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Friday, April 29, 2005
G Gundam for Gundam War?
A pic being passed around Japanese boards reveals plans by Bandai to put Mobile Fighter G Gundam into the Gundam War card game. However, they are leaving the ultimate decision in the hands of fans. One can either vote on the Gundam War official homepage (Japanese) or by filling out & sending in a questionnaire that comes with the recent "Senkou No Minerva" card set through June 9th (though the voting seems not to have begun just yet). Ongoing results of the poll will be posted every Tuesday and Friday on the Gundam War official site until the final tally is made public on June 14th. In the event of an affirmative vote, G Gundam will show up in the 16th Gundam War set on sale in February.
SD Gundam G Generation DS stuff
A few more pics of the game are up on Nintendo's official site. Over 250 characters appear along with the over 230 MS mentioned before.

And passwords for the official site, which you enter when you double-click on the Secret File icon (the 5th icon down on the left side of the fake desktop):
"ggenerationds" for a Cosmic Era-centered wallpaper (Type D)
"0526" for one based around the other alternate universe shows (Type C)
MSiA Perfect Guide update
Way back in January, the MSiA Perfect Guide was announced. Now Mediaworks' listing for the guide says the book's release date will be October 5th, with the ordering deadline on June 14th. Price is 2,980 yen.
Original No Kimo now streaming
Mentioned here first, fans can now watch the free-streaming of the Tomino interview by Takahashi via the Bandai Channel. In the 45 minute long interview, fans can see a glimpse of the Zeta movie and hear Tomino talk about working on Gundam/Zeta.
Thursday, April 28, 2005
SEED novels for America
Right Stuf has a solicitation up for the first volume of the novelization of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED from Tokyopop. Release date is September 30, price is $7.99, and it'll be 196 pages. Judging by the cover shown, these will be translations of the 5-volume Gundam SEED novelization by Riu Goto.

Excepting Gundam X, every Gundam TV series, OVA, and original movie has a Japanese novelization associated with it (not to mention many of the videogames and some completely original works). Until now, only Yoshiyuki Tomino's Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy novels have been translated for release in the USA.
Lucky #7 for Gundam True Odyssey
A blog with listings of future game releases show Gundam True Odyssey coming out on July 7th.
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Korean 3D online Gundam game is reporting that Korean software company Softmax has made an agreement which includes the development of an online 3D game that utilizes the Mobile Suit Gundam property. Discussions between Softmax and Bandai Korea concerning the project have been ongoing since last year. The announcement states that this will be a new online Gundam game, differing from any up until now. Further, the scale, form, and other details regarding the project are said to be forthcoming in June.
Rie fu #4
Rie fu's "I Wanna Go To A Place..." ranks #4 in its first day on the singles charts.
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Alliance Vs. ZAFT pamphlet
Same pamphlet as before but more and better scans over at Takarajima.
Takahashi interviews Tomino
The 11th installment of Original No Kimo, director Ryosuke Takahashi's Bandai Channel web interview series, will feature Takahashi interviewing Yoshiyuki Tomino during a stroll through Kamiigusa. Past episodes have featured Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Mamoru Oshii, and Osamu Dezaki. The interview will be available free of charge for a month in May just before the Zeta movie opens and hopefully viewable to those of us outside Japan, like the other Zeta movie interviews.
Zeta Gundam Ace
Kadokawa Shoten will be releasing a special issue "Zeta Gundam Ace" to celebrate the movie premier. It will come on May 26th (same day as Gundam Ace) priced at 480 yen. Zeta Gundam Ace will include the following contents:
Tomino x Gackt roundtable
Mamoru Nagano interview and Zeta poster
Art by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Haruhiko Mikimoto, and Chimaki Kuori
Manga (following are the announced titles)
- Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam : Day After Tomorrow - A Kai Shiden Report - by Tsukasa Kotobuki
- Mobile Suit Gundam 1/2 vs Gundam Mk-II - by Yuichi Hasegawa (manga artist for Crossbone Gundam)
Monthly Gundam Power Rankings
The monthly Gundam power rankings in Gundam Ace (again polled by SEED/DESTINY fans)

