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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
SD Gundam G Generation SEED site opens
Bandai has opened the official SD Gundam G Generation SEED site.
Sunday, December 28, 2003
Gunota Survey Results!
First of all, thank you for participating in our first ever survey. The total replies we got exceeded our expectations :) The following are the shorten version of the results (Top 3-5 & Bottom 3-5 for each category). If you would like to see the detailed results, please check out the txt file.

315 people participated in the Gunota Headlines Reader Survey.

Male : 303
Female : 12

No surprises here.

Age Group:
10 & under : 2
11-15 : 21
16-20 : 150
21-25 : 98
26-30 : 30
31-35 : 12
36-40 : 1
Over 40 : 1

Compared to the Char Custom poll, our readers tend to skew slightly younger.

First Gundam show you watched:
Top 5
Wing : 137
MSG : 75
Zeta : 26
0083 : 18
0080 : 17

Bottom 4
TAG, SD Gundam, SD Gundam Force, G-Saviour : 0

No surprise here either, as Gundam Wing was the first show in the franchise to be shown on nationwide in the USA and Canada. Still, a sizeable number of people saw the original first. Zeta trailed way behind those two.

Show(s) you like:
Top 5
MSG : 80.3 %
CCA : 75.9%
Zeta : 74.3%
0080 : 73.0%
08th : 72.1%

Bottom 5
G-Saviour : 5.1%
SD Force : 12.1%
ZZ : 27.6%
Wing : 32.1 %
SD Gundam : 36.5%

The early Tomino stuff (minus ZZ) and the OVA shows do the best here. SEED does the best of the non-UC. It's entirely possible that certain shows would've done better if they had been seen by more people but a sizeable number of respondents gave their opinions on most of the shows either way.

Show(s) you dislike:
Top 3
G-Saviour : 50.5%
Wing : 45.1%
SD Force : 41.3%

Bottom 3
CCA : 0.9%
Zeta : 1.6%
MSG : 2.2%

Based on "Show(s) you like" question, this result is not surprising.

Show(s) you thought were better than SEED:
Top 5
MSG : 51.7%
Zeta : 49.2%
CCA : 43.2%
08th : 39%
0080 : 38.7 %

20.0% of the readers voted "Haven't seen SEED."
11.1% of the readers thought SEED was the best show.

Show(s) you thought were worse than SEED:
Top 5
Wing : 40.3%
G-Saviour : 40.0%
SD Force : 34.9%
G: 25.4%
EW : 25.4%

Only 6.3% of the readers thought SEED was the worst show.

Next Series you would like to see released:
ZZ : 26%
V : 26%
TAG : 22%
X : 14%
SD Gundam : 10%

Gundam-product(s) you own:
Top 5
DVD/VHS : 87.9%
Plamodel : 86.7%
Video Games : 77.5%
Manga : 57.1%
CD : 49.5%
Saturday, December 27, 2003
T.M. Revolution to perform SEED-MSV theme song?
A rather unusual report coming out of the Gundam SEED Festival held the other day in Japan: Pamphlets handed out at the festival contain the announcement that T.M. Revolution will be singing a "theme song" for SEED-MSV (SEED Mobile Suit Variations) in Spring of 2004. The reasons why a mere spinoff merchandise line would need a theme song have yet to be revealed.
Z Gundam in 2004 part 2
Edit: Updated with a scan of the card.

