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Friday, October 31, 2003
November's plamodel release dates
Paratrick have released the dates for each models.
7th - 1/144 Mobile DINN, HG Raider Gundam, HGUC Gaplant
12th - MG Char's Z'gok
14th - BB Freedom Gundam
21st - PG GP01/Fb
27th - HG Astray Red Frame
Thursday, October 30, 2003
Mecha list for PS2 Encounters In Space USA version has a listing of mecha available in the domestic version of game. Simply click on the image viewer.
Japanese artist covers Gundam
Japanese rock vocalist His Excellency Demon Kogure covers Daisuke Inoue's classic song "Meguriai" (from Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters In Space) on his latest album, "When The Future Loves The Past", released earlier this month in Japan. Streaming clips of the music video: Realmedia, Windows Media
Demon-san's official website can be found here.
Anaheim Journal
enterbrain (publisher of the "Weekly Famitsu Magazine") will be releasing a Gundam mook titled, "Mobile Suit Gundam Official Creative Works: Anaheim Journal UC0083-0099" on Dec 20th priced at 1800yen.
- Illustrations of AE Mobile Suits from Zeta to GP series, Methuss, Rick Dias.
- About 40 logos of MS-related industries like Hervic and AirUNA
- Outline of the AE group
- About 120 new illustrations
- Recreated the "Hello! Von Braun Visitor Guide" from the 0083 series.
- B3 (paper sized) MS poster included
- All color pages with AE-colored original bookcase
Wednesday, October 29, 2003
SEED related sales
ZDnet's article mentioned that total of 800,000 copies of Region 2 SEED DVDs (Vol 1-8) and 8 million SEED-related plamodels have been sold so far.
Monday, October 27, 2003
Yoshiyuki Tomino's newest work to be announced at TIFF
Following up on the October 22 news, it's now confirmed on Newtype's site that the "short trailer of the latest work" following the screening of Char's Counterattack at the Tokyo International Film Festival on November 7th will, in fact, be an announcement of Yoshiyuki Tomino's latest project.

Old works (Urusei Yatsura "Only You", Castle Of Cagliostro, Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Akira, Gunbuster) from other prominent creator/directors (Mamoru Oshii, Hayao Miyazaki, Shoji Kawamori, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hideaki Anno) are also being screened along with peeks at all their latest (Ghost In The Shell: Innocence, Howl's Moving Castle, Macross Zero, Steamboy, Cutey Honey).
Sunday, October 26, 2003
December B-Club releases
Courtesy of Pam's HomePage, the December B-Club releases are:
1/100 Crossbone Gundam X-1
1/100 FA Gundam Mk II conversion for MG Gundam Mk II

Looks like this kills one of the unconfirmed MG kit rumors.
Saturday, October 25, 2003
Char Custom GameCube
The following extras are included with the Char Custom GameCube priced at 21000yen.
- "Secret Disk"
- MSiA Zaku II Char Custom during Battle of Loum
More PS2 AEUG vs. Titans pics
Tomino anime fansite Useless Gunota's Notebook posts a scan showing PS2 exclusive AEUG vs. Titans MS (Dijeh, Methuss, etc.) taken from the current issue of gaming mag Dorimaga.
Friday, October 24, 2003
Bits and pieces from Gundam Ace #0016
Now - 1/7 Aina figure. Avaiable at Bandai Museum and La La Bit for 12800yen. Pic at Bandai Museum site.
AoZ GM Kai High Mobility type Mobile Fortune toy is included in the December issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.
- Nov 8th - Gundam Soccer ball. Bandai Museum exclusive. Only 450 available @ 15000yen. Pic at Bandai Museum site.
- Mid Nov - MSiA Wing 2nd ver 1500yen & MSiA Epyon 1200yen. Wing can transform.
- Nov 25th - "Innocence", a Haruhiko Mikimoto illustration book. 120pages 3800yen
- Nov 26th - "Developers" manga vol 1 @ 540yen. "MSG: Ixtab of Space" manga vol 1 @ 540yen. "CDA" manga vol 2 @ 540yen
- Dec 6th - Gundam Movie Camera 23800yen & Gundam MP3 Player 17800yen. Article and pics at this site
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Mobile Suit V Gundam Web opens
To promote the upcoming Region 2 DVD release, the official V Gundam home page opens.
In Gundam-related automotive news...
Japanese site Response, reporting from Tokyo Motor Show 2003, mentions in an article that Toyota showed off its new PM ("Personal Mobility") car, a rather unique one-person vehicle. The writer of the article, apparently a Gundam fan, goes so far as to compare it to a mobile suit, even titling the article "Toyota's 'Mobile Suit' Runs The Booth?!". A more English-friendly write-up on the PM can be found here.
Another twist
Looks like yesterday's report of SEED movie is false. One of the radio listeners mentioned that Nishikawa only talked about the SEED Festival. Even though this site congratulated on the SEED movie announcement, we have striked out yesterday's news for now. We will keep you updated if any new details appear.
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Today's other news
BTW, this site is not affliated with MAHQ or any other site. We noticed some people are quoting our blog as "from MAHQ" or "from".