Top 30 Male Characters

1) Kira Yamato - SEED DESTINY
2) Athrun Zala - SEED DESTINY
3) Char Aznable - MSG/The Origin
4) Shinn Asuka - SEED DESTINY
5) Amuro Ray - MSG/The Origin
6) Quattro Bageena - Zeta Gundam
7) Kamille Bidan - Zeta Gundam
8) Yzak Joule - SEED DESTINY
9) Heine Westenfluss - SEED DESTINY
10) Anavel Gato - 0083
11) Dearka Elthman - SEED DESTINY
12) Rey Za Burrel - SEED DESTINY
13) Heero Yuy - Wing
14) Shiro Amada - 08th MS Team
15) Mu La Flaga - SEED
16) Judau Ashta - Gundam ZZ
17) Gilbert Dullindal - SEED DESTINY
18) Loran Cehak - Turn A Gundam
19) Garrod Ran - Gundam X
20) Neo Lorrnoke - SEED DESTINY
21) Paptimus Scirocco - Zeta Gundam
22) Andrew Waltfeld - SEED DESTINY
23) Auel Neider - SEED DESTINY
24) Ramba Ral - MSG/The Origin
25) Kai Shiden - MSG/The Origin
26) Jerid Mesa - Zeta Gundam
27) Kou Uraki - 0083
28) Seabook Arno - F91
29) Domon Kasshu - G Gundam
30) Miguel Aiman - SEED

Top 30 Female Characters:
1) Lacus Clyne - SEED DESTINY
2) Lunamaria Hawke - SEED DESTINY
3) Stellar Loussier - SEED DESTINY
4) Cagalli Yula Athha - SEED DESTINY
5) Sayla Mass - MSG/The Origin
6) Haman Karn - Zeta Gundam/Portrait Of A Young Comet
7) Four Murasame - Zeta Gundam
8) Emma Sheen - Zeta Gundam
9) Meer Campbell - SEED DESTINY
10) Murrue Ramias - SEED DESTINY
11) Mirai Yashima - MSG/The Origin
12) Asuna Elmarit - Ecole du Ciel
13) Aina Sahalin - 08th MS Team
14) Tiffa Adill - Gundam X
15) Meyrin Hawke - SEED DESTINY
16) Miriallia Haw - SEED DESTINY
17) Elpeo Ple - Gundam ZZ
18) Fa Yuiri - Zeta Gundam
19) Roux Louka - Gundam ZZ
20) Flay Allster - SEED
21) Rosamia Badam - Zeta Gundam
22) Sara Zabiarov - Zeta Gundam
23) Matilda Ajan - MSG/The Origin
24) Talia Gladys - SEED DESTINY
25) Setona Winters - SEED DESTINY ASTRAY
26) Aisha - SEED
27) Rain Mikamura - G Gundam
28) Kycilia Zabi - MSG/The Origin
29) Christina Mackenzie - 0080
30) Cima Garahau - 0083