Appearing in this month's release of Gundam Ace, Yoshiyuki Tomino has again submitted a New Year's card saying "Z Gundam in 2004".
Friday, December 26, 2003
Anaheim Journal official website
Sunrise puts up an official "Anaheim Electronics & Anaheim Journal" website to promote the new Anaheim Journal U.C. 0083-0099 publication.
ADV Aura Battler Dunbine official site
A.D. Vision has put up its official site for Yoshiyuki Tomino's Aura Battler Dunbine. For now, only a short plot description and a trailer for the series is up. Further content is promised though. Let's hope some of it replaces that silly "From the creators of Gundam and Robotech" blurb...
SD Gundam Force Japanese preview clip
TV Tokyo's site for SD Gundam Force now has a "next story" page for streaming episode previews. A 300k version of the first preview can be found here. RealPlayer only.
Day of Rolan
Day of Rolan, a Turn A Gundam Side Story, will start in the March issue of Gundam Ace (coming out on Jan 26, 2004). Akiman (aka Akira Yasuda), the original character designer of Turn A Gundam and mecha designer of Overman King Gainer, will be doing the manga.
Thursday, December 25, 2003
Survey extended
Due to the unexpected outage last week, the survey has been extended until the 27th midnight PST. Results will be posted ASAP. Thanks to those who have already participated in the survey.
SD Gundam G Generation SEED pics
The first pics, from Famitsu:
1 2 3 4 5
Musha Maruden flash animation
A well-done little flash movie featuring characters from the SD Gundam Musha Maruden manga.
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
PS2 SD Gundam G Generation SEED confirmed
Following up on rumors of a new SEED-related game we posted on Oct. 19 and Nov. 30, Gameonline reports that SD Gundam G Generation SEED will be released for the PS2 on February 19.

In "SEED Mode", you play out the story of the anime. In "Generation Mode" you form your own squadron, which also includes previous famous battles (Translator's note: presumably from other series) along with Astray characters and mecha. More camera angles are included for the battle scenes along with attacks. Currently 90% finished. Price is 5,800 yen.
Keroro Gunso tv anime announced
According to Moon Phase, Keroro Gunso, Shounen Ace's sci-fi parody manga about an extraterrestrial frog invading Earth, is to be turned into a tv anime next Spring. As the show will be done by Sunrise, expect Gundam references to be intact. The director is Junichi Satou (Slayers Premium, Junkers Come Here).
Monday, December 22, 2003
Del Rey's manga site goes up
Del Rey Online's manga page is up. Among other titles, they'll be releasing Masatsugu Iwase's manga adaption of Gundam SEED beginning in May.
Sunday, December 21, 2003
Gunota Headlines survey update
After having an unexpected outage for several days,
Perennial Survey is back up. Please take the survey but only if you haven't yet.
Saturday, December 20, 2003
MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka pic's imageboard has a scan of the first pic of the MG Wing Ver. Ka from Dengeki Hobby.
Friday, December 19, 2003
Gundam SEED Astray manga licensed
As reported by Anime News Network, on Tokyopop's website, the previously unannounced Gundam SEED Astray is advertised in a front page banner.
Good news and bad news for SEED fans...
The good news: The 13th and final DVD for the Gundam SEED tv series (on sale March 26th) will include what is described as a new OVA entitled "Hoshi No Hazama De" ("Between The Stars"), depicting Kira & Athrun, among others, after the events in the tv series.

The bad news: It's only slated to be approximately 5 minutes long.
Thursday, December 18, 2003
Puffy & Whiteberry Captain Gundam plamo
Pics of the Captain Gundam models that come with Puffy's and Whiteberry's singles for SD Gundam Force are up on Sony Music Online Japan.
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Bandai's 2004 videogame release list
Jagged Team reports the following upcoming Bandai videogames' approximate release dates for the USA:

January: .hack Quarantine Part 4 (PS2)
February: Lupin the 3rd - Treasure of the Sorcerer King (PS2)
April: Digimon Racing (GBA)
May: Ribbit King (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)
June: Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (GameCube, Xbox)
July: InuYasha (Unknown Console), Ultimate Muscle - The Kinnikuman Legacy (PS2)
August: Digimon World 4 (PS2, GameCube, Xbox)
September: SD Gundam Force (PS2, GBA)
October: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (GBA, Other Unknown Consoles) Cowboy Bebop (PS2)
November: Mobile Suit Gundam A.E.U.G. vs Titans (PS2)
SD Gundam Force game
GameOnline Japan is reporting that Bandai intends to release a SD Gundam Force game for the PS2 platform next year. It will hit the US market next summer. It is listed as a 3D action type game. More details of the game will likely to appear in January.
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
More Anaheim Journal ?
Even though the first one doesn't come out until this Saturday (Dec 20th), it seems like enterbrain is planning a 2nd book titled "Anaheim Journal UC0083" for Jan 2004 release. The book is not officially listed at enterbrain's site, but e-hon, a Japanese online bookstore network, has it listed in their database.