With that taken care of. We also have permanent link on the right (above the Staff) for the rumored Zeta compilation or any other rumors related to a new series and maybe product release date list. This was done to make it easier for the user to have easier access because the old blogs get buried and lost in the bottom.

Char's Counterattack will be shown at Tokyo International Film Festival
According to the 16th Tokyo International Film Festival, Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack movie will be shown on Nov 7th at 11:30am. A short trailer of the latest work will be followed (maybe the rumored Zeta compilation?). Some of the other anime movies to be shown are Macross: Do You Remember Love, Akira, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, and Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind.

X Astray
X Astray is the new title of Tokita's Astray manga. X Astray manga will begin on Gundam Ace #017 issue (Nov 25th).

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
More Zeta and SEED news/rumors! - updated
I'll just post them here so you don't have to scroll down.

Zeta Compilation
Following are unconfirmed rumors (there's a chance this could be completely incorrect):
- It's going to be similar to the MSG Trilogy Special Edition. Targeted toward the DVD market instead of the movie theatres.
- It'll likely premier at the theatres although at less screens than TAG movies.
- No new animation. Only the Opening/Ending scenary.
- Music will be based on the TV series except for the main theme song.
- SFX and script will be re-recorded. Expect a different VA for some parts.
- Originally planned as 3 part 90 minute movie, but the last part will be 120 minutes.
- It is unknown how long it will be shown at the theatres. Movie premier and DVD sales will take place at the same time or within several weeks.
- Hopefully it can be announced within this year.

SEED Movie
During the Oct 21st radio show called "Takanori Nishikawa's All Night Nippon", Nishikawa, singer for TM Revolution and VA of Miguel in SEED, revealed some info regarding SEED movie. Apparently, he had a discussion with the production staff about a role.

Not really a Gundam news, but worth mentioning it
- source
It has become clear that some of the 2.6% of Bandai stocks acquired by Nintendo was purchased from Mattel, who recently canceled their tie-up with Bandai. Both Bandai and Nintendo are denying this will lead to any deeper partnership.

Re-release of GFF#0013 Deep Striker
Please refer to the Oct 19th blog under "Future Product Release"
Monday, October 20, 2003
Char-Custom Gundam SEED End Commemoration poll, Japanese Gundam news portal, releases the results of their Gundam SEED End Commemoration questionnaire, conducted after the end of Gundam SEED's broadcast. Over 2000 votes were recorded, the overwhelming majority from 'core Gundam fans' in Japan, judging by the results.

Age distribution results:
Early teens and below: 97 (4.1%)
Upper teens: 535 (22.4%)
Lower 20's: 829 (34.7%)
Upper 20's: 489 (20.5%)
Lower 30's: 373 (15.6%)
Upper 30's: 53 (2.2%)
40's and over: 11 (0.5%)
Total: 2387

The first Gundam series you watched:
MSG: 1200 (50.3%)
Z: 274 (11.5%)
ZZ: 81 (3.4%)
CCA: 111 (4.7%)
F91: 115 (4.8%)
V: 252 (10.6%)
Turn A: 37 (1.6%)
G: 128 (5.4%)
W: 79 (3.3%)
X: 28 (1.2%)
SEED: 27 (1.1%)
0080: 23 (1.0%)
0083: 23 (1.0%)
08th: 9 (0.4%)