Top 30 MS:
1) Freedom Gundam - SEED DESTINY
2) Saviour Gundam - SEED DESTINY
3) Zeta Gundam - Zeta Gundam
4) Hyaku Shiki - Zeta Gundam
6) Justice Gundam - SEED
7) Wing Gundam Zero - Wing: Endless Waltz
8) Gaia Gundam - SEED DESTINY
9) Gundam - MSG/The Origin
10) Nu Gundam - CCA
11) Destiny Gundam - SEED DESTINY
12) Gundam Mk-II - Zeta Gundam
13) Gunner ZAKU Warrior - SEED DESTINY
14) Sazabi - CCA
15) Qubeley - Zeta Gundam
17) Zaku II - MSG/The Origin
18) Gouf - MSG/The Origin
19) Blaze ZAKU Phantom - SEED DESTINY
20) Impulse Gundam - SEED DESTINY
21) Strike Rouge - SEED
22) Strike Gundam - SEED
23) Slash ZAKU Phantom - SEED DESTINY
24) Force Impulse Gundam - SEED DESTINY
25) Gundam F91 - F91
26) Gundam Double X - Gundam X
27) Chaos Gundam - SEED DESTINY
28) ZZ Gundam - Gundam ZZ
29) Gelgoog - MSG
30) GM - MSG
Monday, April 25, 2005
1/1 Scopedog book
Inu Ni Kaburasero! posted a first look at the upcoming book, "Tataki Tsukuru Koto 1/1 Scopedog Seisaku Nisshi", including a few small pics. It goes on sale May 13th for 2,100 yen.
Zeta movie premier event
On May 16th 6:15pm at Marunouchi Picadilly 1, a special premier event will take place for the Zeta movie. 100 lucky fans have a chance to attend and watch the movie premier event. Yoshiyuki Tomino, Gackt, and few of the casts are scheduled to make an appearance.
Other random Hobby Magazine news
Prices were released for the below HCM Pro releases.
HCM Pro Acguy - 1575 yen Summer
HCM Pro Char's Z'gok - 1575 yen Summer

1/144 GM Spartan - 17640 yen, end of May
Ballute System for 1/100 MG Hizack - 15540 yen, end of May
1/144 Flymanta - 3150 yen, end of May
Weapon accessory for 1/100 X-1 Crossbone Gundam - 3570 yen, end of May

Gundam Head 5 (aka only 3 unique unit)
Destiny Gundam, Force Impulse Gundam, Sword Impulse Gundam, Blast Impulse Gundam, Blaze ZAKU Phantom, Slash ZAKU Phantom, Gunner ZAKU Warrior

expect more info tomorrow ;)
 SEED DESTINY site update
SEED DESTINY site (besides the new look reddish frontpage) updated their Mechanics, which now includes Knight Justice, Story (synopsis of 23-25, and Products section.
Gundam: True Odyssey official opens UPDATED
The official site for Gundam: True Odyssey ~The Legend Of The Lost G~ went online today. Details below...

"The world of the distant future...

A 'System' is created as the result of a great technological revolution reaching its peak. The transformation and synthesis of energy & matter became possible and this visionary new System could create anything immediately so long as the blueprints existed.

However, the System ran out of control thanks to one man who envisioned the creation of a new world. Society faced the immense crisis...this was 'The Great Destruction'.

The suvivors already didn't have the power to maintain civilization so, ironically, without the System that created the tragedy, it was doubtful that reconstruction could take place. The System became strictly controlled while society was steadily rebuilt little by little.

Now, after that time, the System is used by someone to produce mobile suits: huge, humanoid-shaped, moving weapons. The world will once again face a time of confusion..."

Trush (could conceivably be spelled "Trash") - The protagonist of this tale. A boy raised as an orphan. He heads forth on a journey of conflict with a mobile suit manufactured by the System to strike out at the foes of his comrades. A cheerfully single-minded 16-year-old.

Fritz - Raised in the same orphanage as Trush. A 14-year-old Trush treats as a sibling. While his personality is that of someone who is easily elated on the surface, he also has another side that is challenging. His forte is tinkering with machines.

Eachie - The heroine of the tale. An amnesiac girl who happened to be met by chance at the ruins. Outwardly, she appears about 14 but her true age is unknown. What will she gain when she comes into contact with people like Trush?

Characters not yet linked to the front page (thanks to Hellcat for pointing this out):
"The Enigmatic Man" - An enigmatic man who conceals his face underneath a mask. Is he a friend or foe...? (Edit: Seems the webmaster noticed people found the page and took it down.)

One can also see a pic of the main cast in the background of the staff section.