Update: A reader in France e-mailed to point out that the ISBN code for the 2nd book listed on e-hon's site is the same as for the 1st book listed on Amazon Japan's. It's not clear which site is in error so we'll have to wait and see.
Monday, December 15, 2003
SD Gundam Force official Japanese site opens
Sunrise's site for the show is now open.

The seiyuu for the following additional characters were revealed:
Chief Haro - Takahiro Yoshimizu
Mayor Margaret Gathermoon - Rei Sakuma (Nina from 0083, Mariemaia from EW)
Keiko - Aya Hisakawa
Deathscythe - Kentarou Itou
Cobramaru - Kiyoyuki Yanada (Zabine from F-91)
Entengo - Kentarou Itou
Zako soldiers - Takashi Nagasako, Tamotsu Nishiwaki, Kentarou Itou, "& others"
Zakrello gate - Takashi Nagasako
Leonardo - Takashi Nagasako
Raimi (new character? different name?) - Yuko Satou
Genkimaru (new character? different name?) - Yumiko Kobayashi
Gundam SEED English voice cast announced
AnimeOnDVD has the list. Also note the apparent use of new official English spellings for the names of some characters.
SD Gundam Force Japanese op + end theme clips
Puffy's (aka PuffyAmiYumi) "Sunrise", the Japanese opening theme song for SD Gundam Force, can be heard online here. Whiteberry's "Shinjiru Chikara" ("The Strength To Believe"), the Japanese ending theme, can also be heard here (the first WMP and RealPlayer links).
Sunday, December 14, 2003
Gunota Headlines Reader Survey
We now have a very short survey available for our readers to take. Our survey is hosted by Perennial Survey. This will be up until Dec 25th midnight PST. We will post results of this survey immediately. Permanent link to the survey is located on the right side of this page as well.

By the way, please only vote once. No stuffing the box.
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Other Gunpla rumors
Appearing in the Japanese message board is rumor of March Gunpla releases.

MG Wing ver Ka *confirmed*

HGUC NT-1 (w/ CHOBAM Armor aka FA-mode)
HG Strike Gundam (Launcher & Sword version sold separately)
HG Strike Rouge
1/144 ZuOOT
BB Senshi Duel Gundam
Harutoshi Fukui novel to become a movie
"Shuusen no Lorelei", Harutoshi Fukui's novels about an alternate World War II in which a submarine carrying a secret weapon attempts to stop a planned 3rd atomic bombing of Japan, is set to become a live-action movie next year. SFX director for the Gamera series, Shinji Higuchi, will be helming the film version, simply titled "Lorelei". Starring will be Koji Yakusho (Cure, Charisma, Shall We Dance?) and Satoshi Tsumabuki (Waterboys, Dragon Head). The budget is 1.2 billion yen and the production is being staged by Toho Studios & Fuji TV. Director's storyboards for the film can be seen on Toho's site.

About the Lorelei novels, Fukui is quoted in the April 2003 issue of Newtype USA as saying, "The first time I ever even thought about war was when I saw Kido Senshi Gundam ['Mobile Suit Gundam']. I wouldn't doubt it if most of the people my age said the same thing. There was definitely a desire to take the same spirit and methodology and pour it into a story about real history, making something on the level of a Gundam story."