Exception and evaluation:
Probably much easier just to link to the actual graph here. Basically, everyone gave the show a rating 1-10 in anticipation of seeing it and a second 1-10 rating for their feelings after watching it.
The average in expectation (before watching): 5.385
The average evaluation (after watching): 3.081

What SEED merchandise you've bought:
Plamodel: 841
Theme song CD: 648
Astray-related: 545
Doujinshi: 208
Candy: 156
Soundtrack CD: 152
Suits CD: 126
DVD: 119
Supplementary books: 104
MSiA: 81
Card-related goods: 79
Game: 70
Costumes: 19
Stationery: 13
Nothing: 862

Series that you thought were more entertaining/more boring than SEED:
More entertaining than SEED: 2064 (86.5%)
More boring than SEED: 46 (1.9%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1807 (75.7%)
More boring than SEED: 97 (4.1%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1422 (59.6%)
More boring than SEED: 217 (9.1%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1777 (74.4%)
More boring than SEED: 53 (2.2%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1639 (68.7%)
More boring than SEED: 127 (5.3%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1687 (70.7%)
More boring than SEED: 125 (5.2%)

Turn A
More entertaining than SEED: 1712 (71.7%)
More boring than SEED: 181 (7.6%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1711 (71.7%)
More boring than SEED: 173 (7.2%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1419 (59.4%)
More boring than SEED: 222 (9.3%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1227 (51.4%)
More boring than SEED: 371 (15.5%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1604 (67.2%)
More boring than SEED: 120 (5.0%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1760 (73.7%)
More boring than SEED: 83 (3.5%)

More entertaining than SEED: 1492 (62.5%)
More boring than SEED: 161 (6.7%)

Nothing is better than SEED ("SEED is the most entertaining show"): 47 (2.0%)
Nothing is worse than SEED ("SEED is the most boring show"): 1548 (64.9%)

The results seem to indicate a very large dissatisfaction overall with Gundam SEED where core Gundam fans in Japan are concerned. SEED is rated dead last against every other Gundam series in the judgment of the people polled. 3/4 of the people polled are 20 years old or above and 1/2 of them were initially exposed to Gundam through MSG. That said, while the largest segment bought absolutely no SEED merchandise, its interesting to note that a sizeable number of these same fans who disliked the show still bought SEED model kits and, to a lesser extent, CD singles and Astray-related merchandise.
SEED 2 DEAD...for now
Please refer to Oct 13th blog under SEED 2.
SEED madness continues - SEED Festival
- SEED Festival site
The people who brought us SEED has announced they will be holding an one day SEED Festival on December 27th, 2003. Cost of admission is 5250 yen which allows you to attend the first or second showing. Guests are VA for Kira, Athrun, Lacus, and Cagalli and musicians TM Revolution, Nami Tamaki, and Mika Nakashima. The VA will discuss about their experiences and musicians will peform their songs. The festival will also show a special re-edited version of the 50ep SEED (aka clip show of the entire series).
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Rumors about the next MG and HGUC releases
Popping up on various Japanese message boards today are talk of a MG Powered GM and HGUC Rick Dom II for January, MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 and HGUC Guncannon Mass Production type for February. Again, these are only unconfirmed rumors.
Message board references: #1, #2, #3, #4
Future Product Release
Last Updated: Oct 22th 12:00am JST (+9:00 GMT)

November 25th - Advance of Zeta Volume 1 (manga version) 620yen

January 23rd, 2004 - Region 2 V Gundam DVD boxset and individual volumes.