Original work - Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino (from "Mobile Suit Gundam")
Original plan - Sunrise
Creation collaboration - Kenichi Matsuzaki
Main character design - Akira Yasuda
Opening animation - Sunrise
Opening theme song - "Take A Chance" by Savage Genius (single to be released July 6th)
Development producers - Norihiko Ushimura, Shinji Namikawa

Some imageboards by Akira Yasuda can also be seen in the Gallery section. Release date is this Summer, price is 6,800 yen.
Sunday, April 24, 2005
Zeta movies site update
Being sold only at theaters showing the first Zeta movie is an HGUC Gundam Mk II AEUG clear color version for 1,100 yen. This is a limited edition item and when they're gone, they're gone.
MS IGLOO site update
Now up is an interview with composer Megumi Ohashi, a QTVR of a Salamis with Balls attached to the outer hull, and a look at the Mobile Diver System: "An experimental weapon the Zeon forces used to obstruct the launch of a Federation space battleship fleet from Jaburo. It uses a special weapons system to carry out attacks against enemy targets above ground and on the sea from orbit. It's composed of a large weapons container and a 'Zegok' mobile control unit (a remodelled Z'Gok)."
Friday, April 22, 2005
New MSiA, Cosmic Region, Zeonography UPDATED
From Hobbynet and Taniguchi Jouet Gros Network:
Cosmic Region Super Freedom Gundam (3,864 yen, September)
Zeonography Gouf Custom (3,864, September)
EMSiA Zaku (mass-production version, 1,890 yen, September)
MSiA Strike Dagger (1,260 yen, September)
Metamorphoze cover art UPDATED
Amazon Japan has the cover art for the limited edition version of Metamorphoze by Gackt.

The limited edition version also comes with a reversable cover featuring Char Aznable.
True Odyssey via Akiman's HP
Akira Yasuda posted an original illustration of the main characters from the upcoming Gundam: True Odyssey RPG over on his blog (4/22 update).
Thursday, April 21, 2005
This month's DESTINY mag news UPDATED
Knight Justice Gundam - New model MS developed together with the Super Freedom. Like the Super Freedom, it posseses several times the power and fighting ability of the old Justice thanks to a new type of engine. Its "indirect color" (color of the joints) is silver.

GAT-SO2R N Dagger N - Special Operation MS, as implied by its model number. Equipped with a nuclear drive and a mirage colloid, the design is adopted from the 105 Dagger and the Blitz Gundam while the equipment and coating evoke the image of a ninja. Green-colored with 2 swords.

Destiny Gundam
MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS x 2
Hand-wrist cover beam-shield generator MX2351 "Solidus Fulgor" (?) x 2
RQM60F "Flash Edge 2" beam boomerang x 2
MMI-714 "Arondight" x 2 (back beam sword)
M2000GX high energy, long-range beam cannon
MMI-X340 "Palma Fiocchina" (?) x 2 (palm beam cannon)
MA-BAR73/S high energy beam rifle

Destroy Gundam
High-energy cannon "Auf Pralle Dreizehn" x 2 (still definitely not sure about that spelling, the kana used here also differs from that shown in Comic Bon Bon)
Thermal plasma composite cannon "Nefertem 503" (circumference beam cannon x 20)
200mm energy cannon "Zorn" mk 2
75mm "Igelstellung" x 4
1580mm multi-phase energy cannon "Super Scylla" x 3
"Sturm Faust" x 2 (detaching-type beam cannon on both arms)
Mark 62 6-tube multipurpose missle launcher x 4
"Schneid Schuetz" SX1021 positron reflector beam shield (not sure about this spelling either)
Each fingertip on the hands is also furnished with a beam cannon.

