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Sunday, August 31, 2008
  The End
2 months short of the 5th anniversary of the blog, I am sad to announce this entry will be the last for Gunota Headlines. Before it even had a name, it was a dumping ground for the then persistent Zeta Gundam trilogy rumors. A few days later, my blogging partner Neo-Era came on board and it transformed into what everyone has known it as. Coincidently, my current job and Gunota started around the same time. As the years went by, I became the typical busy salary-man resulting in less time devoted to helping run the site.

The ride has been great. I never imagined it would last this long. In the past 5 years, we have seen many evolutions in Gundam: an all-CG series called MS IGLOO and its follow-up installment, a series shown first over the Internet in Stargazer, and finally a Hi-Def series in Gundam 00. The digital age has allowed the exploration of different media and the quick spread of news /information.

The end of Gunota as we know it does not mean I have grown tired of Gundam. As Gundam turns 30 years old, I look forward to the next TV series and any new promising reference books on the Universal Century. Maybe you will see me lurking in forums or on whatever future project I take on. And lastly, I would personally like to thank Neo-Era and say “otsukaresama”. It was a pleasure working with you and good luck.

-- RGZ


This is something I would’ve liked to have written under different circumstances but I’m sure many people will appreciate things don’t often go exactly as planned. For a number of reasons, I feel the time has come to close Gunota Headlines. After co-running the site for nearly 5 years, it was a decision I came to only after much consideration so apologies to anyone who may feel put off by the abruptness of this announcement. The big issue is time. Several months ago, I sustained some injuries from which I’m still slowly recovering (and, in fact, this was the main catalyst for the situation as it stands). That coupled with the demands of finishing up my computer studies have left me without the free time & energy to continue with the blog as it presently exists. I also feel one of the principle merits of Gunota has been our ability to deliver news items in a timely manner, something I don’t believe is possible anymore with things the way they are now.

But I also don’t think we’re leaving our regular readers in the lurch. Anime fandom today is more Japan-savvy than it was 5 years ago. Imageboards, largely unknown to English-speaking fandom then, pick up on news pretty quickly. The latest rumors & magazine scans can be seen on other fine sites and are passed around message boards every day. Most of the sources we use for news we’ve linked to at one time or another and many are worth visiting on a regular basis in their own right. In short, Gunota Headlines is not so much the necessary entity it may once have been and that fact makes it a little easier to let go of even as the 30th anniversary of Gundam approaches.

One of the cooler things about running Gunota was seeing something you wrote up being translated into French, Italian, Thai, etc. by people in other countries following the blog. I sincerely hope these sites can keep at the Gundam news game without our continued presence. I’ve always loved how much smaller the world seems in the Internet age and hope to contribute something to that spirit in the future. In that vein, a very special thanks goes to my overseas pal RGZ, who especially held the site together in its formative years and prevented me with my slowly progressing Japanese skills from making more horrible mistakes than I otherwise did.

-- Neo-Era


Finally, we sincerely thank everyone who visited us, the many sites who linked to us as a reliable source of news, and the numerous people who gave assistance along the way.
Saturday, August 30, 2008 Gundam Vs. Gundam PSP article has a look at the PSP port.
  Upcoming Bandai hobby merchandise
As listed at Amazon Japan:
MG Infinite Justice
MG Gundam Mk-II (black) EXF
MG Gundam Mk-II (white) EXF
1/100 00 Gundam
HGUC Geara Doga
HG Cherudim Gundam
BB Senshi 00 Gundam
BB Senshi Sangokuden Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki
BB Senshi Sangokuden Shuusou Doven Wolf
SDX Knight Gundam (Retsuden Edition)
  Chara Hobbys
Akiba Hobby 2 (Ecopla FG RX-78)
Post Channel Blog
  Gundam Vs. Gundam Next
Dengeki Online and Game Watch have coverage of the announcement at Chara Hobby of Gundam Vs. Gundam Next, the arcade follow-up to Gundam Vs. Gundam. The latest in the Vs. series will come out next year and feature some of the suits in the current GvsG, but it'll have an entirely different feel. The game will be playable at the 46th Amusement Machine Show on September 20.
  Chara Hobby 2008
MG MS-06R-2 Shin Matsunaga's Zaku Ver. 2.0 - currently planned
1/100 00 Gundam - November, 2,730 yen
HG Ahead - November, 1,050 yen
HG GN-XIII - October
Robot Damashii Turn X - Winter
Robot Damashii Seravee Gundam - Winter
Robot Damashii Gundam Unit 01 Full Vernian - 2009
S.H. Figuarts Tohofuhai
BB Senshi 00 Gundam - November, 630 yen
SDX Knight Gundam (Retsuden Edition) - December (pre-orders begin Sept. 1)

Hobbystock's Shimazou Report 1 (Robot Damashii, MSiA, etc.)
Mimibukuro Diary
Hobbystock's Shimazou Report 2 (Gunpla)
GA Graphic
Danny Choo
Akiba Hobby
Friday, August 29, 2008 Gundam Musou 2 article posted a few screenshots from the recently announced Gundam Musou 2.