Furthermore, "When I wrote Twelve Y.O. (a previous work), I sent a copy to Yoshiyuki Tomino, and he wrote a very polite letter back, so I sent him the plot to this one as soon as I finished hammering it out. This time his reply was, 'This is a project to rival my own,' or something to that effect. That really encouraged me to press forward."

Fukui is also known among Gundam fans as the author of one of the Turn A Gundam novelizations.
Next MG rumor
Paratrick's site has mentioned the next possible MG (after this month's release of Perfect Gundam) being the Wing version Katoki.

Update: The cover of the next Hobby Japan confirms the above as the new MG.

Update 2: Hobby Japan's site took down the cover pic (too many messageboarders stealing bandwidth from them?) but the helpful imageboard at has the pic up.
Gundam SEED & Female Fans
A few quotes (much of the article covers generally known info) taken from a recent article on Yomiuri On-Line with the headline "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Also enthusiastically supported by young women":

Different from the past series, 60-70% of customers (who bought the DVD's) were middle/high school females.

One factor is the theme songs by T.M. Revolution and Tatsuya Ishii, artists popular with young women. Seiji Takeda (Producer of SEED & works for MBS) stated, "There are cases where viewers started watching the show because of these artists, later becoming fans of the show."

Futhermore, a large part was that the show's contents had a feminine appeal. The scenario writer Chiaki Morosawa was in charge of the series organization so the female characters were solid while on the other hand the males were bishounen with a lack of distinctive traits (which could go either way), leaving the viewers to imagine things.

In turn, traditionally enthusiastic Gundam fans scowl at SEED's popularity as well as the direction of things. "Turning a hard-line approach Gundam into a softer kiddie toy thing," they think.

Anime critic Ryusuke Hikawa points out, "Basically, anime is that period's kiddie things and fans up until now say, a bit illogically, 'We've been supporting it.' Female fandom has grown and the anime industry as a whole being energized is a wonderful thing."
Friday, December 12, 2003
AEUG vs. Titans for America?
Zeta fans rejoice. If you haven't heard yet, GameSpot reports that the game is coming to the USA. Release date is yet to be determined.
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Kenji Uchida Report
Kenji Uchida, Managing Director of Sunrise, appeared as guest at the Anime Business Forum hosted by Nikkei Characters!, which took place on Dec 9th. Hightlights from his appearance were:

Projected Gundam-related sales for this year is 67.2 billion yen (107 yen = $1 US )
SEED alone accounts for 36.5 billion yen : Video 8 billion yen, Music 4.5 billion yen, Publications 2.5 billion yen, Toys 21.5 billion yen
Average SEED DVD sales per volume (Vol 1-8) are 94,000 copies.
2,256,000 copies of SEED-related publications.
2,193,000 music CD sales
Since 1979 (the year First Gundam aired), Gundam has never fallen below 5 billion yen in sales. On and after 1994, Gundam has sold over 10 billion yen every year.
80+ billion yen was the sales figure between 1979-1984 (aka the "Gunpla Boom") *NOTE*: that figure is not recalculated based on inflation.