GOUF Ignited (blue)
MMI-558 "Tempest" beam sword
This month's kit news
1/144 Super Freedom Gundam (525 yen, June 11)
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
More on Gundam: True Odyssey
Gamespot did a write-up on the game based on a Famitsu article. Many details are revealed, including that True Odyssey will be a completely original storyline not set in any of the current Gundam universes.
Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Bit more on Gundam: True Odyssey
A look at Bandai's upcoming videogames shows True Odyssey (the first game on the page) listed as a PS2 title. Also shown is a tiny pic of one of the characters.
Monday, April 18, 2005
Takahashi hits #1
Oricon announces that Hitomi Takahashi's debut single, "Bokutachi No Yukue", is #1 in Japan this week, selling 60,000 copies. Among solo artists, she is only the 3rd to hit #1 with a debut single, along with Masahiko Kondo ("Sneaker Blues", 1980) and Yuki Uchida ("Tenca O Torou!", 1994). Among female artists, she's only the second to accomplish the feat. This all turns out to be a nice birthday present for Takahashi, who turned 16 on April 8th.

This also makes "Bokutachi" the 2nd Gundam theme song to hit #1, after T.M. Revolution's "ignited".
Gundam RPG follow-up
Useless Gunota's Notebook put up a Bandai game software questionnaire from Tokyo Game Show 2004. It asks respondents general questions about what sort of Gundam game they'd like to see, what they'd want out of a hypothetical Gundam RPG, and their opinions on Gundam RPG trial screenshots shown.
Justice 2 follow-up
A description of the contents of the June issue of Gundam Ace from Kadokawa's official site states that the name of the new Justice Gundam is the "Knight Justice" (could also possibly be spelled "Night Justice").
Sunday, April 17, 2005
G Gen DS original characters has a web article up mentioning the appearance of at least one original character: Dee Trier, a young girl trained in a research facility until she escaped into the care of AEUG.

The article also talks about "event scenes" that reproduce bits from the anime they came from (such as the Flay Allster scene pictured) as well as lots of game original ones.
Friday, April 15, 2005
 Zeta movie related streams
Besides the 2 movie trailers (which are available through the Zeta site), Bandai Channel has put out 3 more streams related to the movie.
First - Interview of Tomino. (13min long)
Second - Interview of Gackt (5min+ long)
Third - Making of the movie showing difference between the original and redone scenes (8min long)
What is...Gundam: True Odyssey? UPDATED
A mysterious, new Bandai website promises the debut of a Gundam RPG called "Gundam: True Odyssey" with the subtitle "Ushinawareshi G No Densetsu". No details yet other than what looks to be the appearance of the 13th Autonomous Corps icon and a message saying the site will be updated on April 25th.

Early reports are saying Akiman (Akira Yasuda), character designer for Turn A Gundam), is the character designer for the game.
Project Pegasus site update
There's now another gallery for Zeon MS in the game.
SRW Alpha 3 for July
Game Iroiro is reporting PS2 SRW Alpha 3 is set for July release priced at 8379 yen.
Signs of Gaia Gear
HMV has Newtype Saga Gaia Gear Soundtrack Vol 1 and Vol 2 available on June 22 each priced at 1260 yen. HMV has both of them listed as limited edition versions. Is this a sign that other Gaia Gear-related products are going to be rereleased?
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Follow-up on OYW first week sales
Media Create's list of the top selling games in Japan for the week of April 4th through April 10th shows One Year War for the PS2 as the #1 game with 158,959 copies sold. This is a fair amount less than the first week sales of earlier PS2 Gundam games (G Gen SEED, Encounters In Space, AEUG Vs. Titans), though more than Never-Ending Tomorrow, Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam, and Another Century's Episode. This makes it quite unlikely that One Year War will surpass Federation Vs. Zeon, a game which sold 348,242 copies in its first week, as the #1 selling Gundam game of all time in Japan. Further commentary on OYW's disappointing sales can be seen on Media Create's English site.

