Tank (V-6)

Gundam GP02A (Type-MLRS) in-game testing

MS weapons performance tune-ups:
- Cannon B for GM Cannon
- 240mm cannon A for Guncannon
- Mega particle cannon for Acguy

"Major damage correction" revised

"Battle score distribution ratio" revised
Thursday, February 08, 2007
Gundam Musou site update
The God Gundam movie is now up. The official site also has new content on the MS page and a section for the Original Mode. The description says "Characters appearing in each production all appear together in the Original Mode. From the first Gundam to the latest Gundam, it's the realization of battles that couldn't be done in the anime!"

Game Watch has larger versions of the recent God, Wing, and Turn A promo screens.
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Gundam Musou PS3 set pic has a promo shot of the Gundam Musou w/ 60 gig hard drive PS3 set.
Ultimate Mark update
Mark Simmons added new entries in his Universal Century timeline up through Hathaway's Flash.
Gundam Musou site update
Now featuring the Char's Gelgoog movie.
Spirits Of Zeon galleries
GA Graphic put up several galleries from the arcade shooting game:
Upcoming merchandise pics
From Amiami:
HCM-Pro Qubeley
Gundam news & rumors

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