November 27th - GBA SD Gundam G Generation Advance 5800yen
December 4th- PS2 AEUG vs Titans 6800yen

Oct 24th - HGUC Zeta Gundam
Oct 25th - HY2M MS-09R Rick Dom, HY2M MS-09RS Char's Rick Dom
Oct 27th - Re-release of various 1/144 Zeta Series kits
November - B-Club 1/144 Act Zaku, B-Club 1/100 Dra-C, HG Astray Red Frame, HG Raider, HGUC Gaplant, MG Char's Z'gok, PG GP01/fb
December - MG Perfect Gundam
January - EX Argama

November - Zeonography Shin Matsunaga MS-06F/MS-R01A, Zeonography Johnny Ridden MS-06F/MS-06R-2
November - Re-release of GFF#0013 Deep Striker
December - GFF #0018 RX-78NT-1/RX-78-4

Unconfirmed Rumors
A new SEED-related game(?) - According to Ryohei's (VA of Orga Sabanak in SEED) site, he recently voiced Orga for a game (unknown platform and game name). Meanwhile, Tokita, the author of the Astray manga, at his BBS said "no comment" regarding this rumor stating "gentlemen's agreement" for his reason. While this is currently under unconfirmed, expect this rumor to be officially confirmed soon.
Quick summary of the Kunio Okawara article/interview
- Here's the quick summary of the Okawara article/interview where he discussed about SEED MS design process.

1) Design Order - Usually the director or producer gives the order. Sometimes a director submits a rough sketch as well. For Freedom, Fukuda gave specific instructions to make it look like the Strike with the ability of the aile, launcher, and sword all together.

2) Rough sketch/outline - Draw a rough sketch based on the director's orders and submit them. You keep repeating this until the director finally says, "yes." For Freedom, it was hard to settle on a design with all 3 abilities. Using one of Okawara's old game character design as a hint, he submitted the idea of a Gundam with wings and cannon. Fukuda ok'd the idea, which totally changed the original concept.

3)Completion of a design - You clean the ok'd rough design. For Freedom, Okawara personally made a paper model in order to think of the wing/cannon feature. He did this to avoid any structural transformation mistakes and complicated transformations that are undetectable via 2D art. This also helps the animators and model/toy division by making things simpler, which lowers costs. However, Okawara is about the only person who doe this and he hasn't done one in few years. Once the design is finished, the mecha designer's job is finished.

Interview Part
Okawara puts heavy emphasis on anime/toy feature for his designs rather than looking pretty.
Q) At what point during the animation is your job finished?
A) It depends on the series. For the Yusha series, the designs were completed around when the anime premiered. However for SEED, I was finished at the end of June.

*More will be added*

Additional supplement:
Freedom - Freedom was already planned for marketing before anyone started on its design. Simple gimmick was favored over complicated one to keep toy products cheaper. Complicated designs cost more.

Justice - I spent total of 1 month to design Freedom and 4 MS on this page. 1 MS per week.

Raider - The director gave me instructions to make it look more vicious. Therefore, I added the beam cannon on its face.

Calamity - The only MS out of the 5 without a transformation feature. The first rough sketch was ok'd. "I thought the length of the beam cannon on paper looked fine, but I thought it didn't after seeing it on screen."

Forbidden - Director said "the beam will curve" and "wears a lifter" for this MS. "So I added parts that would perform those features. I did add the V-fin on the lifter to leave an impression that this was a Gundam *laughs*"

Astray manga Part 1 concludes
According to the author himself at his BBS, Tokita has announced Part 1 of the Astray manga will end with the upcoming Gundam Ace #016 issue (coming out on Oct 25). At the same time, he has announced Part 2 tabbed Astray ver Tokita will start. Part 2 will continue where Part 1 concluded at.
Old News but worth mentioning
SEED re-airing
TBS (the Japanese TV network) has announced SEED will re-air starting on the 20th at 26:57 (or the 21st at 2:57am).
MBS (the Osaka affliate of TBS) will re-air starting on Nov 15th at 5:30pm.

MG Aile Strike out
MG Aile Strike is priced at 3800yen
Saturday, October 18, 2003
New PS2 AEUG vs Titans screenshot has the first pic of everyone's favorite angry kangaroo appearing only in the PS2 version of AEUG vs. Titans.
Not really news but...
An amusing Gundam animated gif posted over at Enjoy Korea's boards.
Thursday, October 16, 2003
Bandai Opens Official Toy Site
Bandai opens Tamashii Web, a new official site devoted to their "high-target" toys (MSiA, AMSiA, FIX, Soul Of Chogokin, etc.).
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Product Info News
G Generation Advance reservation give-away details
- source
- 40,000 copies of bonus CD will be available on first come first serve basis.
1) Premium 1 info: Audio CD
- Ai Sensi (Soldier of Sorrow) instrumental version
- G Generation Advance original sound remix
2) Premium 2 info: CD data for PC
- G Generation Advance Original CG movie: CG movie of RX-78 and Strike Gundam
- Original G Generation Advance wallpaper collection

AEUG vs Titans game info
- Methuss, Galbaldy Beta, Bound Doc, Dijeh, and Marasai will be appearing only in the PS2 version.
Welcome to the newest member of the Gundam rumor blogging team, Neo-Era!