According to Kenji Uchida, they will be mainly focusing on SD Gundam's production & broadcast and SEED's rerun in Japan for 2004. He went on to say, "Next year, we have no plans to make cel animation based on 1st through Zeta." (Gunota staff's note: What the implications of Uchida's statement are on the long-rumored Zeta compilation is unclear, especially given the Tomino news below. Guess we'll have to stay tuned...)
Z Gundam in 2004
This month's issue of Animage featured New Year's cards submitted by various well known people in the Japanese anime business. One of them was Yoshiyuki Tomino. He submitted a card, which had a caption saying "Z Gundam in 2004". Scan of this card is available at this image board.
Monday, December 08, 2003
Puffy to perform SD Gundam Force Japanese opening song
In other Japanese SD Gundam Force news, this 2 channel thread reports that SD Gundam Force's run in Japan will include opening and ending songs by Japanese artists. It's confirmed on Sony's Hit & Run site that the opening song will be performed by Puffy (known in the USA as Puffy AmiYumi, the group who does the opening for Cartoon Network's Teen Titans), titled "Sunrise". As with the Teen Titans theme, the song is composed by Andy Sturmer. The 1,538 yen version of the single will come with a Captain Gundam plamodel ("Puffy version"). The ending song will be done by the all-female band Whiteberry, titled "Shinjiru Chikara" ("The Strength To Believe"). As with the Puffy song, the 1,538 yen version of the ending theme comes with a "Whiteberry version" Captain Gundam plamodel. Sale date for both singles is February 11th.
*Update* The official announcement for all this info: Sony's press release page.
Sunrise's SD Gundam Force site
Sunrise's official site for the show pre-opened today. This will likely be the actual official site rather than TV Tokyo's previously mentioned one. It'll open on December 15th.
More on AEUG vs. Titans sales
Gameonline reports that Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: AEUG vs. Titans for the PS2 has sold over 350,000 copies in Japan as of Monday. Based on this, it seems to be doing as well as Meguriai Sora (Encounters In Space) did.

Update: Gameonline put a more recent and presumably more accurate report listing AEUG v. Titans as selling 315,000 copies during the Dec. 1 through Dec. 7 period.
Saturday, December 06, 2003
Kenji Uchida comments in the Nikkei Characters! magazine
Unless you don't pay attention to the credits, some of you won't recognize his name. He was one of the producers for the Gundam series and other Sunrise anime. He's now the Managing Director of Sunrise.

"With Turn A Gundam's broadcast in 1999, Mr. Yoshiyuki Tomino unified the Gundam series. On the other hand, I thought of two points to start SEED, the first Gundam series of the 21st century. One is the 'First' generation and one the next generation. To make a show which both generations can enjoy. Second is to continue SEED. While holding a clear vision, establish the label called, 'SEED'."

"I recognized the new Gundam (SEED) has to avoid being supported by the normal Gundam fans, but rather strongly felt that it has to appeal to new fans in the 10's and the female popluation. Therefore, during the planning stages I requested for not a lot of mecha to appear or to make the character designs light."

Mr. Uchida mentioned the theme song was one of the reasons SEED succeeded. Normally, it was automatic that King Records would be working on Gundam music. However, this time was different. "We changed opening songs for each coul (one coul equals a 13 episode segment of the show) and changed the ending song three times. We had a successful collaboration with companies like Sony and Victor."

SEED-related CD sales were:
Invoke - 350,000
Moment - 200,000
Believe - 250,000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Complete BEST - 400,000

For DVD sales, SEED Vol 1 sold over 100,000 copies. Estimated sales figure for all 13 volumes are 1,300,000 copies.

"These figures are unattainable by relying just on the core 'First' fans."
Friday, December 05, 2003
Gundam SEED guests to appear at Pacific Media Expo
On PMX's website, it was announced that T.M. Revolution will be holding a concert in Anaheim, CA on the weekend of May 29th with Nami Tamaki as his opening act. More details are on their concert info page.
Gundam movie camera and mp3 player commercial
A 15-second tv commercial for these items can be seen here.
AEUG vs. Titans first day sales figures
Gameonline has the first day sales figures for PS2's AEUG vs. Titans. Approximately 192,300 copies were sold on December 4th, making it the top selling game. Another 2,100 copies of the Network Adaptor Pack version were sold on the same day.
Thursday, December 04, 2003
More MSG: Path Of The Soldiers screenshots
Gameonline put up no less than 60 screenshots of the upcoming Gamecube game.
Official Japanese SD Gundam Force site opens!
TV-Tokyo, the network airing SD Gundam Force in Japan, opened up the official Japanese site.
Top 10 sales from the December issue of Nikkei Characters!
Top 10 DVD sales (Aug 1 - Oct 20) - based on Oricon
1) Lilo & Stitch
2) Lion King - Special Edition
3) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED 6
4) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED 7
5) Neko no Ongaishi
6) Tonari no Totoro
7) Tenchi Muyo! 3rd Stage
8) Yukikaze Operation:3
9) Tom & Jerry - We love sports edition
10) Dragon Ball Z DVD BOX
Dragon Ball Z Vol 2