Edit: Dengeki Online has coverage of the stage event held at Chara Hobby featuring Toru Furuya.

Edit 2: Many more at Gpara. This article says Gundam 00 will not be in the game.
  HGUC Geara Doga
A pic from the latest Bandai Hobby Sales Manual circulating around confirms an HGUC Geara Doga for November at a price of 1,800 yen. Anime snapshots shown indicate the uncolored prototype will be the mass-production green color and it'll come with standard and commander-type heads.
  More Chara Hobby merchandise
GA Graphic has pics of Wave's resin 1/144 garage kits of the Rick Dias and Sturm Dias, both on sale at Chara Hobby 2008 for 18,000 and 25,000 yen, respectively.

The event's official site says a limited edition First Grade RX-78-2 Ecopla will be given to the first visitors to the Chara Hobby Plamodel Museum, which was put together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the plastic model as a domestic product.
  Gundam Musou 2, GvsG pre-site openings
Gundam Musou 2
Gundam Vs. Gundam
Thursday, August 28, 2008
  Gundam Action Models
Coming in November are Mobile Suit Gundam Action Models (previously seen at Gundam Expo), a line of 450 yen candy toy/ABS plastic kits featuring the 4 second season Gundam 00 Gundams plus one secret figure. According to Amiami, the line was designed and manufactured by Bandai's Hobby Division, giving them the feel of low-priced plamodels of Gunpla quality.
  Chara Hobby 2008 limited merchandise update
The GFF RX-78-2 Ver. Ka Clear Edition figure that was on sale at Comic Con and scheduled for sale on the Tamashii Web Shop starting in September will also be available at Chara Hobby 2008. Further pics at GA Graphic.
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
  Gundam 00 Voice Actor singles #3 & #4
Rakuten's Guruguru Kingdom site lists Hiroshi Kamiya come across Tieria Erde coming out October 22 with an untitled song.

The same site has Hiroyuki Yoshino come across Allelujah Haptism with a release date of November 19 containing a song tentatively titled "Sun".
  Chara Hobby 2008 Delta Gundam resin kit
GA Graphic posted a gallery of studio Reckless' 1/144 Delta Gundam resin kit. A limited edition item available at Chara Hobby 2008, it'll go for 15,000 yen.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  Gundam Musou 2, GvG announced
This week's Famitsu announced both Gundam Musou 2 (PS2/PS3/Xbox 360) and Gundam Vs. Gundam (PSP). More details as they become available.

Edit: Gundam Musou 2 will hit all three systems on December 4. Char's Counterattack will be added to the series roster as will mecha that didn't appear in the previous version, such as mobile armors. Other series will be represented (as shown by the Strike Freedom's appearance) but it's not clear how many.

The Gundam Exia is included in the roster of Gundam Vs. Gundam MS. Additionally, the Exia will be enabled as a playable unit in the arcade version on September 1.
  King Of Modelers 2008 Tokyo pics
Dengeki Online has a gallery of photos from the King Of Modelers 2008 competition held in Akihabara over the weekend.
  Upcoming merchandise pics
From Amiami:
MSiA Gundam Nadleeh
Monday, August 25, 2008
  Ichiban Kuji Red Comet merchandise
Gundam.Info has pics of the Ichiban Kuji Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Comet merchandise going on sale at the end of October at convenience stores nationwide. Following up on their first First Gundam and Gundam 00 lines, the items featured in the Red Comet edition are a Char bust bank, a vibrating Char's Zaku antenna, a Gau-shaped tape measure, an Artesia cushion, Char's Zaku and Z'Gok memo stands, adult-sized Char & Amuro rival masks, and Char-themed towels.
  MS IGLOO 2 site update
dot anime's MS IGLOO 2 site has the second MS IGLOO 2 promo video up as well as a new promo flyer. The flyer states that the manga version will begin serialization in Gundam Ace September 26.

More Zeon mechanics were also added to the Data page's Equipment section:

-Principality Of Zeon Armament-
All-purpose medium motorcycle "B.M.C. Z78/2"

Mobile floating unit "PVN.4/3 Wappa"

Light mobile vehicle "PVN.3/2 Sauropelta"
  Robot Damashii pics & info
The Robot Damashii diary page updated with a new entry featuring new pics of the 4 second season Gundam 00 Gundams. The stand pictured is the Tamashii Stage Act 2 Action Support Type (End of September, 1,365 yen), recommended for MSiA, S.H. Figuarts, and the like.
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