For a look at Gundam game sales history, see Supreme Games' listing (the 2nd to last column looks to be total sales).
Comic Bon Bon DESTINY info
GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam
Total height: 38.07 meters
Weight: 404.93 tons
2 joined back beam cannons: high-energy cannon "Aulu Boulard Dreizehn" (definitely not sure about that spelling)
Head-face beam cannon: 200mm energy cannon "Zorn" mk3
Back disc section circumference beam cannon: thermal plasma composite cannon "Nefertem 503" (best guess on the spelling of this one, too)
Lateral head machine guns: 75mm automatic CIWS "Igelstellung"

It's also mentioned that the arm parts seem to be able to detach for offensive purposes.

And a reader question answered by one of the program's staff also states that the blue Gouf is the mass-production color.
Nami Tamaki's second album
Sunrise announces Nami Tamaki's second album, "Make Progress", for May 11th. Among other songs, it includes "Reason", as well as her latest single, "Heroine", and a DVD with video clips from 4 of her singles.
Project Pegasus bombed?
While the exact sales for the latest PS2 Gundam game has not been released yet, reports based on various Japanese blogs are reporting the game flopped. Bandai shipped out 400,000 copies for its release, but some suppliers are saying about 25% were sold. Brand new copy of the game is apparently available as low as 2980 yen at some of stores in Akihabara. Bandai early stated the goal for this game was 1 million copies.

To other Gundam-related video game news;
Based on Capcom's new product announcement, Alpha Station is reporting Alliance vs ZAFT will be available as early as mid-July.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Credit goes to CosmoFrog on G.O.U.F. for pointing out the following MSiA on HLJ:
MSiA Destiny Gundam (June, 1,520 yen)
MSiA Super Freedom Gundam (July, 1,520 yen)
MSiA Justice Gundam 2 (August, 1,900 yen)
MSiA Windam (mass-production version, August, 1,425 yen)
MSiA GuAIZ (July, 1,425 yen)

Also pointed out on the thread:
GFF RX-78 Gundam Ver. Ka (August, 3,781 yen)
Alliance Vs. ZAFT MS & controls
A scan of a promotional pamphlet turned up showing the MS and controls in the game. It states that "more than 30 MS" will appear.
Takahashi #2
Oricon's daily singles rankings have Hitomi Takahashi's "Bokutachi No Yukue" debuting at #2.
MS IGLOO site update
Now with pics of the general release version of the soundtrack. Also, QTVR's of Hideto Washiya and a new one of the Zudah.
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
From Bandai Visual's site.
Alliance Vs. ZAFT photo reports
ITmedia and Game Watch have reports on the upcoming Alliance Vs. ZAFT arcade game, including many pics.
Gundam World 2005 report 3
Style S
Sunday, April 10, 2005
GaoGaiGar Final -GGG- official web
Sunrise put up the official site. The most notable thing so far is that, of the first five episode titles listed, two (episodes 2 and 5) don't coincide with that of the original OVA version.

Episode 1: Same as OVA episode 1
Episode 2: "Kiseki Naru Densetsu" ("The Legend That Becomes A Miracle")
Episode 3: Same as OVA episode 2
Episode 4: Same as OVA episode 3
Episode 5: "Kokoro -Animus-" ("Heart -Animus-")
DESTINY official site update
The official site has a profile of the Super Freedom Gundam: "The final trump card which was developed to break the deadlocked situation between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT that continues to cause more confusion. It possesses several times the combat ability of the Freedom thanks to a new type of engine, etc. One characteristic is the golden color of the joints."
Saturday, April 09, 2005
DESTINY plamo update
This pic confirms a 1/100 Destiny Gundam for July and an HG for "the end of the year".
But will their pilots have funny Southern accents?
Where'd all their clothes go?
Now with 35% new MS
Freedom 2, Electric Boogaloo
The big montage
The bigger montage
Taggers vandalize the new Freedom's forehead
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom (guest-starring Shinn Asuka)
Gundam news & rumors

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