Top 10 Singles CD sales (Aug 1 - Oct 20) - based on Oricon
1) Find the Way (MSG SEED) - Mika Nakashima
2) Tanpopo no Shi (Doraemon) - THE ALFEE
3) Realize (MSG SEED) - Nami Tamaki
4) The end of the world - angela
5) Realize Reproduction (MSG SEED) - Nami Tamaki
6) Current "DAY STAR (CURRENT, Itazurana KISS, Smartly)" (Inuyasha) - day after tomorrow
7) FAITH/Thousand Lights (One Piece) - Ruppina
8) Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume/ Mirai e no Melody (D.C. - Da Capo -) - yozuca/CooRie
9) Second Flight (Onegai Twins) - Kotoko & Yumi Sato
10) Harumonia (Naruto) - RYTHEM

Top 10 Gundam Plamodel sales (Jan 1 - Sept 30) - based on Toys R Us
1) 1/60 Strike Gundam Strike Weapon System
2) 1/60 Freedom Gundam
3) 1/100 Freedom Gundam
4) 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam
5) HG Freedom Gundam
6) MG Ex-S Gundam
7) 1/100 Aegis Gundam
8) 1/60 MS-09RS Char's Rick Dom
9) 1/100 Justice Gundam
10) 1/400 EX WhiteBase

Top 10 Gundam goods sales (Jan 1 - Oct 20) - based on Cospa
1) Char's Zaku MS T-shirt
2) Zeon pins
3) Red MS Parka
4) Zeon jersey
5) Zaft Force uniform
6) Zeon Force pendant
7) Earth Federation Force male uniform (blue)
8) Zeon wristband
9) Zeon hat
10) Char's Zaku Monoeye T-shirt
Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Super Robot Wars MX for PS2
According to the latest issue of Famitsu the newest Super Robot Wars title is due to be released in March for the PS2. The series present this time around will be:
Hades Project Zeorymer
Machine Robo: Revenge Of Cronos
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The End Of Evangelion
Gear Fighter Dendoh
Martian Successor Nadesico
Nadesico: Prince Of Darkness
Metal Armor Dragonar
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Mazinger movie series
Getta Robo
Getta Robo G
UFO Robo Grendizer
Toushou Daimos
Brave Raideen
Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Jan/Feb Gunpla releases - Updated
Specific details were added based on
- HGUC Rick Dom 1500 yen : Giant Bazooka, 90mm machine gun, sturm faust, heat saber for the 0083-option
- 1/144 Providence Gundam 600 yen : beam rifle, weapon system on its left arm.
- BB Strike Gundam SWS 1000 yen - Strike, Strike Grasper, and all 3 SWS option
- 1/1700 EX Argama 3500 yen : comes with same scale version of Rick Dias, Mk II, and Zeta
- SD Gundam Force Captain Gundam 300 yen

- HGUC Guncannon Mass Production Type 1000 yen : cannon option from the animation, machine gun
- MG Qubeley Mk II Ple 2 Custom 4000 yen : comes with 1/100 & 1/20 Ple 2 figure, decal based on Ple 2.
- HG Astray Blue Frame 1200 yen - rifle, shield, saber, and a new bazooka
- 1/144 Stike Dagger 400 yen : rifle, shield
- BB SD Aegis Gundam 500 yen : tranform, rifle, and shield
- 1/400 Meteor 2000 yen : comes with the large beam saber
- SD Gundam Force Bakunetsumaru 300 yen
- SD Gundam Force Zero The Winged Knight 300 yen
Monday, December 01, 2003
PS2 AEUG Vs. Titans site update
The MS page on the PS2 AEUG vs. Titans site has been updated.
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