Yes, yes. Known to all 3 of you out there as the artist behind the crudely-drawn comic-strip @ MAHQ, "The New Adventures Of Tomino-sama". I now show up here to post stuff and not stick my foot in my mouth too often, hopefully.
Monday, October 13, 2003
Rumors on New Gundam Series - SEED 2 Updated Again!
-Last Updated: Oct 21st, 2003 1:30pm JST (+9:00 GMT)

- Again, the following are translated from Char Custom 2chan BBS. I take no responsibility or credit for any correct/incorrect information.

Info related to the next series
1) July 1st, 2003 Nikkei MJ article
- During the announcement of the 3rd period company sales report, Bandai President Takeo Takasu said, "A new series planned for the year 2005 will focus back to the original in order to appeal to the core fans."
2)Sept 26th, 2003 Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper article (scan or same scan @ different img board)
- CGO (Chief Gundam Officer) Ueno stated after SD Gundam Force, the next Gundam series will likely appear 2-3 years from now.

Info related to SEED 2 aka SEED 2 is NOT happening
1) Sunrise Representative Director Matsumoto's statement at San Diego Comic Con was likely a fan service and only reflected his personal opinions after seeing how popular Gundam was at the Con. Unfortunately, anime fans who heard his statements at the Con spread this word over the internet believing this series was a done deal.
2) Since SD Gundam Force will start airing in Jan 2004 for Japan, it is highly unlikely that SEED 2 will air during the same year simultaneously. A new series appearing 2-3 years from now seems more valid based on CGO (Chief Gundam Officer) Ueno's statements in Sept.
3) Addional Supplement: "It could be an OVA based on one of the plans. In America, Cartoon Network does show OVA at midnight. I heard nothing is confirmed yet." (#2)
4) On Oct 10th, 2003: Paratrick Model reported that there was a rumor about SEED 2 airing in June 2004 at Plamodel & Radicon Show 2003. A follow up to this rumor was mentioned at Pesu Kari HP which seemed to clarify this rumor. At the Bandai booth, Bandai was giving away a small Strike plamodel to those who answered their survey. The survey's last question was "If SEED 2 is created, what kind of MS/Character would you like to see?"
5) More details on SEED sequel have surfaced. From a fan's report of the "Gundam Floor" at the Laox store in Akihabara, Kenichi Nozaki, the music producer of SEED, stated "There are rumors of SEED sequel, but nothing has been officially decided."
NEW - Paratrick webmaster has retracted his original statement about SEED 2 airing in June. He has stated that SEED 2 will probably not happen at all and all production related to SEED has ended or close to it. He goes on to say that it was originally given an extension (ie go beyond its originally planned 1 year run) during the 2nd cour (ep14-26), but that extension was canceled which sorta lead to story ending the way it did.
Friday, October 10, 2003
Zeta Gundam Compilation-related Info & Rumor
- Last Updated: Oct 14th, 2003 2:00pm JST (+9:00 GMT)

-The following are translated (with few things ommitted and edited) based on the Char Custom 2chan BBS @ I take no responsibility or credit for any correct or false information. Thanks to Neo-Era helping me out with this as well.

The sources remain anonymous to protect their identity.
Important Notes:
- #1 - People directly involved with the production
- #2 - People close to #1
- #3 - People who can obtain info from #1

- A plan for Zeta Gundam Compilation was brought up as part of the 1999 "Gundam 20th Anniversary Plan." However, it was axed during the planning stages. (#2).

- Information about 'Zeta Compilation under production' spread based on multiple people involved with the project.
- "Zeta Gundam Compilation is in production." (#3).
- "I'm not involved, but it is being produced at the Osaka studio based on the people who know the details." (#2)
- Later, the production was canceled and put on hold for various reasons.
- "Yeah, looks like the top told us to stop." (#2)
- "BTW Director (Tomino), what happened to the 'Zeta Compilation'." (#1)
- "It broke down. That's all I can say. Sorry." (#2)

- "Once King Gainer finished its run on WOWOW, going to work on the Zeta Compilation in order to work on a future plan." (magazine "Invitation" Feb 2003 release)

Reference Note: Tomino's New Series
- It seems like a fact that Tomino is working on a new series for the year 2005. However, there are no specific details related to that series and unknown whether it will be a Gundam or non-Gundam. However, there are several interesting informations.
- Tomino: "IF there's an offer to do a Gundam next time, I'll tell them, 'Let me do it.'"
- Tomino: "If they provide 15 hundred billion yen budget for the filming..." (magazine WinGimmick)
- "Mr. Tomino might make an anime version of one of Sakyo Komatsu's work. Currently, the story ends there..." (#2)

- August 11th : Tomino appeared on NTV show "Bakushou Mondai no Susume." The opening sequence showed Tomino drawing a person looking like Camille Bidan and Quattro Bageena.
- Reference Pics:
- Camille Bidan sketch
- Quattro Bageena sketch

- After this broadcast, general production information about the compilation have surfaced.
- "Creating a 3 part movie." (#1)
- "Currently, too busy drawing pictures." (#1)
- "Why are they doing a movie version now... I haven't seen the TV version yet." (#1)
- "Heard it directly from the people involved. It's going to be a movie version." (#2)
- "It's related with the North American market too." (#2)
- "Can't say the specifics due to the gag order, but it looks like a movie." (#3)
- "Each part is 90min each with total of 3 parts." (#1)
- "The compilation is made up of the original TV and new animation." (#1)
- "About 1/3 will be redone." (#2)
- "Animation is a bit.... (perhaps behind?)" (#2)
- "It is true. Well, I heard about it from #1 a while back, but doubted it until it became public..." (#3)
- "Boss is highly enthusiastic." (#1)
- "Boss is still fine...(*bitter smile*), but I..." (#1)
- "The annual "Shouchiku Movie Lineup" announced in mid-Jan should have the rough release date." (Movie Business Personnel)
- "Looked at the director's current work for 15 minutes. Can't say what I saw, but ..." (Akiman aka Akira Yasuda - TAG character designer in magazine Gundam Ace November issue)
- "Returned from Sunrise. Ahh, Zeta was funny." (#3)
- "They might do a Zeta Gundam movie next year." (Publisher Personnel)

Unconfirmed Report & Rumors
- Is Lyla Mira Ryla part switched from Kimie Sawaki to Kaoru Fujino?
- A 3 part Gundam SEED movie premiering at the same time? Will it consist of TV animation along with new animation with the possibility of an original movie episode?
- Zeta I premiering in March 2004? However, there's a possibility of a delay...

Reference Note: Past Movie Info History
- The first report of the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam" (March 14, 1981) appeared in Nikkan Sports' scoop on Oct 2, 1980. A week later, an official announcement was made on Oct 9th.
- The first report of "CCA" appeared in B-Club #9 (published in July 20th, 1986). Official announcement was made in the magazine Newtype (Sept 1987 issue).
- The first report of the movie "Turn A Gundam I : Earth Light" & "Turna A Gundam II : Moonlight Butterfly" (released in Feb 9 & 10, 2002) appeared on Sunrise's website Aug 2, 2001 (or about 6 months before the premier).

Latest Events
Gundam Ace Special Talk Show
- Guests: Hiroyuki Kitazume, Toru Furuya, and Shuichi Ikeda
- Nothing was mentioned about the Zeta compilation.
- Kitazume will be releasing a Gundam illustration book next spring.

Gudam Creation Study - Kanazawa Institute of Technology Fair: Yoshiyuki Tomino x Harutoshi Fukui discusstion
- Both barely touched on anime. Nothing was mentioned about the Zeta compilation. People who attended the session said it felt like a comedy routine.

Future Events
Gundam news & rumors

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